July 20, 2017 Tortilis Camp, Amboseli 

It was time to head back to camp for dinner, and we got a view of Mt. Kilimanjaro on the drive back. You can see a little snow on the summit.Then we got a nice sunset also. Sunset is early at the equator, which makes for great early stargazing after dinner.  Much better than waiting until after ten back home to look for stars.  After a quick shower back in our tentswe climbed the short hill to the dining pavilion.  It was way dark by then, and the dining room was aglow with candles. However candle glow and flash photography made diner pictures a frightful sight!  It really tasted better than it looked, except for the ice cream which had a really strange texture!  We had asked Francis to join us for dinner our first night at Tortilis.com but he had made plans to reconnoiter with the other guides to see what animal sightings there had been for the day.  We had seen the injured male  lion, but we were hoping to see more lions and possibly a cheetah.  

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