Tortilis in Amboseli, early morning July 21, 2017

We got up early for our first full day in the park.  Coffee and biscuits (cookies) were delivered to our tent before sunrise.  Off we went in our Land Cruiser to look for animals.  It was cool and we wrapped ourselves in blankets, trying to stay cozy until

the sun rose higher in the sky.

Th​e elephants are voracious eaters.  They wrap their trunks around branches, pulling the trees down or push them over with their shoulders.  Then they rip the trees up and eat the roots.  A section of Amboseli was surrounded by electric wire to prevent the elephants from entering the area and destroying the trees.  ​

​Here is a video of a Cape buffalo in the swamp.  ​

​Mama Buffalo and baby are on the way to the swamp for the day.  You can see little guy nursing on Mama Elephant as they walk.You will notice that their aren’t many trees in this picture.  The elephants have killed them all. ​

​We saw our first spotted hyenas. Not sure who are uglier, hyenas or wart hogs.  Striped hyenas are nocturnal and we never saw them on our trip.  ​

​The elephants made it to the swamp and this is where they would spend their day, eating swamp grass and visiting with the egrets. Soon it was time to head back to camp for breakfast. Here are Collin, Sally and Steve checking out the ingredients for omelettes. Our stuff was on the table that Sally had picked out. As you recall from our adventures in South America, I am always trying to sit at the table with the best view.  Sally had picked another table but I overruled her. She was a good sport about my constant attempts to get “the perfect spot”!   It was great fun to eat our breakfast and to see the happenings at the water hole.  Breakfast was delicious.  I especially liked the little bananas.  Next up a trip to a Masai Village. 

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