September 3, 2011. Brush Creek Ranch, Saratoga Wyoming

Steve spent the day fishing on the Encampment River. He caught seven fish, most in the 10-15 inch range.

I spent some time wandering around and exploring. This is the view that the bride has as she walks down the aisle for an outdoor wedding. I am sure that cushions on the rocks benches, and flowers on the arbor, make the site much more attractive. Here is the view looking toward the guests. There was a small pond in the center foreground, There were no fish there! Here is a picture that I took of our room. Quite a bit different than the professional picture!

Let’s look at some of the other buildings, shall we?

This is the activities barn. This is where you signed up for all your activities. There was a small gift shop where you could buy shirts, jackets and sunglasses. Lunch was held here. It was a buffet lunch, with your choice of salads, mains, and lots of desserts. In the main lodge there were always snacks available. Plus your choice of drinks, both alcoholic and non alcoholic. You could have your choice of wine also, with a walk in wine cellar just off the dining room. There was no charge for any alcohol when we went there.

On the lower level of the main building was a wonderful spa where you could get dolled up for your wedding, or just have a massage. There was a changing room just across the hall where you could change your clothes. There was a full shower, so you could wash off all the dust before you had your rub down. There was a gym also, but I never saw any one besides myself work out. Not that I am terribly athletic, but I like to get on a recumbent bikes and read. This is where the saloon was. People would gather there before dinner and have drinks and canapés before dinner. Steve would play pool. Some nights were Karaoke nights. That comes into play when I write up my 2015 Adventures here. I hope you don’t die of suspense waiting for me to write up that trip! After dinner we went to the Zip Line. Traditionally you are supposed to do the Ropes Course first and then as a treat do the Zip Line. I am not buff enough to do a Ropes Course, so I begged to just do the Zip Line. I am afraid of heights, so why I agreed to do this I do not know. It was scary but fun. This was the rope walk that you had to go up before you got to the zip off platform. The guide forgot to attach the safety carabiner to me, but I was lucky and didn’t fall off before it was time to zip off. Here is Steve at the end of the zip line.

While at the ranch there weren’t many guests there, as the Ranch had just opened to the public. Beth and Bruce White of White Lodging had bought the ranch a few years earlier. They loved it and invited many of their friends to visit. They decided to open the Ranch to others so they could enjoy it also. It was funny talking to Bruce about this. He was going on and on about how much he was subsidizing our stay because the ranch wasn’t breaking even. Maybe so, but it still was expensive!

We met another couple there. Anthony and Melissa from Chicago. We are still in touch and even stayed with them on our road trip West in 2015. So you never know about meeting me. I may end up stalking you in the future!

Are you afraid of heights?

Have you ever been married?

Do you go commando when you have a massage?

September 1, 2011. Brush Creek Ranch Saratoga Wyoming

We stayed in Coop, which was a converted chicken coop. It was a very cozy romantic place to begin our first adventure at Brush Creek. Over the years we have stayed there four times in four different rooms, and also stayed at Magee Homestead, their adults only resort once. I think I should get an award for being a frequent visitor!

Do you want to see the floor plan? Of course you do! Your wish is my command! These pictures are all from the Brush Creek website, as I am sure you can tell. This is the main lodge building. There is a wrap around porch with rocking chairs. Inside are lodge rooms, that are similar to a hotel room, meeting rooms, and the main dining room. For the high end wedding you can do a ranch buy out and have all your guests stay here. In the background you can see the dining room tables and chairs. There is a lovely bar with bar stools. Yes, those are real fleece seat backs! In fact, when I first looked up the website I fell in love with those chairs. I was so excited to finally sit on one! In the foreground is a gas fireplace with glass surround. On some evenings there was music by local artists.

Here I am at the lunch spot. These were preblogging days, I was only sending emails and some facebook posting back then.

All your meals, liquor and activities were included in the rates. There was an additional 23% ranch fee on top of your room rate. There is no tipping, as that’s included in your ranch feee.

I previously mentioned holding weddings at the Ranch. You might choose to have an intimate wedding for just 25 people, that will set you back $30,000 for two nights. For a bigger crowd of 140 guests you can do a ranch buy out. That will be about $160,000, in high season.Still too many guests on your list? Well, then the Supreme Wedding package is only $165,000. That includes a tent. Don’t forget to add the 23%. Now that’s a wedding the father of the bride will never forget. Band, flowers and officiant are extra. There are many blog posts about weddings at the ranch if you want to be a voyeur!

I didn’t say anything about Steve’s fishing yet. He actually caught three fish at the Creekside Dinner Camp the first night! Here is Steve with a beautiful brown trout. This is a picture of a beautiful rainbow that Steve caught. Yes, he was as happy as he looked! Our final picture of the day was another brown trout.

Steve ended up catching nine fish for the day.

Do you like destination weddings?

Would you rather have a room with a shower or a bath?

Do you prefer all your meals included in your rate?