Delphi Club, Abacao Bahamas Saturday March 23, 2019

Breakfast had a pretty pineapple arrangement. As I mentioned earlier, one of these days I will come to breakfast before the hordes have had a serving of fruit.

After breakfast M, the two Michigan ladies and I went down to the beach for a walk. I started out ahead, as I knew that I would end up at the end of the line.

My goal for the morning was to reach the end of the beach on the short end. Almost there.

Mission accomplished, it was time to go back. Here is J from Michigan, she was looking for little beads, from fishing nets that were in the seaweed.

M kept on going and I went up to the room to do some stretching.

Which did not go well at all. My back seized up, and I had problems walking. I did make it up for lunch though. Grilled cheese and tomato soup again.

M had the Caesar Salad with sliced avocado.

My back had started to act up a bit when I was stretching so I went back to the room to lay down a bit. I was thinking about going into the pool, hoping the water might help, but I could not move further than our door. By the time Steve came back from fishing I was in really bad shape. Here I am on the floor. I had just taken a hot shower, Steve had put me in the chair. When he came back I was laying on the floor. I was feeling a faint coming on, and decided that if I was on the floor already I wouldn’t have far to go if I did faint!

First canapé was spiced apple on brie and a cracker. It is lovely and looks simple to make. I think just a little bit of chopped up apples in honey.

Next up was pork fritters and Cajun mayonnaise.

Our starter was a roasted peach salad on greens. I love fresh peaches, so I always find this salad especially yummy.

G had the beef tenderloin for his main.

I had the duo of lobster. One part was done in a tempura style, the other part of the tail was grilled. I gave some to G so he could have a surf and turf.

Dessert was really yummy. We had creme brûlée with an almond frangipane (that is cookie-for those of us like me who call a cookie a cookie) and a guava pastelle (jelly candy).

G hit the jackpot as he got to finish three. Steve doesn’t care for it, and M knows G loves it so, she gave him hers. She is a very good spouse. I wouldn’t give up a chocolate dessert for Steve!

G actually finished all of them! Here he is being silly and pretending to slurp them all up!

G and Steve had a good day fishing. G is working on retrieving his cast.

Yay! G got his first bonefish! He ended up catching four bonefish! Steve caught 11 bonefish and a barracuda.

Will my back recover?

Does G have sillier hats than Steve?

Will I have something different than grilled cheese for lunch tomorrow?

Goodbye Coyhaique, Chile Saturday January 14, 2017

Sorry for the delays in posting. Steve went off skiing in Maine with his buddies. I am not allowed to post with out his proof reading, as I might write something that I could get in trouble for saying. He is back, so here is South America 2017 continued.

Last day at Coyhaique, we really enjoyed ourselves here.

Breakfast! I love banana bread.

The lemon meringue tart in another arrangement.

Our last breakfast. Dinner is served at the table behind us.

Fresh eggs with mushrooms at breakfast.

We stayed for lunch as our flight was not leaving until 5:30 pm.

Chicken with rice. I am trying closeup food pictures, can you tell?

Fruit plate for dessert. They drizzled it with honey.

Good bye pretty valley at Coyhaique River Lodge. Steve and I hiked down to the river after lunch. It was very strenuous and I got started wheezing very badly on our way back up. Steve got scared, but I told him that if I rested, I would soon catch my breath. It confirmed my previous decisions not to go on the strenuous hikes with C, she walks her dogs an hour a day and is in very good shape. I do exercise daily, but I don’t hike every day!

Goodbye poplar trees.

Good bye neighborhoods with lots of fences.

We got to the airport and it was a madhouse. We found the right line and eventually boarded our plane. Steve was quite nervous that they would close the bag drop before we could deposit our bags, but no worries. We said good bye to Tito and Ericito as they were going to journey to Santiago and meet their wives who were flying in to meet them.

Good bye Balmceda airport.

Good bye fishing streams.

Hello Andes Mountains. The green square is an alpine lake. The minerals in the water cause it to look so green.

Those are all mountains in the background.

There are so many mountains that many are unnamed.

Hello Bon-Bon. You didn’t taste any better this time around.

Are you sick of mountains yet? That doodle shows a gigantic glacier in a volcano.

This picture shows where we will be staying the next two days. The volcano on the left is snow covered. The volcano on the right erupted a few years ago. Don’t worry, nobody died. Did you know that Chile has 3000 volcanos, and 60 are active? Well, now you do. The mountain peak in the back is in Argentina. We are not going there on this trip.

We have almost landed and you can see how different the countryside is. A warmer climate here. Many more crops growing.

Next stop Puerto Monttt and then a drive to Puerto Varas!

How do you like your eggs?

Are you a nervous traveler?

Do you prefer your banana bread with or without nuts?

Coyhaique, Chile Thursday January 12, 2017

Today C, Juan and I were going to take a trip to Puerto Aysan and hopefully see the fjords!

As I mentioned before, two of our guest are acclaimed photographers. Dave took this a photo of this view, so I thought I would do so also. It was raining, I am not sure what kind of views we will have on our adventure, but come along anyway!

Today’s juice selection included raspberry. Back home raspberries are so expensive. I can’t imagine how much a quart of raspberry juice would cost.

Another breakfast under our belt and we are off.

Rain and no views, I hope the anglers catch some fish today! Even with rain gear on, the inside of your wrists get soaked while fly fishing. So the guys will probably be cold and wet when they come back. Let’s hope that they all get to catch some fish!

The waterfalls were spectacular with all the rain. Often times what I only thought was a white rock, was actually a waterfall!

This is the waterfall dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

C decided to go with the less formal shirt untucked look. I was a little more uptight and tucked my shirt in. However, I was not wearing a belt, even though I had belt loops. Did you know that on the runways of Milan they are showing suits and no belts? The things I tell you…

Here are some of the offerings left at the shrine.

Another one lane bridge. It looks ominous doesn’t it?

The landscape really changed when we got to Puerto Aysen. Rich humongous green ferns, different tree varieties.

Here is C with her fancy camera trying to switch her lenses. Meanwhile she missed the shot of what she thought was a condor. I missed the shot also, as my iPhone woulnd’t be able to have the condor visible in my picture! There was some activity on the pier in the background, and we hoped to be able to investigate.

No entry!

We saw some divers that looked like they were having a training session.

Wrap up discussion. The water looked really cold.

More waterfalls.

Some sailing vessels. One of the boats was named Don Francisco. One of the guests here is called Francisco. His nickname is Pancho. His son is called Panchito, but as he is now taller than Pancho he may need to change his name. I asked earlier in the week if he could be called Padre Pancho-but as that means a different father that wouldn’t work either. I will have to suggest Don Pancho at dinner!

The harbor. On a day with good visibility you can see far. Not today though! You can’t tell that you are in a fjord at all!

The three amigos! C, Linda and Juan.

The clouds looked like they might lift a little.

We had lunch at Patagonia Green. It was a very colorful building!

I saw a very interesting object d’art. It was carved and had a lot of dimensionality.

You could put you hand under the tail. Steve would either love it or hate it!

Juan had called ahead to reserve a table for us.

Juan said that he ordered steak. I think he meant pork!

C and I ordered the fish soup. It was very hot temperature wise. Clams, salmon, calamari, two kinds of mussels, shrimp and potatoes.

I didn’t finish all of it as I was hoping to save room for a dessert called Volcan Hudson. That was going to be sponge cake filled with hot chocolate, a tough of orange and vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately you had to call ahead to order it. I was very unhappy!

This is a photograph of a photograph of the restaurant on a clear day and you can see the glacier on the upper right of the picture.

After we finished lunch the clouds began to lift and we could see the mountains.

The swirling clouds were very dramatic on the way back to the lodge.

The white gash in the middle of the picture was a waterfall.

We must have seen 25 waterfalls today!

On the way back we stopped at an overlook for a view of Coyahique on the left and the snow capped Andes on the right.

After Steve came back from fishing we decided to try out the wood fired hot tub. Not one to be shy, I jumped in.

One of the guests was going to take a picture of Steve and myself. I thought it would be cute to have a kissing picture. No kiss, just me making the moves. Something I have been doing for over 40 years, since I proposed to Steve so very long ago! He did ask me out first though!

You can see Steve gritting his teeth!

We call the plastic tarp in the back the green monster. It would have been nice if I had thought to remove it before the picture was taken!

Here are Eric and Bert. Bert has no beard, and Eric has the beard. I got confused at first and thought that Bert=Beard and Eric=no Beard, but I was wrong. They, like all the guests this week will leave on Saturday. They will meet their wives for non fishing adventures in Santiago. Bert had a very long trip arriving here as he came from Alaska. Bert’s journey was much easier as he came form Brooklyn.

Julio among his other jobs was putting the wood in the stove that was under the brown lid.

Time for Pisco Sours and canapes. Julio is serving pita chips and guacamole.

Beef and onions skewers.

Shrimp, cold green mashed potatoes and seviche.

Conger with rice and asparagus.

Chocolate dessert!

Moon rise groupies!

10:10 pm and the moon is rising while the sun is setting!

Steve caught 10 fish today. No, although the numbers were smaller, he was not disappointed. He was fishing a different type of water. These fish were much larger than the ones he had caught on previous days.

Do you have a fancy camera?

Do you know how to work it?

Isn’t the only good dessert a chocolate dessert?

Coyahique, Chile, Monday January 9, 2017

No rainbow this morning. We could see snow on the upper elevations this morning. It’s about 40 degrees with a chance of rain. The anglers have all gone out, nothing stops them! I do have rain pants and a rain jacket so I will stay dry. One good thing about the wind here, is NO BUGS! The little black dots in the field are cattle.

Good morning! No breakfast spread for you as you have a hike to accompany me on!

Here is a view of the Simpson River that runs through Coyhaique. Steve was hoping to fish this but due to the rains it looked like he would be unable to do so.

This is called the haunted house. It represents the building styles of the early European settlers of the area. The houses were erected so quickly it was said that they were built by witches. The haunted aspect is due to a mistranslation to English!

A view of the city of Coyhaique. The city is the capital of this part of Patagonia.

Snow capped Andes Mountains!

C went off with Gaston today for a more strenuous hike. I stayed with Juan who promised me a more relaxing flat hike.

Our first hike hike was around Laguna Verde. Green Lake.

Juan was well prepared for any eventuality. He even had hot water in his backpack in case I wanted hot tea!

There were piles of pine cones many layers deep.

Here is Juan in front of a grassy bush. Juan was not tall, but this was still a very large plant!

This means trout bridge.

No trout live here, maybe once upon a time.

Here are some wild strawberries that Juan pointed out to me.

We next visited a fragile ecosystem trail in an old growth forest. Steve should come next time, he likes to look at really old trees.

Swamp lake.

Juan leading the way.

Juan said that all the lichens on the trees meant that the air was very pure. I always thought that lichens were a bad thing.

More tree growth of a different sort. It looks really healthy!

There is a trail here!

Juan really liked this part of the trail. I really liked it when he said ten minutes more and we get to turn around. I can imagine this being a place of ceremonies by the native peoples. The trees were really huge!

Yay! Turn around point.

On our way back to town. More views of the mountains.

Here is a statue of a hand holding a cup of mate. Mate is a drink that many South Americans drink all day long. We were told that it is not caffeine based, but it is. It is a communal drink that is poured into a metal cup, with a metal straw that is part of the lid. You don’t wipe off the straw when it is passed to you. You just hope that no one with communicable diseases drank just prior to you. You are not to say thank you when it is passed to you either.

You didn’t think I would not try to find a grocery store and explore did you?

Front desk. This is also where you exchanged the empty display boxes for the real boxes that held the bottle of Scotch.

I love the brand names of toilet paper all over the world!

Some of the bottles of wine were quite dusty. Although who would want to drink Yellow Tail from Australia when you could drink a nice Chilean wine?

Papas Fritas.

The world loves potato chips!

There was also a big display of Pisco mixes!

We returned to the lodge for lunch. Lunch was a chicken cutlet, mashed potatoes and a glass of white wine. I was able to catch up with C. Her hike was an equivalent of 113 flights, I am happy I didn’t join her!

Dessert was vanilla ice cream.

After lunch, I rested while C went out on another hike. I think she went on another 100 stair flights on her trek.

We had two beds in our room. Many of the guests are guys who don’t want to share a bed with their fishing companions.

The great view from the bedroom.

This is a picture of the great room. The couches were great for reading and enjoying the amazing views.

There was a gift shop above the dining area with local crafts. I bought this beautiful top for Sally.

Steve did catch some fish. Here are two trout that he caught on one cast. The technique that he used had two flies on the line. It is unusual to catch two fish at once!

After Steve came back he showered and changed for dinner. Let’s eat some Chilean food!


Chopped up something or other. Tasty.

Lamb prosciutto, fresh greens, onion marmalade on toasted bread.


For some reason, staff thought that I didn’t eat seafood, so I got tender chunks of beef. I coudn’t figure out what the nuggets were made from. Dessert was a poached pear in a pastry, crumbles, and fried dough with vanilla ice cream on top.

Are you tall?

What is your favorite brand of potato chips?

Shouldn’t liquor stores in America have a better Pisco selection?

Coyhaique, Chile Sunday January 8, 2017

Good Morning!

A beautiful breakfast spread.

I need to photoshop out the little bit of scrambled egg that escaped!

Here is a beautiful mural on leather in the dining room. The artist projected the design unto the hide and then scraped off the hair.

We are to go on a hike with K and Juan. Off we go through the gates.

A beautiful view. I am told that an even better view is only thirty minutes more of a walk. Will I make it?

Five minutes past the last picture and I change my mind. The part of me that says an eight mile hike is not my idea of a vacation says “yes!”, that is my throne, and it awaits me! K and our guide Juan will hike for another twenty five minutes to see the view.

My view. 4965 steps is enough for me. I will have 4965 steps on my return.

Lo and behold a hearty group of mountain bikers chug up the hill. Hola! They are past me before I realized what a great shot I could have had. This is them farther up the hill.

C and I returned back to the lodge for lunch.

Potatoes and chicken.



I settled down with a book while C went hiking again.

What was under my book? In the coffee table was a display of flies.

Around 5pm a beautiful rainbow appeared.

It’s time for a Pisco sour!

Here is Julio offering me some empanadas!

The mushrooms were not pickled, but warm and sautéed in spices.

The bar in the dining room was very interesting.

Soup with conger, which is a fish, not an eel, although it looks like an eel.

Hearts of palm, corn, asparagus and some tough beef.

Currant mousse, with crumbly pieces of meringue. It was way too sweet for me, but several guests finished it!

What’s your step goal for the day?

Do you wear a helmet when you ride a bike?

Shouldn’t all watermelon be seedless?

Belize to Houston, Tuesday February 19, 2019

Good morning! Today we leave Copal Tree Lodge for Belize City, and then on to Houston where we will spend the night. Then we fly to New York on Wednesday.

I enjoyed my glass of watermelon juice. I would have preferred the fresh squeezed pineapple, but none were ripe in the garden. We were told that a large percentage of the food is from the property. The little boy in the background was trying to get a closer view of the hummingbirds. They had canopy suite 14, which was across the pool are from ours. They had a lot of people in that room, the two parents, a nanny, two smaller children and a nanny. Not sure where everyone slept!

I had the french toast, with toasted pecans.

Steve had the egg burrito. He ate it with a a fork and knife. Otherwise he would have ended up with a big mess.

After breakfast we went to the lower level and hung out until it was time to depart for the airport.

Steve is not exercising, he was reading a book about fly fishing in Belize and practicing for next time. I asked Steve is there were pictures of the different places to stay in that book. He told me that it was basically about the fishing, anglers don’t really care about the accommodations as most of the non anglers do. The anglers only want to know, what kind of fish is there, and how many. Steve related to me that one lodge was described as fairly basic. Definitely not a lodge for me!

We said good bye to the GM and told them that we were looking forward to coming back to Copal.

On the way into Punta Gorda we saw signs regarding the upcoming election where there is going to be a referendum. Belize was formerly known as British Honduras and got its independence from the British Commonwealth in 1981. Guatemala is the neighbor to the south and west and believes it has an historical claim to Belize. The referendum will decide whether to bring the dispute to the International Court of Justice. Our driver on the way home from our snorkeling asked Steve what his opinion on the referendum was, Steve told him “It’s not for me to have an opinion, it is for you to decide.”

Good bye to the one lane bridge.

Good bye Punta Gorda, although this sign says “Welcome!”

This family had their laundry hanging outside to dry. I think it was going to get very dusty from all the cars that drove by. Most of the time it is dry season, and very dusty here. During the rainy season, I am sure the mud was very bad.

The airport in Punta Gorda was very small.

This is a map of Belize. We will fly to Placencia and pick up more passengers and then go to Belize City. On our way to Copal, we stopped at Dangriga also. Our plane was a small one. We sat right behind the pilot. There was no assistant pilot on the flight. Of course I told him I would be able to help if needed. How many times does he hear that? I am sure too many!

Not much leg room here. We were happy. Steve is giving the camera that crazy eyed look. One of these days i will find the license he was given to fish in the NYC watershed area. We joked that if you took a look at the picture you would want to lock him up! Here is a view of the island where the cruise ships stop. Those ships are humongous! These are shrimp farms. We landed at Belize City airport and went to pick up our luggage. It was pretty cold in the airport again. I was bundled up in my anti bug scarf that made me look like I had a schmatte on my head (schmatte is a Yiddish word for rag). Steve bought a big KitKat bar and a dark beer for a snack while we waited for our plane. I had a water. You can see a few of my grey hairs in this picture. I may need to have to buy a face cream with a little tint to it to cover up my age spots. On second thought, I am 62, and people who are 62 are old and can therefore have age spots. My crows feet are in good shape, and as long as I keep yapping my nasolabial folds don’t look that bad. The scarf covers my neck so we can’t discuss whether or not I have a turkey neck. After a four hour wait we finally got to board the plane. The man in front of me ordered a Prosecco, so I did too. What could go wrong?

We were offered warm nuts and more alcohol. I had another glass of Prosecco, this time in a proper glass. Steve had his usual wine. I ordered the barbecue short ribs with kale and yams. Meh. Steve had the spinach ravioli. We had to circle Houston for quite awhile. There had been rain storms. We had to collect our luggage and bring it back to the hotel with us. Steve is noticeably unthrilled here. Especially as he knew I was going to take more room pictures! Soon it was lights out, except for the airport outside our window and we went to sleep.

Do you travel with a nanny?

Do you wear a schmatte on your head when you get cold?

Isn’t dark chocolate and dark beer a wonderful snack?

Belize, Sunday February 17, 2019

More pretty flowers to look at. My coffee came with cream in it already. That enabled me to be even more lazy, as I didn’t have to lift the pitcher and pour cream into my coffee.

Another glass of pineapple juice. This wasn’t quite as good as yesterday’s, as it wasn’t as frozen. Still awesome though!I decided to try the scrambled eggs. I think that the fried eggs tasted a little bit better.

I wasn’t sure if I showed you the bar in the dining area. They only make the coffees here. Downstairs there is a real bar.

After breakfast I went to see if we could sign up for snorkeling on Monday as Steve is not going fishing then. We took the last two slots, good thing I signed up when I did, I sure would be unhappy if I missed out. I also checked on our flights for departing on Tuesday. We were thinking about going to see the Mayan ruins before our afternoon flight. At first I thought we were leaving at 12:30, but the receptionist thought we were on a later flight. We would only have a 40 minute connection at Belize City, much less than the 2 hours required for an international flight. The 11:30 flight was full, so I began to panic. There was a 9:30 flight, but then we would have had to wait in Belize City for a long long time. A call was made to get us on the 9:30 flight, and the concierge found out that we were already scheduled for the 11:30 flight. Phew!

In celebration of my good luck of being actually able to leave Paradise and fly home I booked a massage for Sunday afternoon.

On my way back to the room I decided to walk to the yoga pavilion. There are signs for it just further up the hill form our canopy suites. Hmm… just follow the signs. Up the hill a little farther. There it is. Looks like it is under construction. There is a nice view, but I think the view from our Canopy Suites is nicer. The floor looks nice. The floor on our veranda where i have put my mat, has slots between the wood. Pretty flowers on the way back. Here is the view of the river from just below the Canopy Suites. went down to lunch at about 11:30 as I was scheduled to have a massage at 1.

This is a view of the dining area at lunch time before all the guests arrive. Now that all our children are grown and we don’t have any grandchildren I have decided I am not crazy about little kids in the dining room. I am not sure where I want them, but I definitely don’t want them sitting next to me. I have become an uncaring individual.

I ordered a slightly sweetened ice tea. It was so dark that it looked like a cola but it was an ice tea.

I ordered the salad with fruit and grilled chicken. Today we had watermelon again. I have decided that I prefer pineapple. Who would have thought it? Next thing you know I will order pizza with pineapple on it also!

This is the downstairs bar area. They have a picture flip stand of all the fish that the anglers have caught during their stay here. I emailed the concierge Steve’s picture from yesterday. I was so excited for him to see it when he came back from his fishing trip today.

I was escorted to my massage at 1. They had a nice changing room where I could shower before my massage. I think it is a nice thing to do for the masseuse. Who wants to rub oil all over a dirty body? It’s not always possible, but when it is, I do so. Of course afterwards you are supposed to let the oils stay on your body until they are well absorbed. So then you have to walk around with a greased up body and hair all akimbo from the oils and the pulling on your scalp. Instead of going back up to our pool and room I figured I would relax by the pool.

I didn’t get much of a chance to relax as Tatoo man came by the lower pool.

He was covered with them! I showed Steve a picture later and he thought having left tattooed on the left hand was a good idea. Steve wondered about having clockwise and counter clockwise tattooed somehow as he always gets that confused.

I thought that Steve would be coming back from his fishing so I went to the bar area to sit and watch for him. As I mentioned before I was so excited to see him.

Well, I waited and waited. Finally it was almost 5 o’clock and I thought I might wade in our pool until Steve came up the tram. Instead, I found Steve in the pool! He had taken a different set of stairs to the floor where the tram was. So of course, I got mad at him, for not taking the proper staircase (meaning the staircase I thought he was going to use). He got mad at me for being mad at him. So now we are both not speaking to each other. Give us twenty years or so and we might talk to each other again.

Well we finally made up on the way down to dinner. He didn’t have to do too much groveling. I was too excited to tell him about tattoo man to stay mad at him for long.

Steve did catch anther permit today. That was two in a row! All the other anglers were quite envious of him! Today’s fish was even bigger than yesterday’s fish.

I was quite excited at dinner as Tattoo Man and his wife were sitting next to us. However they moved to a different location.

Our amuse bouche was chicken salad on a cucumber slice.

Steve had the roasted vegetable soup.

I had the shrimp seviche

For our entree Steve and I both had the snook.

Steve had the spice cake for his dessert.

I had the lime pie with banana ice cream.

Since Tattoo Man and his wife moved away from us we ended up having two yapping fishermen doctors sit next to us. Everything was ‘dude” this or “bro” that. I found it annoying. So now I have decided that no one should sit near us, ever.

I think that Tattoo Man was afraid that I would strike up a conversation and ask him about his tattoos.

What was your first tattoo?

Which is your last?

Do you have any in hidden areas?

Which was your most painful?

When did you start?

What made you thing this was a good idea?

Do you have any that you regret getting?

What do you want to get tattooed next?

How much have you spent on tattoos?

Do you have an annual budget?

Do you go to the same tattoo artist each time?

Why isn’t your chest area tattooed yet?

Do colored tattoos cost more than the black ones?

Is the woman tattooed on your belly your wife?

What does your wife feel about these topless women tattooed on your body?

Did you wife pose for the topless women tattoos? Why or why not?

Do you look at your wives non tattooed body and think she needs some tattoos?

Since I had so many questions for tattoo man I won’t ask you any.