Delphi Club, Abaco. January 12, 2019

Here is a picture of some of the pastries. Steve really likes the cinnamon buns. I really like the blueberry muffins. I often eat at least two each morning!Here are my fried eggs. At home I usually have just cereal or biscotti. Every once in a while I swear off biscotti, as I think it’s pretty unhealthy to just drink coffee and eat four mini biscotti in the morning. Then I stop buying them. That lasts for about two months, and I decide to start buying them again. It’s a viscous cycle. My stomach fat says “No, No!” While my eye balls say “Yes, Yes!’

After a morning binge watching the Tidying Up series with Marie Kondo on Netflix I went upstairs to lunch. This trip we are staying on the lower level of the building. Last trip we were in the rooms above the great room. So it’s now upstairs to meals as opposed to downstairs to meals! As it was very windy today we didn’t eat ocean side. The breeze can be very strong some days on the veranda. When it’s windy we eat with a view of the parking lot and the bushes.

I decided to try the grilled cheese and tomato soup accompanied by a side salad for lunch. A joined me again and we found out how much we have in common. Both our husbands, fish which we don’t care to do. We would rather lay about and read. Although A is energetic enough to walk down to the beach. I prefer to just look down from the veranda and say “Hmm. Yes, a beach lies below. Nice to look at. Perhaps I will go visit it some day. But not today.” A and her husband J, are from Scotland. They came with another friend S. When they get going talking, I find it hard to understand what they are saying. But it is so much fun listening to their accents. I wonder if they find my American accent amusing. I hope so. It would be horrible if they found it grating to their ears!

We both agreed that we are comfortable just staying at the Club. To go off site you need to borrow the house car, and drive about 30 minutes to Marsh Harbour where you can take a ferry to one of the out islands. Then you rent a golf cart to drive around and see the outside of houses. Now if they offered tours of some fancy mansions, then I might step off the grounds. Until then I stay at the club.

Many of you know that I proposed to Steve after we dated for six months. A did one better she waited a number of years and then informed J that they should get married! A bit more pressure than my offer of marriage.

We are still waiting for Max and his girlfriend to get engaged Well, at least I am! I suggested he do it for Christmas, but he declined that suggestion. Then I suggested he do it is a New Year’s resolution. Nix on that. However one night at dinner, Max referred to Nicole as “the missus”. Now I follow the dictionary meaning that “the missus” refers to one’s wife. Max follows the second definition meaning woman. He is wrong, and as the guest I am therefore right!

In December 2017, I did go to Nancy’s in Sandy Point, for lunch. It wasn’t for me. This was inside the bar. The outside didn’t look much better! I asked if there were any cookies or ice cream for dessert at lunch. We hit the jackpot with ice cream bars. Not as good as a Dove Bar, but refreshing just the same. Steve went fishing with Dana, the lone female guide on Abaco. Here she is holding a 25 pound barracuda that Steve caught. Although it was the biggest fish of the day, Steve didn’t get head of the table as only the largest bonefish counts to get that honor. He caught 2 bonefish, both too small to take the honors. Steve has sat at the head of the table many times, so he wasn’t disappointed. Our first canapé of the evening was quail eggs with celery salt. I was nervous eating them last year for the first time, but they are very tasty. Next up were salt cod fritters with a dipping sauce. Our first course was a beet salad. They used to offer a beet salad with lots of greens and feta cheese at lunch. I will have to ask Jason, the chef, if it can be put back in rotations. I had the Osso Bucco for my entree. Not as good as mine, but at least I didn’t have to cook or clean. Dessert was a pavlova with raspberries, mango coulis and chantilly cream. The recommend wine was $150 per bottle, so we passed on a dessert wine. We usually drink about 3/4 of a bottle each night. I have half a glass and Steve drinks the rest. On previous trips I would get a bottle of rose to drink at lunch for the week. However since I am on so many drugs trying to cure my scratching, I am not drinking at lunch. Now that I think about it, if I were in a drunken haze, perhaps I would ignore the urge to scratch.

This dessert is also called “Eton Mess”. Although then it would be made with strawberries and not raspberries. No one at the Club this year had gone to Eton. In December one of the guests had gone to Eton, and then on to Oxford!We finally got our after dinner chocolates tonight. Jason the chef has been quite stingy in sending them out with the after dinner tea and coffee! Steve should have picked the truffle on the left, as it had no coconut on it, and Steve hates coconut!

No crazy dinner stories tonight, as S wouldn’t let me sit next to him! S was the guest who danced with the Queen. Yes, the Queen, for my new readers!

Have you ever eaten a quail egg?

Are you a layabout or an action person?

Have you ever been to Nancy’s?

I am not even going to bother asking you if you have met the Queen. Although I do know that one of my readers has met the Queen several times!

Delphi Club Abaco. January 11, 2019

I was the last one down to breakfast. Usually all the dirty dishes are put away and only the clean ones remain by the time I come downstairs. That wasn’t so this morning, and I had to hunt a bit to see which seating was clean. Off to the breakfast spread so see if they had the crazy fruit display from April. Someone might have noticed that I wasn’t to keen on the scary fruit display, and it has been removed from the rotation. I might have done a happy dance if I knew no one would see me!

Breakfast was two eggs over easy, bacon and an English Muffin. I did some stretching in the morning and read a bit. I also scratched, a lot. I am allergic to something down here, and break out in terrible hives. We haven’t determined if it is the no-see-ums or the laundry detergent used. I can’t seem to stop scratching, and my legs especially turn into a bloody mess. I have tried all sorts of antihistamines, and try not to go where the bugs are but it is futile.

Anyway, after three hours of scratching it was time for lunch. A, another non fishing spouse is here and will be joining me for lunch.

This is our lovely view. You have seen it before, and you will see it again. Likely every day. If you don’t like to see it, we’ll just scroll on down to the next picture. Ha Ha! Fooled you, I posted it twice, just to be silly!

We had blue corn tortilla chips and dips to start.

We both had the chicken Caesar salad.

We shared some French fries. They were suitably hot! Dessert was some cookies. Store bought, not the fresh chocolate chips that they have had in the past. Therefore they did not make the cut for the picture insertion in the blog. Mention, but no picture. I have to draw the line somewhere! I thought I should get a little exercise and put my iPhone timer on for 15 minutes, and off I went down the road. Once I hit 15 minutes I reversed. Boring.

I hate the walk up from the beach as it has many stairs. Maybe when our friends M and G come join us in March I will walk down to the beach with M. Or maybe not. She is an exercise fanatic and will probably go down to the beach twice a day, and then swim hundreds of laps in the pool. I will just say have fun M!

Here is our first canapés. Smoked trout on a cracker. Next up was Arancini, that is deep fried rice balls for you non gourmets. I was going to use the word gourmand, but that just means someone who enjoys eating. Our starter was pigeon soup. Salty, but very tasty. I had the duck breast. Steve did too. I don’t have a picture of his dinner, but I bet it looked just like mine. I must have been enthralled with the dinner conversations around me.

Max had the night off, so I made it my business to keep the conversations flowing. Two of the guests had been quite quiet the night before, so i inquired about the business that they were in at home. I was hoping that I would get a better response than my friend from The Maldives who lived in Dubai who said his business was trading. “Trading what?” I said. “Trading”. I was getting no where with that gentleman! I have met only three individuals on my travels that were completely reticent. Two of them I believe were involved in dodgy businesses, the other gentleman was just unfriendly. I know someone who knew the third individual and she told me that he is just plain unfriendly.

Anyway, the gentleman on my left and the man across from him, were D and J. They both are barristers from Belfast, Ireland. In America they would be called lawyers, or attorneys, or even vile names if you were involved in an unpleasant legal situation.

Of course I asked if they wore the white wigs with the curls, and the stories began! There are special boxes that the wigs are carried in, they last your whole career, and if you are in court a lot they do get a bit ratty and have to get refreshed. It is quite a point of pride to have a ratty wig. The wigs, which are called perukes, cost about $800. The barristers also wear black robes. The black robes are carried in special garment bags also. Some of the barristers are members of the QC, or Queen’s Court and wear black silk robes. They are considered to have “taken silk’ and are called “silks”. So if you meet a barrister with a silk robe he is quite special. Solicitors don’t appear in court, and therefore don’t have to wear the wigs. Then there was talk about red robes, I can’t remember anything about that. I got quite confused between the Irish accents and the technical details!

One of the stories was that D appeared in court and bent over to get something. His wig fell off, and he asked a question without putting the wig back on. “I can’t hear you.”, said the judge. D repeated the question and was told “I can’t hear you!”. D finally realized the judge wouldn’t respond to him unless he had the wig on! So D put the wig back on, and the judge recognized his question! Here is a picture that I got from the internet of Barristers with the short wigs, and members of the QC wearing the long wigs.

Steve found the fishing slow, and caught 3 fish.

Have you ever been to court in the Commonwealth?

Do you like your eggs poached, fried, or scrambled?

Have I asked that question before?

Delphi Club Bahamas. January 10, 2019

It’s January and time to try to continue Steve’s streak of a fish every month. Will he catch any on our trip? Hmm, this question really should be at the end of the post with my other questions for you. I’ll just have to copy and paste, and save me some typing.

We are on our way to Delphi-Bahamas for a week of fishing for Steve and hive scratching for Linda. Lately I have had a terrible case of hives every time we have gone. There are little sand flies, that find me irresistible and since I find it irresistible to scratch an itch, we are a match made in hell. I am already on an antihistamine for my allergies at home, but have brought extra Benadryl with me. I found a new antihistamine Xyzal that is supposed to be good for hives. We shall see. When I got my DNA testing done, I found out that I have a higher chance of being bothered by insect bites than other people. Lucky me!

Here is Steve at the airport in Fort Lauderdale. We were picked up at the wonderful time of 5:30 to be brought to the airport in White Plains. Steve packed his jacket away as we were going to a warm place. Steve forgot how cold the airport terminal is. Notice that he buttoned his shirt (another one of his plaid shirts!) up to the very top. Pay attention to the couple in the background, there will be a story, but no direct quiz later.

I kept my jacket with me, but I was still cold. We both ordered the cheese burgers. My fries unfortunately were not hot. I decided from now on when I order fries, I will tell the wait staff “Make sure my fires are just out of the fryer, I want them hot! Otherwise I will send them back!”. There is not much worse than luke warm fries! Here is a picture of our happy couple. They had their hands all over each other. He was talented. He could check out his phone, while holding her hand. I even took a short video for you!

Here is one of the passengers waiting for his flight. He even had the sides of his man bun braided! That is some upkeep! After a very long layover we got ready to board our flight to Marsh Harbour. We had two trips where we missed our flight due to delays on arrival in Florida, so now we take flights with longer layovers. Today we had to wait 4 hours between flights. We probably could have gotten an Uber to the beach and back! We were excited that we would be sitting in row 3 on the plane until we found out that row 3 did not have windows. Yuck! I do look a trifle worried, don’t I? Although I am blessed with no gray hair, I do seem to have more than my fair share of age spots! The teeth are in pretty good shape, no implants for me! The flight attendant allowed us to switch seats to two rows behind us as they were empty. They have to be very careful with the weight distribution on these small planes. We landed safely and were picked up by Margery, the taxi driver that Delphi uses. She is always my go to source on the Abaco happenings! Here is Steve checking out the bed in room 4, his personal favorite room. The first canapé was squid tempura, with dipping sauces. Next was beef tartare. It had too much horseradish in it to please me. Our first course was watermelon salad with micro greens and orange slices. Steve and I each had the seared wahoo. The gentleman next to me had, the rack of lamb. He had to send it back as it was a little too rare for him. Dessert was a date and almond phyllo parcel. Very sweet. Then it was time for after dinner coffee or tea. I usually go for the mint tea.

At dinner we had very fun conversations with a few of the guests here this week. One of the gentleman was stationed in the army at Balmoral, where the queen goes to stay every August and September. I asked him if he had danced with her at the annual gillie ball. Once a year she has a ball where all the staff are invited, it is formal, and she dances with many of the staff. He did not dance with her at that event, but had danced with her on other occasions. No, I did not ask if she was a good dancer, or if he had stepped on her toes! I did want to though!

Three of the guests the first night were from Scotland, and one was from England. Two were from Ireland. We were the only Americans. I asked one of the guests if he was married and did he have children. He mentioned that he was divorced but he did have nineteen children! “Nineteen children”, I said. “Yes, I was a sperm donor in Medical school!”. With that, I shall end my post.

Do you think Steve will continue his fish catching streak?

Are you in favor of PDA?

Do you even know what PDA is?

December 24, 2018. A Trip to the New York City Ballet

When the children were younger we used to go to Manhattan to see the New York City Ballet perform The Nutcracker. We hadn’t gone in a while and decided to take our now grown daughter with us for lunch and the 2pm performance. She met us in Poughkeepsie and we took the train to Grand Central. We weren’t sure if the trains were on a holiday price or regular price so we ended up with a peak fare ticket.Once aboard the train I asked the conductor if Christmas Eve was a holiday non peak fare or not. It was holiday non peak, so we ended up giving the Metro North Railroad a bit of a bonus by our paying full fare for a reduced fare trip. Once in Grand Central Steve found he had a little bit of money left on his subway card, so we didn’t refresh that. We were happy to discover that as you only get a few months to use up your deposits on the card and we didn’t want to leave that money stranded.

I had made reservations at Bar Boulud across from Lincoln Center for lunch. Steve and I had eaten there when we went to see My Fair Lady earlier in the fall. We enjoyed it very much, so we figured why not go back?

Sally had the French Onion Soup, which looked delicious, and was delicious to eat also!She also got a side salad with Champagne Vinaigrette Dressing which she didn’t care for. The salad did look a bit sad.

I had the trout for my entree. Steve had the chicken with capers. He had gotten that last time, and forgot to ask for no capers, this time. Dessert was a delicious combination of chocolate treats. Yum, Yum.Even better, Sally had an upset stomach and didn’t want to eat any so Steve and I didn’t have to share! Then it was a short walk across the street to Lincoln Center. I asked Sally to take a picture of us in front of the dancing fountains. Since we were going to be doing a lot of walking and I was concerned about puddles I wore my hiking boots. Earlier in the day I put my orthotic inserts in my boots and thought they were a bit snug, but figured that I just hadn’t worn them in a while. A month later I was going to wear my sneakers and realized that I had taken my orthotics out of them and in fact had been wearing two sets of orthotics in my hiking boots! No wonder they were so tight! At the ballet you could get your picture taken with a ballerina. She wasn’t doing much business on the day we went to the ballet! Here she is waiting for customers! Here is Sally striking a pose for me. Long ago Steve and I were invited to the Spring Gala where we saw a performance and then had a gala dinner in this space. It was very fancy and a lot of fun! The only famous people that I saw were Peter Martins and Candace Bushnell (not together). This was just after she wrote Sex in The City, but before it became a sensation on HBO. She later married Peter Askegard, a soloist in the company. We sat in the First Ring, last row. We had a great view of all the patterns that the dancers did. I think that the dancers were quite tired of performing the ballet by then, as there were lots of arms that weren’t held as high as they should have been! Here is Steve and Sally between coughs. She was in the middle of a bad chest cold, and had to leave the performance several times. The couple next to her got quite disgusted and left. I am not sure if they were able to get their money back. She apologized to the people in front of us, and they said they were so engrossed in the ballet, that they didn’t hear her coughing. We weren’t sure if they were being polite, or if they really were entranced. When Sally saw her first ballet, the people sitting next to us remarked on how Sally appeared to be mesmerized by the dancers. Here is the orchestra. I tried to find the instrument that makes the delightful sound.

Here is a video of the celesta-

Have you ever been to the ballet?

What is your favorite ballet?

Did you know what a celesta is?

Saturday December 8, 2018 Homeward Bound

Here is Steve showing off the new coffee maker. The machine makes regular and fancy coffees. I did love the old French Press coffee makers, that Delphi used to have. Although sometimes when you pushed too hard you got an explosion of coffee and grinds all over the table. It did make great conversation though! That creepy arrangement was still there! I hope it is gone by now!

We have new designer mugs now. I wonder how many have accidentally on purpose made their way to different homes? Not ours! I prefer my coffee mug to be of bone china, and have a lip that goes out. My mother gave me some mugs long ago that broke. When we went to Scotland for our 35th anniversary I found some mugs with heather on them. I bought two. After two years I broke one. After scouring the internet I finally found replacements. Man, were they expensive! $35 each for a coffee cup? Yes please, I will take four. Two for Poughkeepsie and two for Lake George. More eggs. Steve had an omelette. As usual.

Then we hung out until just before 12 to get our ride back to the airport with Margery.

The line for baggage x-rays took forever. Many people had to get swabbed, wanded and their wallets examined!

I noticed someone in the waiting area with a Baker’s Bay luggage tag. That is the swanky new development on the north end of Abaco. They were lucky I didn’t see their tags earlier, I have lots of questions. They were flying to Atlanta. I was wondering why they didn’t fly private, but if they live in the Atlanta area, there is no reason to spend tens of thousands when you can just fly first class on a regional jet. I mean you really do need to watch those pennies. Here we are all in line heading toward the plane Looks like Steve has his travel shirt on. In fact in his passport picture he is wearing the same shirt! Hmm, Steve appears to have one foot on the white line. He could get yelled at by one of the Silver employees! Over the marls, and some of the many islands of The Bahamas and we made it to Fort Lauderdale. Customs with the Global Entry card was a breeze. Then it was off to wait forever for our flight to White Plains and then home. Shortly after midnight we made it home. Did I mention yet today how much I hate traveling? That is until a week later, then I am eager to plan our next excellent adventure.

Do you prefer your eggs fried, scramble or boiled?

Did I already ask that question?

If you had six months to live would you lobby to fly private?

Delphi Club, Abaco Friday December 7, 2018

Today was our last full day. Sob. But also happy to be home as I hate the travel days. That scary arrangement was still on the breakfast board. I think today will be its last day. Here are the delicious blueberry muffins. They are small, so I get to have two. More fried eggs and bacon. I do love bacon. They make it just right here. Nice and crisp. Some places serve bacon undercooked. There is nothing worse, because then you have to nibble around the underdone pieces. Heaven forbid, you abstain. You just pray that you don’t get ptomaine poisoning. Lunch was just me again. Good thing I like myself. The same blue corn chips with the trio of condiments. And you thought condiment only referred to ketchup! I had the mahi mahi on greens. I liked the orange slices with it. I do not eat olives, so I ignored them as best as I could. When my sisters and I were growing up my little sister liked to put the black olives on her finger, and then wave them around! It was very amusing! I did get two cookies as I was the only one at lunch. Yesterday I said I was eating by myself, but we did get some incoming guests today, so I ate with them. Today they took off in the car and I ate by myself again.

Our second night at Delphi this year we had the concierge and a coworker from Winding Bay (a private villa community, formerly the Ritz Carlton) at dinner. I talked with them about the possibility of going there for a massage. They were going to get back to me, but never did. She had warned me that the spa was not open to the public, and that I could buy a membership that would give me discounts on golf and spa. Well, paying $15,000 for a membership to save 20% on my massage is not my idea of a good deal. While I was busy eating, reading and generally just laying about Steve was busy fishing. This is a picture of one of the fish that Steve caught on Friday. On his lower lip you can see the fly that Steve used. The hook was well set, that fish was going nowhere but into Steve’s arms!

Speaking of fish, here is a picture of J from the UK. We have often seen J when we are at Delphi as he usually comes the same week we do in December. This fish is a barracuda. They have some teeth! Here is the side view. That is some fish! J has as his goal to catch a permit. Some people say that it takes about 1000 attempts to land a permit. That means not only just casting willy nilly, but to actually see and cast at the fish. So far J is nil on catching a permit. Steve was so inspired after he caught his December fish to try to catch one also. Steve is now also nil at catching permit. In fact, the next day, Steve went right back to fishing for bonefish. Here is a picture of someone from somewhere who was lucky enough to catch a permit. The man looks happy, the fish less so. I don’t want to think about the poor soul who gets to wash those pants of his! What a mess!

Anyway this was the last morning for J at Delphi. He is single, and as you can see, very attractive once you take the schmatte from his head. He must make good coin as he goes fishing all over the world. If you are interested forward me your curriculum vitae. He did tell me he was looking for someone like me – lets their husband go off fishing without complaint, needn’t wear a bag over her head most of the day, laughs at jokes, and can follow a conversation. Hopefully he was looking for a younger version. If you go by the appropriate age of couple metric, (half your age plus seven) he would have to be 38 to be eligible for me. I think he is younger than 38. So Steve needn’t worry about me straying. At least to be with J. Ha Ha Steve! First canapé was tuna poke. Then we had these very out of focus conch fritters. Our first course was a delightful quail broth. It seems to be out of focus also. No need to adjust your screen controls. I had the hogfish with risotto. Steve had the duo of Cornish hens. We had a cheese plate again, so I asked for ice cream. This is a picture of Jason, the chef. You can see the cheese course next to him.

Are you in the market for a significant other?

Linda’s Excellent Dating Service aims to please.

I also offer proposal services.

Don’t you think the proper serving of cookies is three? Then you can stop at two, and feel superior that you didn’t give into temptation?

Delphi Club Abaco. December 6, 2018 Thursday

This morning we had a very interesting fruit arrangement on the credenza. It was a little scary looking and if I were hungover, I might just have wanted to turn around and go back to bed! I was back to fried eggs again. I think poached eggs are a little bit boring. However if you get them covered in Hollandaise sauce and on top of an English muffin with some spinach, it might be a little more exciting. I’ve never had them that way, I think it would be too rich with the sauce. I was by myself for lunch, and this time we had the blue corn tortilla chips. I still managed to eat everyone! I decided to go for the pork burger with sweet potato fries. Not sure what is wrong with regular beef, but the menu is what it is. Maybe there will be some complaints and we will have regular burgers. It was okay. I should have asked for regular fries, and I like them better. Last year when there were more ladies there we had discussion on sweet potato fries vs. potato fries. We had a good laugh over the thought that sweet potato were healthier. Come on! As we had some new guests with us we got four chocolate chip cookies. They were very good. The new guests were from New Jersey and came down for a long weekend.Here is a view of the beautiful sunset from our deck. The sunset is really off to the right, but then you don’t get to see the beach. First canapé was crab pitettes with micro greens. Here is Kentral serving the shrimp tempura with wasabi mayonnaise. She usually is not in my pictures, just the food. But I made the executive decision and decided that she should have more than her fingers appear in the blog! It appears that she has wacky thumbs like Steve does. They go back instead of staying straight up! Steve prefers to call his thumbs normal, and mine stiff! Can you guess what one of my questions will be today? The starter was conch salad. I ate the micro greens. There was spirited discussion one of the prior night’s about the conch pistil. It is considered to have special powers. As I don’t eat conch, nor have the special equipment required I can’t vouch for the powers. Steve doesn’t eat conch, nor do I comment about his special powers. Steve and I both had the red snapper. Dessert was a date and almond phyllo parcel with allspice ice cream.

Steve had an ignominious day. He is down in the books as a Nil. Yes, that means zero fish. This has been his second nil in our eight trips to Delphi. However, as Max has been slacking and has not kept the log book of fish caught up to date, not many people will now how poorly Steve did. Now that Nicole, is following my blog, she will suitably hound him and correct this malfeasance.

Do you know big words?

Can you spell them with spell check helping you out?

Do you have wacky thumbs?

Bonus question:Do you have the necessary equipment?