C’ville to Poughkeepsie. 9/28/2015 M

This is the last post of our trip West in 2015.

We woke up and had breakfast at the Homewood Suites. Our last road trip breakfast.

Hmm. Powdered eggs and biscuits. I think this trip needs to be over!

On the way to I-81 just outside of Charlottesville we spied this interesting truck. What was in it?

It’s a truck full of turkeys! Just waiting to be slaughtered for Thanksgiving dinner. Back to Dutchess County. We stopped at Adams to get groceries as we haven’t been home in ages!

After having lived at our house for twenty five years we decided that our vacation was a perfect time to get our driveway redone. Our neighbors got their’s done at the same time.

Here is Steve undoing the yellow tape. I think he is going to have to do some repair work on the mailbox. It looks a little shaky to me.

We had a lot of mail while we were away. We used to have the neighbor’s collect our mail. Now I just use the hold my mail option and get the post office to deliver everything when we get home.This was a genius move on my part!

Steve’s home cooked dinner. The last of the season corn.

I hope you enjoyed the trip. Are you wondering if we did the license plate game? Of course we did! Here are the states we found in sighting order.

NY, FL, NJ, PA, AZ, OH, CT, GA, VA, MI, ME, IN, WI, IL, IA, MO, VT, MS, MA, MD, MN, NB, OK, WV, CA, TX, ND, CO, KY, OR, TN, KS, SC, NC, AL, SD, LA, MT, ID, WY, UT, NM, NV, DE, WA, AR, AK. 47 states! Which states did we miss? I think the best place for license plate spotting was in the parking lots of the state parks. We were always in a hurry so Steve didn’t let me cruise up Main and down Elm to look at every car!

Have you ever seen a truck full of turkeys?

Do you prefer white or dark meat?

Aren’t these breakfasts getting uglier?

I am not sure which trip is next, but as always it will be fun to tell you about them and all the interesting people that we meet, the beautiful hotel rooms, the great scenery and the delicious food. Until then, “Stay safe!”