Tuesday May 8, 2018 My Excellent Hospital Adventure Ends

I left you yesterday with draining power on my ipad and you wondering about what my lunch was like. Well you will have to continue to wonder what it looked like, as there is minimal picture taking allowed in the hospital.

I picked out what I thought was a light lunch, mushroom bisque and a grilled cheese panini with tomatoes. Well dietary would have none of that. Patients are only allowed clear foods for their first meal. Even ones like myself who had an amazing recovery. My nurse tried to intervene, but dietary said “No, first meal must be clear. If you want, you can put the order in and in 30 minutes we will deliver the soup and grilled cheese”. “Fine” we said. The consommé arrived shortly, and I dug or rather spooned in. I only finished half as I was expecting the other soup and sandwich shortly.

Now I shall digress, as my lunch digressed also. I am what my family affectionately calls a person in the state of being nauseous , or a barfer, or a thrower upper. After anesthesia years ago, and my terribly uncomfortable reaction, I vowed never to willingly go under for a voluntary surgery. This meant no plastic surgery. No facelifts, no nip and tuck.

Besides the barfing I was worried about being like the Dutchess of Windsor and also suffering from dementia due to too many face lifts. She might have looked good, but what kind of audience can you have if you are prone in bed, and non compost mentis? Well, with this new drug Emend, which costs a whopping $21 after my co-pay and $117 without insurance, your barfing is over! You take it three hours before surgery and you feel great afterward. Well, especially if you are out for only 45 minutes. I did feel pretty barfy after getting my pancreatic cyst, pancreatic tail and spleen out in 2015. So maybe I won’t get that plastic surgery after all.

The physical therapist stopped by to give me an assessment, and to see if I could handle stairs. We have two stairs to get into the house and the bedrooms are on the second floor, so it was important to see if I could handle this. We sure didn’t want me to go to rehab! Rest assured, I passed with flying colors. I demonstrated how I could walk unaided, and if I felt weak, I was to grab onto the handrail along the wall. Now this really wouldn’t help me at our house, as we don’t have hand rails all over the house. But I wanted the therapist to be impressed that not only could I walk unaided, but that I showed superior reasoning ability! We hit the stairs, and she was even more impressed as I was taking the stairs with an alternating gait, not step up, join step, step up. She was really not used to have a patient like me. I told her, as I told all the nurses, “My goal is to always be the healthiest sick person here. Your job is hard enough as it is to see really sick patients. I try to be an easy patient for you”

PT over and after 90 minutes of waiting for lunch, we called dietary again. They could find no order for grilled cheese panini with tomatoes and an order of soup. We ordered again, and hoped that it would show up. Finally after 3 hours the soup and sandwich showed up. The soup was delicious, but the sandwich was pretty yucky. I was expecting an American Cheese sandwich with tomatoes in it that I could pull off. Instead there was some kind of funky cheese with pesto and roasted tomatoes. Not what I expected at all.

It was around 6:00 so I sent Steve off to go to dinner at Mr. Chow and then to the apartment. He related to me that his dinner was overpriced and not very good. So we both struck out with bad meals for the day.

After Steve left, I found out how the television worked, watched some news, and then read a bit. I also excitedly followed my Twitter feed and the Eric Schneiderman story. It almost sounded like some of the books that I read, although the activity in the books is strictly consensual. It seems in this case Mr. Schneiderman is a bad bad man.

I ordered salmon for dinner with a cauliflower soufflé. Here is a picture. The soufflé looked pretty, but it was so salty. I was surprised that it was that salty. Most hospital food is low sodium. How this recipe got approved I have no idea. For dessert I had a KozyShack rice pudding. It was a toss up between that and the tapioca pudding. Steve hates both, so I rarely get them at home. It needed whip cream, which there was an abundance of at my girlfriend’s apartment.

At around 9:30 my roommate’s husband stopped in to see his wife. He thought the room was too hot for his wife and wanted the air set to 65. I kept my mouth shut and prayed that I would be given blankets if they dropped the temperature that much. He left after about an hour.

I took another walk at about 11 before I went to bed. I buzzed around that floor so fast one of the nurses came over to me when I was back in my room and asked me if I was okay. I think they thought I was looking for an escape route. How I was going to escape in my hospital gown and slip free hospital socks I can’t imagine.

At about 12 I went to sleep, my poor roommate whimpered two minutes after the nurses left every time they checked on her. I prayed that she would not hurt. It was very sad.

My vitals were checked again at 2 and then I was awoken at 5:55 by Dr. Fancy Dresser von HotStuff to check my dressing. Once again I had my contacts out, and couldn’t see him clearly. He did appear to have a nice suit on. Steve might be a wee bit jealous as he has told me that “Yes, he wore a nice suit, but he really wasn’t that good looking”. Years ago when Steve and I were first married there was a guy at the gym that I thought was a bit dreamy looking, and had great hair. Steve used one of his favorite expressions of a co-worker at Central Hudson “I’ve seen a better head on a cabbage!” I have tried to look the Doctor up on the internet to see him in focus. My snooping skills have failed me.

My dressing was changed and I was told that I would be to be released this morning. Dr. Boland came around 7 and shook my hand goodbye. I didn’t even get to eat my ordered breakfast of apple cinnamon crepes as that arrived at 8:10 and Steve was on his way with the van to pick me up.

We had smooth sailing home, and we got home at 10:15. My restrictions are no gym, no driving and no lifting until I see Dr. Boland in two weeks.

I consider this another Excellent Adventure!

Monday May 7,2018 Sloan Excellent Adventure

After dinner last night we returned to the apartment where I showered with my super duper cleanser the doctor had told me to use. Of course it was red and I dropped the bottle and spilled some on the white floor of the bathroom. I screamed for Steve to clean it up for me. He was as accommodating as could be. I was petrified that I had stained the tile, but the tile and grout were well sealed. Steve did a great scrub a dub and all was cleaned up. If I didn’t write this our wonderful hosts might never have known- but you know me-full disclosure Linda! No 🧐 for them

Although the sheets on the bed were of excellent quality-I will have to get the name of the manufacturer- I slept poorly. I am sure it was pre surgery jitters.

I woke up before the alarm and Steve and I were out the door by 6:30. We were due at Admissions at 7:15. The walk to the hospital from the apartment was relatively quick and after a few wrong turns we found admissions. Sloan really needs to work on the signage.

At admissions I was warned that census was high and I was likely not going to get my private room after all. I asked if the M-19 rooms were available. They were, but at an up-charge of $2K-$11K per night . That was going to be a no go. Goodbye Frette sheets, Limoges China, and Aubusson carpets. Hello double room!

We got through admissions even before our check in time, as we left there were two patients accompanied by family entering the office. As I turned to leave I noticed a woman with a sharp black bag. I was going to compliment her, but Steve had reminded me to keep my conversations to a minimum and focus.

So up we went to the sixth floor for surgery prep. At this point I realized, uh oh, I had left my overnight bag at the apartment! You can only imagine how bad I felt. I had one job, enter the hospital with my overnight bag that I was supposed to have schlepped the ten blocks with me. I tried to pretend that it was Steve’s fault as he ALWAYS throws a check in the room when we check out some place. However as Steve usually needs three cups of coffee before he can start his day and he had none, so I have to admit to my own operator error.

During the pre surgery prep I answered all my questions truthfully with only a little bit of extra verbiage. Dr. Boland cane in to see me and remarked how quickly we ate our dinner last night- I said” But you told me to eat a light meal!”

While waiting I read books as did Steve, and did throw in a couple of “I love you’s” and some semi chaste kisses.

At one point I looked across the room and saw Dr.Jarnigan-who had removed my pancreatic cyst and spleen in December 2015. I called to him and he came over to me I’m not sure he remembered who I was but did a good job faking it!

I popped out my contact lenses and we put them in some pill cups. Of course after I did that Dr. Snappy Dresser von HotStuff came to meet me. I could tell he was dressed nicely but the handsomeness factor was a guess. I am very near sighted and developing a cataract, so I was not 100% sure of my hot doctor evaluation. The nurse who was wheeling me into surgery was practically salivating over him, so my description of his hotness factor was apt.

Surgery was expected to be around 2+ hours, instead it took about 45 minutes. Dr. Boland and his surgical hot assistant had no problem removing the Myxoma. Dr. B thought it looked like an onion and it is being sent away to be sliced, diced and examined further. I will know more in next week.

I woke up in recovery and Steve came into see me shortly after. There was discussion about my discharge either today or tomorrow!

My room became available and I was brought over to it. I have a dream patient. She is asleep all the time. Let’s hope she isn’t in any pain and has speedy healing.

We ordered a light lunch for me and I even felt strong enough to do a lap around the floor!

Dr. Boland came into see me. I am spending the night as there are concerns I might throw a clot. Better safe than sorry.

No more blogging. My power is 49% and charger is back at the apartment.

Thanks for all the speedy healing wishes! ❤️💋

Sunday May 6, 2018 A Pre-surgery Adventure, NYC

A month after our trip to Chile and Ecuador in January 2016 I got a blood clot. We weren’t sure what the reason was, although we did have ten flights in 23 days of traveling. I had a clot 29 years ago when I was given doctor’s orders for bed rest when I was pregnant with our son. We had traveled a lot in between over the years and really didn’t think that it was just the multiple flights last January. While at the hospital I had a CAT scan to see if I had what is called May Turner Syndrome, a narrowing of the veins in the thigh. I was all clear on that, but the doctors did discover a lump in my thigh. It was pretty big, the size of an egg, and really is not something most people walk around with. There was a possibility that the lump was pressing against my veins, causing the disruption of the blood flow and therefore the clot. The doctors in Poughkeepsie thought it was a Myxoma, which is a benign lump that only one in a million people get. Did you expect me to get something normal like a boil or ingrown hair? Of course not, I am special. A biopsy was done, and the reports came back that it was benign. We were lucky to have a doctor at Sloan Kettering think that my case was interesting enough to be seen. So since last March I have been getting MRIs in Poughkeepsie and then traveling back to see Dr. Boland every three months for observation. Meanwhile I was put on Xarelto to prevent further blood clots. I also had a number of genetic tests done and it was found that I do have a gene causing a predisposition for clotting. Was the recent clot caused by the trips, the clot in 1989, the Myxoma, or the genes that I have? We may never know the answer to that question.

In January 2018 we had seen Dr. Boland, and we was a little bit concerned that the Myxoma had grown quite a bit since the time we last saw him in October. We arranged for me to have the surgery to remove the Myxoma in May, after our trips to the Maldives, Argentina, and Abaco. We made sure that we flew business class and that I wore support stockings on the flights. Well, except for the trip to Abaco as we flew Jet Blue, and they didn’t have Business Class. But I did get the seats with more leg room. We had excellent adventures as you have already read most of them.

In late April I had my last MRI. The Myxoma had decreased in size, which was great, and we were worried that the Doctor would cancel surgery when we saw him last week. Although the Myxoma had shrunk, it was enhancing a bit more after I had been injected with dye. This wasn’t so good, and by now the Doctor was getting more frustrated with the Myxoma, and agreed that even though it had shrunk and none of us were able to palpate it ourselves and feel it, it was good bye Myxoma time.

So here I am, the day before surgery. Steve and I had a great morning, he made me great scrambled eggs and we went to the gym, in between my packing and loads of laundry. By late afternoon we were ready to drive to Manhattan where we would stay overnight at the apartment of our kind friends. As we were leaving home, I went to put on my slicker and found out that I had brought the wrong jacket home from the gym. Alas, I had a orangey red EMS men’s medium slicker instead of my bright red Patagucci (Patagonia for those who are not hip like I am) rain jacket. So it was off to the gym we went, hoping that my jacket was still there. It was, and I returned the other jacket, shaking my head over my operator error.

We then drove to Manhattan. There were many traffic jams, due to the five borough bike race and Sunday afternoon traffic. We ended up driving through Harlem, and down 1st Avenue. We finally made it to the apartment, dropped our bags off with the Door Man and drove up to Sloan to find a parking garage. Of course we neglected to look at our phones to find the parking garage nearest the hospital and drove around blindly. We almost parked in another hospital’s valet parking. Finally we found a garage near the hospital, where the car will stay until I am released. Only $60 a day! Steve will probably find a better alternative while I’m in the hospital.

We walked to a restaurant highly recommended by our friends. It is called Neary’s. Here is Steve out front. Neary’s is a favorite of Kathie Lee Gifford. She used to talk about it a lot when I used to watch Regis and Kathie Lee. While we were waiting for our table we saw a gentleman who from the rear looked an awful lot like my Doctor. He got up and headed to the bar. It was him! “Dr. Boland”, I said, “How nice to see you! I am looking forward to my surgery with you tomorrow!” He looked a little confused, and then recognized me. I met his wife, a lovely woman. He told me to eat a light dinner.

Here are the rolls we had. I already ate one before I took the picture. Here I am, beaming with excitement. Looks like George Bush ate here also. Steve was excited about the mayoral proclamation on the wall behind me. Steve does like a good proclamation.I had the trout, with a baked potato. Steve had the barbecued chicken. No desserts for us, as I was supposed to eat lightly, per Doctor’s orders. We met the owner as he came to visit all the tables. That is a job that would be great for me! We told him that I was going to have surgery tomorrow and that Dr. Boland across the room was doing my surgery. He said that I was in great hands, and that Dr. Boland was the best surgeon.

Soon it was time to leave. Good bye Neary’s, Good bye Dr. Boland and lovely wife. Sorry we didn’t get to see you Kathie Lee, maybe next time!We made it up to the apartment. Sorry, no pictures. I know where to draw the line, between public and private. Especially someone else’s private.

Wish the surgeon steady hands, wish me speedy healing and the chance for an upgraded private room. Would you expect anything less if I was offered a chance for an upgrade? It sure will cost more, but after my last two roommates who kept me up all night with the television blaring I am going into the bank account for this one!

April 10, 2018 We leave Delphi Club, Abaco

Here is an early morning sunrise form the Lodge. Today would be our last morning. Sob.

Here is a photo of Steve’s favorite breakfast pastry. Since we had to leave early to catch our flight to Orlando, I was able to nab one of these delicacies. They were as delicious as they looked!

Breakfast was the usual for me. My last good breakfast for a while, as unless I get up earlier and have breakfast with Steve I have to make it myself. And as I am lazy, I take the easy route and just have biscotti and coffee. Sometimes I try to be healthy and go for Cheerios with blueberries and almonds. When I am feeling exceptionally exotic I throw some coconut flakes on top. I may or may not do the hula before I sit down.

Steve and I finished breakfast, settled up the bill, and made our goodbyes, to Jane, Peter and Max. Next year we hope to travel to England and meet up with Jane and Peter. I think by now Steve is due for some castle touring, and royal watching. I will probably need to throw in some fishing on the Chalk Streams in England. Peter has a beat on the River Test, so this will surely be an excellent adventure. Steve will just have to test his skills there. Hardy Har Har!

Then we were off to the airport. As the Club was full we ended up sharing the ride to the airport with two delightful gentleman. They were friends from Cleveland who love to fish and duck hunt. They belong to several duck hunting clubs and once the season starts they make the rounds, traveling from club to club. I don’t hunt, but it sounded like fun going from club to club, meeting old friends and new. Of the two gentleman D, had fished many places and gave Steve some good advice regarding our next trip to Argentina. There is some place in Scandinavia where Steve wants to fish that the guy had been to also. Unfortunately it’s a place where you have to know certain people, and wait for openings due to death or decrepancy. Not a happy thought, but the truth. D has told his friend that when the time comes, he would like to buy the week of his friend. He has no idea what it will cost, hopefully all will work out.

Talking of things working out… Not! Although we got through security without me being frisked or detained all did not go smoothly. We decided to go upstairs to the lounge. It was quite pleasant when we were here in December. Unfortunately the Priority Pass Lounge, was not open for business! Steve gave this a thumbs down.Our plane was called and we made sure to stay between the cones on the way to board. The Silver Air employees do not look happy when you try to go outside the lines. This was our plane for most of the day. There were terrible storms over Florida. We had to land in West Palm Beach and sit for a few hours until the rain let up and we could proceed to Orlando. What was going to be a five hour wait in the airport for our next flight to Westchester airport turned into only an hour. There were many people on our flight who missed their connections. We finally made it home to Poughkeepsie and found that we had left spring far south. It was cold back home!

Sorry about the delay in finishing up the trip blog. Just think I still have to finish up Kenya and Argentina! Plus I have a short trip to Philadelphia to blog about also. Stay tuned!

Monday April 9, 2018 Delphi Club Abaco

Guess what? Yes, more eggs for breakfast! At home I usually only have coffee with biscotti. At least six of the little ones. If I get the really big ones, then I eat one, I’m really lazy in the morning. If someone is willing to make me eggs, then I am all in. Otherwise, even opening up a box of cereal, pouring it out and adding milk and blueberries is too much effort.

Steve likes to make stone ground oatmeal, but that is a pain to eat. Who wants to wait 20 minutes for breakfast? I don’t like making an effort in the morning. Once when I was a young teenager and sleeping over at a girlfriend’s house they had Grape Nuts. They tried to warn me to only pour a small amount out. Man, is that cereal dense! I laugh every time I see a box of it in the store!

Then it was time to read. Which I did, until lunchtime.

I was back to the roasted vegetable salad with jerk chicken. Add French fries and we have a really great lunch. The big excitement at lunch was that Peter and Jane went out to lunch. Max had gone out fishing with some of the other guests. While at lunch I had noticed someone wandering about. This doesn’t usually happen. There are rarely strangers here. I didn’t think that there were new guests comings in at that time. I debated jumping up and inquiring if they needed help. Now you know that this was really hard for me. At that point one of the wait staff brought me my espresso. I looked at her, and she said Jason, the chef was taking care of them. In other words, Linda stand down. The strangers soon disappeared. Lunch over, my lunch mates and I all dispersed. More reading and then pool time. I decided to bring a book with me when I was in the pool I held it on the edge of the pool and could read for 37 minutes! That’s a record for me in the pool. Once in a while I tried to pretend that I was exercising and kick my feet a little bit. Heaven forbid I should actually do a stroke. Jane was in the pool and goggles on. I might try that sometime. I could leave my contacts in and try to do some strokes. Remember I said I might try that.

Our first canapé was lobster salad. Followed by conch fritters. Our appetizer was conch salad. Monday was Jason, the chef, night off. We had macaroni and cheese and either fried chicken strips or fried fish, I picked the chicken.

At this point in dinner Jane asked me if I met the Duke of XXXX earlier this afternoon. What? It seems that the Duke comes to the club to buy wine when he comes to visit. On their way to lunch Jane asked Peter if they should ask me to be on the look out for the Duke who was supposed to show up by 12:30 to meet Peter and pick up the wine. As the Duke wasn’t there on time, Peter and Jane were going to leave. Peter told Jane “Hell, No” or something more English than that. He knew that I might accidentally run into the Duke, but if I knew who was coming I might be lurking behind the palm trees with a butterfly net. It would be best all around if I only accidentally met the gentleman who would likely have not said “Hello, Linda you may call me x instead of Duke. No, I don’t have an extra invite to Harry and Megan’s wedding.”

Dessert was a cheesecake verrine with a guava compote.

Steve had a good day, his last day of fishing. He caught five fish, and his largest was 5 pounds so he got head of the table.

Sunday April 8, 2018 Delphi Club, Abaco, Bahamas

I had a much better night sleeping and the urge to itch was somewhat lessened. I still want to scratch, but I’m not a raving lunatic anymore.

This bunch of anglers must really like fruit, because by the time I got to the table for breakfast most of the fruit was gone! As Steve likes to say “You snooze, you lose!”

I was still able to get my eggs. This year I have had nothing but fried eggs! There are other options cold cereal, porridge (oatmeal), eggs Benedict, omelettes, and pancakes. It’s much easier to not think and just get the same thing for breakfast! Of course, I do get the fresh fruit and the delicious mini danishes. Steve has a preference for the little cinnamon swirls, there are usually none left by the time I get to breakfast.

Anne, the swimmer and her husband Steve left before breakfast so I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Good bye and good luck Anne! I am not sure if I can say enjoy the race, so I hope that you are happy that you did it when it is over! I have a friend who ran in the NYC marathon, after it was over she said never again, then yes, then no! I’m not sure where she is about it now! Years ago when Greta Waitz ran in the marathon I remember thinking, I could do this. I will start slow and gradually work myself up to running five hours. I didn’t even run ten minutes and said, ‘Nope, not gonna happen!” Steve found it quite amusing.

The rest of the morning was spent in my usual position. I am almost halfway through Book 2 of the Black Dagger Brother Hood series. I think there are only 16 in the series, but she has some related books also. I think that I have all but the last two. Hello Amazon!

Today for lunch I went for the Caesar salad. Of course I had French fries also. No cookies, but little spice raisin muffins. Bite size. I went for a little excitement and had a cup of cappuccino!

After lunch was spent back on the couch. I may have to look for bed sores if I don’t watch out! Wouldn’t that be a sight. Bug bites, bruises due to scatching and bed sores, due to excessive reading on the couch. What could be worse? Oh, yes, I could get boils, or my scratches could get infected! It’s a good thing I take a multivitamin and drink a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning!

Before I knew it 4 o’clock came around and I went into the pool. For amusement I started the timer on my phone. I actually soaked for 36 minutes! Amazing! Usually, I’m what I call a tea bagger in the pool, I dip my self in and then get out and lie on the chaise lounge. For someone whose weight is within the normal body weight mass you would think that I would be over the limit due to my lounging around this holiday. I will have you know that back home I try to go to the gym every day. I do slack off on occasion, but I try to get back in the swing as soon as possible.

After the soak, it was time to shower and then see what was going on in the Masters. Steve came back from fishing and he had had a frustrating day. He caught 12 and lost 11. He felt he should have caught 20. There were any big ones, so once again he was not table head. Sitting sat the head of the table is something you only want to do two days in a row, as you are thrown into the pool on your third day. I have never seen anyone thrown into the pool.

One gentleman unfortunately had a nil day for bonefish. He did catch another type of fish, but not a bone. There are days like that, there might be too many clouds, or the fish just are spooked, or your fly isn’t quite right. There is always tomorrow, except the gentleman was leaving tomorrow, so he’ll have to wait until next time!

First canapé was shrimp fritters with sweet chili mayo.

Second canapé was crab salad on a seaweed crisp.

The appetizer was tuna tataki. That was Steve’s favorite dish of the week.

Dinner was a choice of parrotfish with Greek Salad or Roast Duck Breast. As I had never had parrotfish before I ordered the fish.

Dessert was Strawberry and Hibiscus Gelee. The man next to Steve really must have enjoyed it as he ate his own, and his wife’s!

We had cinnamon sable cookies with the Gelee. You could easily knock off way to many of those suckers!

Then it wa time for chamomile tea on the couch and home made chocolate truffles. Sometimes there are little gellies instead of the chocolate. Good night all!

Saturday April 7, 2018 Delphi, Abaco Bahamas

After a miserable night itching, and bruising my body like crazy from the scratching I decided on going back on prednisone to stop my immune system from going into overload. Going on prednisone makes you feel wonderful for a while, but it does some incredible damage to the body with longtime high doses. Just like any medication, there are the pros and cons.

After my usual breakfast I resumed my position of book on lap, and body on couch. I alternate between the white couch and the orange flower couch. Every once in a while i would do a lap up the stairs, or around the deck of the building. Part of the prednisone protocol is to avoid sunlight, so no suntanning for me. Since I enjoy sitting and reading it was not too much of a hardship. I remind myself that I will be able to sit outside and enjoy the pool other days.

At one point in our life I wanted a pool in our back yard. Steve said “Go ahead and get an estimate, but just remember that it will only be a really expensive painting because you won’t use it.” We did get an estimate, and it was very expensive. Of course it would have been cheaper if i didn’t want a waterfall, infinity edge, retracting cover, pool lights, saltwater, fountains and beach style entrance. They don’t call me “lemme lemme upgrade Linda” for nothing!

We do have a small pool at Lake George. It came with the house, so there were no options to consider. It does have magic lights, that we can turn on at night, however we usually have the solar pool cover on we don’t turn them on. I tried to turn them on last year, and we found out that a bulb was out. Our pool service lady, a wonderful woman named Joan, The Swim Pool Maiden found a bulb for me. It was only $100 dollars! We did upgrade the pool by getting a heater two years ago. I have decided this year that I will turn the heater up and use it more often, so I will actually go in the pool instead of just looking at it. Steve was correct, pools are really only paintings to me! Very expensive paintings.

An hour after I took the prednisone I started to feel wonderful and thought, “oh, I will only need to be on this one day!” By eleven I started to get itchy again and took some more Benadryl, soon my desire to itch began to fade. It seemed that I was not quite over the hump. At lunch I stylishly wore shoes with socks tucked into my pant legs. I looked like I was out gardening in the Hudson River Valley, trying to protect myself from deer ticks!

Lunch was out on the deck facing the ocean again. This week there are lots of wives who don’t fish, so I was not lonely at lunch at all. One couple was leaving later in the day, so the husband joined us for lunch also. He was fascinated by my keyboard that I use with my ipad, and was going to order one for himself. I told him how much the keyboard has helped me with my blog. I do have a MacBook but have not used that at all on vacation since I got the IPad last year. Now that I have the keyboard, I don’t know if I will ever use the MacBook again!

I had the green salad with roasted vegetables and French fries. Since I started the prednisone I didn’t have any wine.

After lunch I sat and read again. At four I went to the pool for a dip. Hoping the chlorine in the cool pool would soothe me skin. I actually stayed in the pool for a good 30 minutes. It felt absolutely wonderful.

Steve met me at the pool. He had a decent day fishing, he caught five fish. He didn’t have as good a day as another guest who is from Minnesota, he caught 27 and had the largest fish of the day! Well done, Peter from Minnesota!

We went back in to watch the Masters and met some new guests. One of the guys was from South Carolina. He has a house on the beach and recommended some bug sprays. He said to order two kinds and mix them up. Quick as a bunny I ordered them on Amazon and they will be waiting for me when we get back home on Tuesday! If they work I’ll have to make my own business selling “Linda’s Excellent Anti-Insect Concoction! I won’t tell you what sprays I bought, no sense you beating me to the door of fame and riches!

Our first canapé was artichoke fritters with lemon dill mayo.

Next up were quail eggs with celery salt. The celery salt was really salty. I did not like that!

Our soup was shellfish and pumpkin bisque. It was top notch!

Steve had the wahoo. Unfortunately it was overdone, and wahoo is not forgiving. We had a big crowd at dinner last night, 24 people, so perhaps that was a bad choice with that many people. You have to be very careful with fish, a minute too long, and the fish is tough.

I had the beef tenderloin, cooked rare. It was perfect!

Dessert was white chocolate pannacotta with raspberry coulis. Very refreshing!

Steve and I had some chamomile tea and then it was off to bed. Steve had another day to fish, and I had another day to laze!

Since no one is answering my questions, I will skip them for today!