Friday March 2, 2018 Luma Casa De Montana and at Tinto Bistro

After our boat excursion Steve and I were dropped of at Luma and followed the path to the hotel. We changed our clothes and put on our swim clothes and the fluffy white bath robes that were on the bed the first day. Not thinking about it I grabbed one, tossed the other to Steve and he put his on. He remarked how short the arms were, and how short the robe was. It turns out that there were his and her robes! We quickly switched robes, sorry, but no picture of Steve looking silly!We descended the stairs to the pool area and lucky for me that I was holding the railing because “Boom, boom, boom”. My legs went out from me and I slid down the stairs! I am very nervous about falling as I was put on Xarelto, a blood thinner last February. I was instructed not to cut myself, ride horses or fall. As I was already holding the hand rail, I just gripped it harder, during my fall, praying that I would not go head over heels. This is a picture of those nasty stairs looking from the bottom to the top.

I sat for awhile until I recovered and then we went outside to the pool area. I did tell you earlier I was going to have an unexcellent adventure on the stairs in a prior posting, well this was it!This was my back. I insisted Steve take a picture of my back so we could compare for when the black and blue marks showed up. I sure do have a lot of freckles. Thank God, I got my back waxed before we left. Ha Ha, just kidding. When Elliot and I went to Israel years ago, I surreptitiously took a picture of this guy’s back. It was so hairy, I couldn’t believe it. Elliott scolded me for taking the picture, but I knew it would come in handy some day! There is a reason for my 19,000 pictures in my iCloud storage!Any way, I rested on my pick of the chaise lounges. They were all free, so I was in heaven!Steve and I both went in the pool. The step outside entry looked a little too steep for me, and after my one tumble for the day I decided on the interior entry. So I got to use the magic door. I’m all for creative entries! Hanging out at the pool was a nice way to rest before dinner. We were trying to decide about bringing bathing suits on the trip, and decided to bring them. I’m glad we did. There was a big motocross event in Villa La Angostura, and we were happy that we had made reservations via our travel agent. We had mentioned to Paulo that we were going to for Tinto Bistro for dinner. He highly recommended it. Paulo, besides being an excellent cook, was the sommelier at Las Balsas, the Relais & Chateaux where we had dinner last night. I must admit that I was dying to take the Relais & Chateaux directory from Las Balsas, but knew Steve would roll my eyes at more book weight in my suitcase. I love looking at pictures of nice hotels, but enjoy staying at them even more! We laughed when we saw who our driver was. He was the same taxi driver as the one who took us to Las Balsas the night before!Steve got to take a picture of me! I am always making snarky comments about Steve not focusing on the camera. Here it looks like I am checking out the incoming guest arrivals at the front door! My scarf, that I had so elegantly draped over both shoulders is all akimbo. Kudos for the great lipstick and the natural eyebrows. Thank heaven those pencil thin eyebrows are out of fashion! That is some bar behind me, I probably should have faced that way and watched the bartender at work. Oh well, I got to make goo goo eyes at Steve all night instead!The waitress brought over some nice rolls. Steve had wanted to order baked Brie for an appetizer, but I put my foot down. I thought he should pick something light. We had just seen Kill Bill 2 before we left home, so when Steve saw “Kill My Bills” on the menu he ordered it. Shrimp and Pork rice paper rolls. Viet mini salad, and rosehip chili sauce. For my entree I chose “Argentina Blue”. Beef Tenderloin in vanilla cardamom Demi glacé. Fig and plum chutney with grilled onions. Quinoa, nuts and blue cheese. Done medium rare.

Steve picked “Absolut Pasta” for his dinner. Homemade fettuccini sautéed with prawns and shrimp in vanilla vodka. Spice mix and arugula. My only comment is that I thought prawns and shrimp were the same thing!Dessert was “Nina’s Secret”. Chocolate tasting, citric curd and berry coulis. After dinner we decided to take a walk about the village before we called a taxi to take us back. Most of the stores were closed, but this fishing store was open! Steve needed a “Croakie” lanyard for his glasses, as he left his at home. Steve was lucky enough to get the last one!

We started laughing when we saw the glass case filled with knives.

We headed back to the restaurant to call a taxi to take us back to the hotel. This was the large group of motocross people that were dining together. We couldn’t figure out if they were officials, riders, supporters, fans, or groupies!

That’s it for Friday March 2, 2018. I had a lot of postings for the day. I hope you enjoyed yourselves reading about my Excellent Adventures as I had having them with Steve.

Friday March 2, 2018, Tapas on Nahuel Huapi Lake

After our hike in Nahuel Huapi Lake, and Steve’s first trolling session was over Nico dropped the anchor and the portable table was brought out so we could enjoy our tapas and wines. Paulo covered the table with a fun red and white checked picnic cloth and brought out the silverware and glasses. No plastic cups and paper plates today! This was going to be special! First tapas was a gazpacho shooter with a little olive oil, paired a roasted pepper topped with micro greens and a little bit of toasted bread. This was paired with a lovely sauvignon blanc. Next up was some smoked salmon, with micro greens, itty bitty flower heads, sliced onions, lemon juice, raspberries, mini scoops of avocado and soy sauce with sesame sides to dip the salmon. The salty with the sweet was so good! I was watching Paulo do all the prep work, he took such care in placing everything just so, no slap dash with his actions!

Next was a ramekin filled with toasted bread, sautéed mushrooms, a poached egg, blueberries, and then cheese melted with a mini torch. I joked to Paulo that I didn’t think open flames were allowed on a boat!

A nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon was brought out at some time and we drank the red wine also.

Dessert was slightly charred pineapple, blueberries, raspberries and some slightly sweetened with cream. We enjoyed this with a really nice port. Yes, a lot of drinking went on that afternoon!

Final course was cheese drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

We were both feeling totally relaxed and happy.

We lifted anchor, the fishing rod was brought back out for Steve to troll a bit more as we cruised back to port.

This is the little area where Paulo performed his magic! I am sure he did lots of prep work back home too!

I put my feet up, relaxed and learned about what was next in store on Linda’s Excellent Adventures!

On the way back we saw a kayakers, and people canoeing. They waved and looked like they were having fun, but I know they wished they were relaxing on the boat like we were!

All too soon we were back at the pier, our cruise on Nahuel Huapi Lake was over. This is me with Paulo, and Nico! Paulo had his supplies all piled up to bring back to his house!Steve looked just as happy, but Paulo looked just a little bit happier hugging me!

Our taxi arrived and brought us back to the hotel.

Ciao! Ciao!

Friday March 2, 2018 A boat ride on Nahuel Huapi

This is the brochure for Nico’s boat.

The boat was very comfortable, there was a canopy so we wouldn’t get too much sun, and a cabin with a place to go to the bathroom. We departed from the dock at Manzano, and were going to cruise to Bosque de Arrayanes for a short hike. Here we are all cozy on the boat, ready to take off. I am swearing Steve’s Tilley hat. Although much of the lake was protected as a National Park, there were lots of lodging places near this part of the lake. We were not far from the ski area, Cerro Bayo. This place was a great place to vacation. Summer activities in the summer, and skiing in the winter. Nico said that he gave cruises in the winter also!

This is Paulo’s hand showing up what we would be doing today. He has lots of tattoos!

This map without the fingers gives you a better idea how big the lake is. That is still not all of the lake!

There were beautiful vistas everywhere you looked. More of Paulo’s tattoos. No, I did not ask him how many he had!

We arrived at the dock for our hike and Nico secured the boat. Paulo was going to stay aboard the boat. It was around 11:00, no one else was in the park. It often gets very busy later in the afternoon with tour boats laden with guests who want to explore.

Let’s prove that we were here!These trees are called Arrayans. Some were really tall!They have a smooth bark, that is very cold to the touch. The bark looks a little scaly, but it was not very rough. Some of these trees are 300-600 years old!

There were some pretty flowers. Don’t we make a cute couple? The answer is yes!Nico is trying to tell us something here. There was so much to remember!We saw some lovely fuchsia. More pretty flowers.Steve is demonstrating how big this tree is! Some of the trees had a type of fungus near the top. Nico told us that Walt Disney came here, and was inspired to make the movie Bambi. I will have to go home and watch the movie to see if their are any similarities. Eventually the cruise boats always show up! Our walk is over and we head back to the boat to rescue our cruise. Our walk was the small circle. Ambitious hikers could walk all the way to Villa La Angostura. No thank you!

Nico asks Steve if he would like to troll for fish while Paulo prepares our tapas.

Of course! Steve settles down and assumes the trolling position. There is not much work to do when you troll, you just hold onto the rod and wait for a fish to take the lure. We go by some very interesting rocks. The area looks very much like Lake George. Steve gets to sit with me, enjoy the view and troll for fish. What could be better than this?

Throwing the anchor off the boat and enjoying a nice lunch of tapas would be great! Stay tuned!

Friday March 2, 2018. Breakfast at Luma Casa De Montana

We woke up and looked outside our Juliet balcony, ready to start our day.

We descended the stairs to the main level to see the breakfast buffet. The sun was so strong, it was difficult to take a good picture. No worries for me, my picture taking ability is not the main draw of my blog’s dear readers!

Steve spied a table by the windows, and we sat there. Here Steve is, ready to give our order for breakfast!Here is where the orange juice, coffee, hot milk and water waited for our selection.

The silverware was very dainty. Steve and I each ordered scrambled eggs. I got one, and Steve got two.

The previous afternoon we were met by Nico, the captain of the boat we were going to be taking a cruise on today. He told us one of the options on the cruise was to go hiking for a bit on Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi and then kayaking. The hike was to be only an hour, so I was game for that. The kayaking not so much. We had gone sea kayaking when we were in the Galapagos last year and we hated it. Nico, was thrilled that we had said no kayaking, as the water was quite cool, and we were sure to get wet. Instead offered us the option of some tapas, with wine pairings, presented by his friend Paulo. Then Steve would be able to troll for salmon after our hike. “Perfecto!”, I said.

We were picked up by Paulo and a taxi driver and driven through town.

Here are some of the shops in town, and the roses in the median of the road.We say goodbye to our taxi driver and are off to the pier. Nico’s boat is the Cardinal Sur. We climb aboard the boat and are ready to take off!

Internet seems to be working a little better. I had to rename the post due to the fact that the post was all about breakfast!

Ciao! Ciao!

Thursday March 1, 2018. Villa La Angostura

Villa La Angostura means narrowness in Spanish. The village is located on the shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake. Villa La Angostura is very near the border of Argentina and Chile. Our hotel is located just above the village. If you were to fly a drone, and take a picture you would have this. Our room is in the building on the left on the third floor. Come let’s explore! We turn off the main road, and descend a steep driveway. Senor Driver pushes the call button and we are greeted by the lovely Elizabeth.

Now I must make a correction to yesterday’s post. I had mentioned that Steve was “my main squeeze”. He is in fact my ONLY SQUEEZE! There, now he will stop worrying about any “side squeezes” that you my dear reader might think that I have. I repeat, he is the only man for me! We are loaded into a green buggy and descend to the hotel. It’s a very steep drive, no cars should not attempt the descent! I don’t have a picture of the front of the hotel as the grounds are filled with trees. Let’s go on in instead of lingering out front shall we?

Here is Steve filling out the registration forms. This picture is actually from Saturday morning and he is actually checking out, but we can pretend can’t we? On the main floor there is a beautiful pool table. An English guest mentioned to Steve that he was afraid to play on the table in case he ripped up the felt. Steve had no such worries. The floors were an interesting terrazzo. There were many decorative urns of flowers.

The walls were gaily decorated. This is the view of the living room, looking toward the guest reception. The pool table is off the the right in the rear. The view of the lake is behind me. With the lake to my left we see the bar to my right and the breakfast area straight ahead. The restaurant was closed for dinner. It had great reviews, it would have been nice to stay in one place for dinner. More on that later! It would be quite the adventure!More of the dining room. There were lots of family pictures in the background. I thought that this might have been a family home turned into a hotel. We later found out that the home might be owned by the family of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. She is from Argentina. I’m not sure about that story, but it is too delicious not to retell!

Steve peeked outside to check out the view from the terrace. It was spectacular!

Enough about the view. There are four suites on our floor. If Steve can get the door unlocked we can enter. He did it! Let’s go see the room!Our room was called Violeta. We had a massive King size bed, Italian sheets, that were so comfy. A big ass duvet that we tossed to the floor. There was an interesting canopy above our bed. I bet that it took hours to get hung just right. I must have taken this picture before the luggage arrived. The room is still immaculate!There was a television that I don’t think we ever turned on. Here is another view of the room. They left us his and her’s bathrobes with matching slippers. We had gigantic windows that had Juliet balconies. We would leave the window open all night to hear the waves lap at the shore. We were lucky not to have any birds fly in our windows!This was the view out of our window! It really was superb! You can see the Andes in the background!We had a big claw foot tub that I stubbed my toes on. There was a separate shower stall, twin sinks a toilet and a bidet. The South Americans seem big on bidets. Steve mentioned that he even saw one in a men’s room!

Steve was starving so we decided to have lunch. Right now Steve is perusing our documents to find out what is going to happen tomorrow.

We started with some plain rolls and olive rolls with some kind of spread.

I had the quiche with a light salad for my lunch.

Steve had a cheese hamburger with chips.

Yes, a cheese and ham burger!

We thought that was the funniest thing!

More explorations of the hotel and dinner in my next posting.

Thank you once again for all the likes and the follows. Some of you are getting quite good at the commenting!

Thursday March 1, 2018. On the way to Villa la Angostura Updated.

We left Tipiliuke and headed south west to San Martin de los Andes. On the way we passed a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course. Did you know that Jack liked to fish also?There are a few lots available to purchase in the golf course development. This is one of the grocery stores that I stopped at with Mary Jo the other day. No time to stop today, we had places to go, adventures to enjoy! San Martín de los Andes is located at the end of Lake Lácar, or Lagar Lácar as the Argentinians say. There are lots of roses everywhere, and the buildings are built in a Tyrollean style. Many of the shops sell ski gear, chocolates and sporting clothes. Lagar Lácar is a glacial lake, and there is only development near the base of the lake. Lanin National Park was created in 1937, and the logging industry that had been prevalent was ended. The area reminded me of Lake George without the houses!It’s about 12:40 on a Thursday afternoon, only a few people are on the beach. It would be equivalent to a Thursday after Labor Day back home. There are a few boats at the marina here to take people on a cruise.We stopped to enjoy the view at Lago Machónico vista. Here is Steve with our driver. I can’t remember his name, but he did have a sexy Argentinian accent! Not to worry though, Steve is still my main squeeze!This is a picture of the truck we were driven in. They had lots of truck similar to this in Chile also. Steve thinks that they would sell like hot cakes in the US. Here is a panoramic view of Lago Machónico vista. We eventually passed by seven of the lakes, that I previously told you we would pass on Seven Lakes Road. After almost 3 hours we arrived at Villa La Angostura. More later!