Gili Lankanfushi Tuesday January 9, 2018 Out and About

Good morning! Another day in paradise and another juice shot to wake up with. This one was orange and pineapple.

Today I decided to have waffles with fruit for breakfast. Not to mention the whipped cream, bananas, strawberries, blueberries and raspberry sauce. Why diet while on vacation?

Steve had a tasty omelette. He is not into fruits, I am. Well, they do say that a marriage made of opposites makes a happier marriage!

I’m not sure what we did on Tuesday but lets take a tour of the grounds. Here is the outdoor cinema. Last night a couple had dinner and a movie. You can arrange this also if you choose to stay her. (I don’t get any credit for the links in my blog. Maybe some day I will be a paid travel influencer, but not yet!)

There was great signage everywhere.

Speaking of yoga, here is a view of the outdoor pavilion where yoga classes were held.

This is a view of the gift shop. No, I didn’t buy a bikini.

Anyone up for a game of pool? That could be done here also. Don’t they think of everything?

Lets go climb the 360 to enjoy the view. It doesn’t look too high for me to climb.

The view wasn’t much better here, in fact it was probably worse than the view from the ground as seen here.

What’s funny is that when I first saw this picture in my photo roll, I though it was from Como Maalifushi where we are staying now. The resorts all have dhoni boats that you can take a sunset cruise on. In the distance you see One Palm Island, thats where we went group snorkeling near. If you wanted to you could have a private dinner here also. One Palm Island is a different island than Two Palm Island. I am not sure if there was a No Palm Island, Ha Ha!

Besides the wooden directional signs there were Evacuation Maps also. Chances of Tsunami’s are rare, as the country of India blocks most of the deviating tsunami’s that might occur, but you never know.

This is the lovely table and chairs that were set up on the 360 platform. This was another great spot for a private dinner.

This is the beautiful vegetable garden on property. I loved the fresh green lettuces.

Back down on solid ground we go by the By The Sea Restaurant again.

Here is a lovely lounge chair to sit in and enjoy the view of the ocean and a sunset. Or perhaps you had too much at dinner, and need to take a rest?

I know, let’s try to hang out at the pool for a while. Past the Main Restaurant we go.

Shucks, some one is under the cabana. Looks like we’ll have to sit in the shade. Well, that can be arranged.

Steve and I are too old to do hammocks. Those are for young people, who can easily get out of them. Seeing the hammocks brought back fond memories of when Steve used to lie in the hammock with the kids on a weekend. Not much reading was down, but there was some tickling and napping.

Perhaps we should have some lunch al fresco, if it can be arranged. Yes, lets share a chicken Caesar salad with a beer!

Hey, why don’t we go for another massage? Yes, lets do.

Ah, the relaxing massage with the view of the coral and fish. Did you see the one with the yellow tail?

Now it is the time for our last night’s dinner. It was an Asian Buffet. We had a beautiful salad to start, where you could choose your own greens.

Followed by lots of beautiful breads.

They had many stations at the buffet. There were lots of preplated dishes.

Lots of stuff to eat that I didn’t know what it was. The lighting for photos was bad, so I can’t show you the soup, grill or stir fry stations. The dessert station was equally lovely, with lots of fresh fruit, tarts, and mousses.

That’s it for our last night at Gili Lankanfushi. Tomorrow we head to Como Maalifushi.

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Gili Lankanfushi January 7, 2018 Spa Treatments and a trip to the gym?

The resort had a jet lag special at the spa, if you booked together it was $199 for a one hour massage. As Steve and I adore massages and we were jet lagged we arranged the spa for the morning of our first full day. This is the entrance of the spa. As you could see it from our back deck, we didn’t need Shazu our Ms. Friday to bring us there.

The treatment started with a foot soak, and then a scrub a dub dub of crystals to invigorate our sore feet. We were in heaven already!

We entered the room to find the normal massage tables. In the floor were cutouts so you could watch the activity below the spa! It was so much fun to see the fish swim below. I think all spas should do this, just put a television on the floor and cover it with plexiglass!

Here is a video of the experience!

After the massage we went upstairs to the second floor of the spa. Here Steve is pointing out something to me, what it was i don’t remember. However as you know I love a good posed picture I thought I would share it with you.

The lovely ladies gave us some orange slices, almonds, cold water and hot ginger tea to refresh us after our treatment. The ginger tea is supposed to help energize you and aid in the elimination of toxins. It sure was spicy!

This lovely lady gave Steve his massage. She delightfully posed for the blog.

On the way back from the massage we decided to see what the gym looked like. They had two Pilates reformers, a DVD constantly going with a Pilates session. There were also yoga mats, although each room was provided with their own yoga mats. There were free Yoga sessions daily, although we didn’t attend any. They were held outside, in the morning and afternoon. The gym was air conditioned, and had treadmill, ellipticals, a bike, free weights, and a few weight bearing machines. There was a refrigerator with cold towels in it also. If you forgot your gym shoes, you could borrow some at the spa.

Look at this view. Well it’s a lousy photograph, but it really was nice to look out the window. We quickly said goodby to the gym, who wants to ruin a good zen with a workout?

This was the outside of the gym entrance. Above is where the Japanese restaurant is located.

We head back to the our villa and think about what we want to do next. Here you can see the water cisterns conveniently placed to cool feet. Steve saw one of the resort’s workers refill them. He just dumped out the old, and put new water from below in them. Although you could probably figured that out on your own now, couldn’t you?

Here’s a calming video for you to enjoy. This was taken from our deck. I’ll have to stop now as we have a cocktail party to attend at Como Maalafushi where we are now.

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