C’ville to Poughkeepsie. 9/28/2015 M

This is the last post of our trip West in 2015.

We woke up and had breakfast at the Homewood Suites. Our last road trip breakfast.

Hmm. Powdered eggs and biscuits. I think this trip needs to be over!

On the way to I-81 just outside of Charlottesville we spied this interesting truck. What was in it?

It’s a truck full of turkeys! Just waiting to be slaughtered for Thanksgiving dinner. Back to Dutchess County. We stopped at Adams to get groceries as we haven’t been home in ages!

After having lived at our house for twenty five years we decided that our vacation was a perfect time to get our driveway redone. Our neighbors got their’s done at the same time.

Here is Steve undoing the yellow tape. I think he is going to have to do some repair work on the mailbox. It looks a little shaky to me.

We had a lot of mail while we were away. We used to have the neighbor’s collect our mail. Now I just use the hold my mail option and get the post office to deliver everything when we get home.This was a genius move on my part!

Steve’s home cooked dinner. The last of the season corn.

I hope you enjoyed the trip. Are you wondering if we did the license plate game? Of course we did! Here are the states we found in sighting order.

NY, FL, NJ, PA, AZ, OH, CT, GA, VA, MI, ME, IN, WI, IL, IA, MO, VT, MS, MA, MD, MN, NB, OK, WV, CA, TX, ND, CO, KY, OR, TN, KS, SC, NC, AL, SD, LA, MT, ID, WY, UT, NM, NV, DE, WA, AR, AK. 47 states! Which states did we miss? I think the best place for license plate spotting was in the parking lots of the state parks. We were always in a hurry so Steve didn’t let me cruise up Main and down Elm to look at every car!

Have you ever seen a truck full of turkeys?

Do you prefer white or dark meat?

Aren’t these breakfasts getting uglier?

I am not sure which trip is next, but as always it will be fun to tell you about them and all the interesting people that we meet, the beautiful hotel rooms, the great scenery and the delicious food. Until then, “Stay safe!”

Thursday March 1, 2018. On the way to Villa la Angostura Updated.

We left Tipiliuke and headed south west to San Martin de los Andes. On the way we passed a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course. Did you know that Jack liked to fish also?There are a few lots available to purchase in the golf course development. This is one of the grocery stores that I stopped at with Mary Jo the other day. No time to stop today, we had places to go, adventures to enjoy! San Martín de los Andes is located at the end of Lake Lácar, or Lagar Lácar as the Argentinians say. There are lots of roses everywhere, and the buildings are built in a Tyrollean style. Many of the shops sell ski gear, chocolates and sporting clothes. Lagar Lácar is a glacial lake, and there is only development near the base of the lake. Lanin National Park was created in 1937, and the logging industry that had been prevalent was ended. The area reminded me of Lake George without the houses!It’s about 12:40 on a Thursday afternoon, only a few people are on the beach. It would be equivalent to a Thursday after Labor Day back home. There are a few boats at the marina here to take people on a cruise.We stopped to enjoy the view at Lago Machónico vista. Here is Steve with our driver. I can’t remember his name, but he did have a sexy Argentinian accent! Not to worry though, Steve is still my main squeeze!This is a picture of the truck we were driven in. They had lots of truck similar to this in Chile also. Steve thinks that they would sell like hot cakes in the US. Here is a panoramic view of Lago Machónico vista. We eventually passed by seven of the lakes, that I previously told you we would pass on Seven Lakes Road. After almost 3 hours we arrived at Villa La Angostura. More later!

Tuesday February 27, Tipiliuke Afternoon and Evening

I left you yesterday halfway through the Asado. We had two more courses of meat. Now that’s my kind of meal, meat, meat, and more meat! I love the little touches here. Even the forks and knives used at lunch have the Tipiliuke mark on them! Dessert was yummy as usual. It will be interesting to see how much weight I gain this vacation. I am a little less active than at home. Of course I could always go fishing with Steve all day, and wade those rivers. That burns a lot of calories. But if I did that, there would be no blog! A beautiful bowl of fruit is passed at dessert for those people who aren’t into the high caloric treats. Or, you could be like me and eat both! In the afternoon there is always a set up of coffee and tea with cookies in the living room. Steve had free time in the afternoon between fishing sessions. I convinced him to come look at River House. Doesn’t he look happy? He hasn’t even seen the stream yet!Steve is checking out the river. The house comes with a mile of river frontage. The sale of River House to the Lants was not to be. It was a fun dream while it lasted! Does anyone have a bridge in Brooklyn they want to try to sell me? This is Kevin’s truck. I got to ride in it a lot. I think they go through tires and shocks pretty often. The roads are very bumpy! While Steve went to his late afternoon and fish until dark session, I asked to go to St. Marin de los Andes. Guess where I went? You got it, a supermarket! There were no doubts that I would get my visit, was there? This supermarket had everything! School starts next week, so all the uniforms were out. In Argentina, the children wear white smocks. Pens, markers, and other school paraphernalia were in the bins. This is the vegetable aisle. Chicken looks like chicken everywhere! The butcher was hard at work. I looked for some of the fancy Pisco Sour bottles that we saw in Chile, but only the Easter Island Brand was available. There were lots of Coke products. Mary Jo told me that this was a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise. I told her that I had never heard of Salsa Golf before!Potato Chips are everywhere!In America this soup is called “Cup A Soup”. There were many brands of Dulce De Leche. Mary Jo said that the cereal aisle was really limited compared to the United States. She was correct! The toilet paper here had some pretty high class names!Mary Jo told me that most of the empanadas are made with store brought crusts. That way all you had to do was fill and bake or fry. While I was at the grocery store Steve caught this beautiful rainbow. He ended up with 26 fish for the day. During the last hour of daylight they hit a Yellow May Fly hatch, and he did very well. This photo was taken at 8:12 pm! Steve finally made it back and we could eat dinner. My time stamp shows that this picture was taken at 9:56! I told you that we ate dinners late here. Back home I would be in bed with a book! Dinner was salmon, green beans and tomatoes. We had a chocolate cake for dessert.

Now might be a good time to talk about the guests at Tipiliuke. While we were here we met people from Mexico, Germany, England, and the United States. In talking to Kevin and Mary Jo, we learned that a former president has stayed here. Within the last year, one of the richest men in America stayed here also. When VIPs stay, they buy out the whole Estancia for their entourage. The President didn’t sleep in my room, so I can’t say that I slept in a Presidential bed or used the same toilet that he did!

That’s all for Tuesday!