Belize, Sunday February 17, 2019

More pretty flowers to look at. My coffee came with cream in it already. That enabled me to be even more lazy, as I didn’t have to lift the pitcher and pour cream into my coffee.

Another glass of pineapple juice. This wasn’t quite as good as yesterday’s, as it wasn’t as frozen. Still awesome though!I decided to try the scrambled eggs. I think that the fried eggs tasted a little bit better.

I wasn’t sure if I showed you the bar in the dining area. They only make the coffees here. Downstairs there is a real bar.

After breakfast I went to see if we could sign up for snorkeling on Monday as Steve is not going fishing then. We took the last two slots, good thing I signed up when I did, I sure would be unhappy if I missed out. I also checked on our flights for departing on Tuesday. We were thinking about going to see the Mayan ruins before our afternoon flight. At first I thought we were leaving at 12:30, but the receptionist thought we were on a later flight. We would only have a 40 minute connection at Belize City, much less than the 2 hours required for an international flight. The 11:30 flight was full, so I began to panic. There was a 9:30 flight, but then we would have had to wait in Belize City for a long long time. A call was made to get us on the 9:30 flight, and the concierge found out that we were already scheduled for the 11:30 flight. Phew!

In celebration of my good luck of being actually able to leave Paradise and fly home I booked a massage for Sunday afternoon.

On my way back to the room I decided to walk to the yoga pavilion. There are signs for it just further up the hill form our canopy suites. Hmm… just follow the signs. Up the hill a little farther. There it is. Looks like it is under construction. There is a nice view, but I think the view from our Canopy Suites is nicer. The floor looks nice. The floor on our veranda where i have put my mat, has slots between the wood. Pretty flowers on the way back. Here is the view of the river from just below the Canopy Suites. went down to lunch at about 11:30 as I was scheduled to have a massage at 1.

This is a view of the dining area at lunch time before all the guests arrive. Now that all our children are grown and we don’t have any grandchildren I have decided I am not crazy about little kids in the dining room. I am not sure where I want them, but I definitely don’t want them sitting next to me. I have become an uncaring individual.

I ordered a slightly sweetened ice tea. It was so dark that it looked like a cola but it was an ice tea.

I ordered the salad with fruit and grilled chicken. Today we had watermelon again. I have decided that I prefer pineapple. Who would have thought it? Next thing you know I will order pizza with pineapple on it also!

This is the downstairs bar area. They have a picture flip stand of all the fish that the anglers have caught during their stay here. I emailed the concierge Steve’s picture from yesterday. I was so excited for him to see it when he came back from his fishing trip today.

I was escorted to my massage at 1. They had a nice changing room where I could shower before my massage. I think it is a nice thing to do for the masseuse. Who wants to rub oil all over a dirty body? It’s not always possible, but when it is, I do so. Of course afterwards you are supposed to let the oils stay on your body until they are well absorbed. So then you have to walk around with a greased up body and hair all akimbo from the oils and the pulling on your scalp. Instead of going back up to our pool and room I figured I would relax by the pool.

I didn’t get much of a chance to relax as Tatoo man came by the lower pool.

He was covered with them! I showed Steve a picture later and he thought having left tattooed on the left hand was a good idea. Steve wondered about having clockwise and counter clockwise tattooed somehow as he always gets that confused.

I thought that Steve would be coming back from his fishing so I went to the bar area to sit and watch for him. As I mentioned before I was so excited to see him.

Well, I waited and waited. Finally it was almost 5 o’clock and I thought I might wade in our pool until Steve came up the tram. Instead, I found Steve in the pool! He had taken a different set of stairs to the floor where the tram was. So of course, I got mad at him, for not taking the proper staircase (meaning the staircase I thought he was going to use). He got mad at me for being mad at him. So now we are both not speaking to each other. Give us twenty years or so and we might talk to each other again.

Well we finally made up on the way down to dinner. He didn’t have to do too much groveling. I was too excited to tell him about tattoo man to stay mad at him for long.

Steve did catch anther permit today. That was two in a row! All the other anglers were quite envious of him! Today’s fish was even bigger than yesterday’s fish.

I was quite excited at dinner as Tattoo Man and his wife were sitting next to us. However they moved to a different location.

Our amuse bouche was chicken salad on a cucumber slice.

Steve had the roasted vegetable soup.

I had the shrimp seviche

For our entree Steve and I both had the snook.

Steve had the spice cake for his dessert.

I had the lime pie with banana ice cream.

Since Tattoo Man and his wife moved away from us we ended up having two yapping fishermen doctors sit next to us. Everything was ‘dude” this or “bro” that. I found it annoying. So now I have decided that no one should sit near us, ever.

I think that Tattoo Man was afraid that I would strike up a conversation and ask him about his tattoos.

What was your first tattoo?

Which is your last?

Do you have any in hidden areas?

Which was your most painful?

When did you start?

What made you thing this was a good idea?

Do you have any that you regret getting?

What do you want to get tattooed next?

How much have you spent on tattoos?

Do you have an annual budget?

Do you go to the same tattoo artist each time?

Why isn’t your chest area tattooed yet?

Do colored tattoos cost more than the black ones?

Is the woman tattooed on your belly your wife?

What does your wife feel about these topless women tattooed on your body?

Did you wife pose for the topless women tattoos? Why or why not?

Do you look at your wives non tattooed body and think she needs some tattoos?

Since I had so many questions for tattoo man I won’t ask you any.

Belize Saturday February 16, 2019

Good morning! One of the pleasures of going south during the winter is seeing flowers in bloom. I had a cup of coffee with milk and sugar again. Yesterday I actually asked for half and half. I have no idea if I got it or not. I met a guy in the grocery store once and we had quite the discussion of the merits of half and half versus light cream in your coffee. I thought there was no difference. The man insisted on light cream. No worries, Steve was in the milk aisle getting our 2% milk for cereal! I decided to go for the fried eggs and bacon. That bacon was really good, the eggs were very fresh, the color of the yolk was very vibrant. I am not sure if that means the eggs were fresh or not, but supposedly most of the food at this resort is farm to table. I asked if they had juice this morning and got fresh pineapple juice. It was a almost like a smoothie, so cold and delicious.

After breakfast I did some stretching. The Physiatrist that I go to says I have to stretch for 30 minutes each day. We are hoping that it will help my arthritis and overall body movement. I don’t need surgery, but I do have real range of motion issues. I even brought a yoga mat with me. Now that is dedication. I think that they have a yoga studio here, I may explore to find it, or may not. It was nearing lunch time, so I went back to check out our pool. That’s my gear on the chaise lunge all the way to the right. It gets shadier there first in the afternoon, so I figured I better claim it while our neighbors were off examining the Mayan ruins. Steve had mentioned yesterday that we have a lot of equipment on our roof. i think that is equipment to heat the hot water, and also for the wifi up in the canopy suites. Lunch was the green salad with chicken. Today they chef put watermelon on the salad. There was a big noisy group at lunch today. About 12 people. They were talking very loudly. I heard snippets of the conversation, San Francisco, chocolate, cereal, no fat and cancer. I hope they are not staying here.

After lunch it was back to the pool where I waited for Steve. Let’s hope he catches a fish!

Yay! Steve caught his permit. Now we can all relax.

Before dinner I asked Steve if he wanted to go on the tram with me down to the river. I asked our neighbors earlier today if they had gone on it and they said they had. She is afraid of heights, as I am so I did not want to do it by myself.

On our way to the tram I spied the cookies that I had mentioned in yesterday’s blog post. I couldn’t refuse and tried one.

It was pretty good.

Here is Steve getting in the tram.

Down we headed on the tram to the river.

There was a French couple who wanted to walk down the steps. There were a lot of steps.

Then another couple came following their friends.

We got to the bottom. I was worried that they would want to go back with us in the tram, it only holds four people and we would be six!

I asked Steve to take a picture of me as most of my pictures are of him. (Actually they are of him, food, his fish and other stuff.) I don’t trust him often with a camera. He did an alright job here. I am in the center of the picture and in focus. The clothes that I am wearing have insecticide in them. I am tying to not get bitten by bugs. Now, not only will I be rotting from the inside out with all my strange ailments, but will have my outer layer decay at the same time. Just give me another 20 years or so, that should be enough to keep me happy. By then just think how many blog followers I may have!

There was some construction going on. I think they are making a new pathway to the river. There was supposed to be a gym here, but I sure wouldn’t want to come down here and exercise.

Here we have Steve looking at the river. I am not sure what he is thinking. I just pray that he stays between the crocodiles and me. There were kayaks for those individuals who wanted to paddle around. No thank you.

One of the French guys stayed longer to get pictures. It was very pretty out. I liked the reflection in the water of the trees. Except for that smudge in the water. Do you think it was a crocodile? I didn’t stay long enough to find out. So back up the tram we went. The French people all went up the stairs. No wonder they were so slim and trim. The one lady was looking for her husband. I hope he returned, safe and sound. Deviled eggs were are amuse bouche tonight. I do like a good deviled egg. These were quite fresh, sometimes they are made hours in advance so the yolk is quite hard. These were very creamy. Steve had the green salad, which was very similar to my salad at lunch minus the chicken. No your eyes are not out of focus, it was the low light. I had the conch fritters for my starter.

Steve’s entree was the filet mignon wrapped in bacon with the fried egg on top.

I had the shrimp creole with rice. Thankfully it was not too spicy.

Steve had another glass of red wine for dessert. I had a ginger curd with coconut cookie and some kind of fruit sauce. Steve asked me what kind of fruit it was. I couldn’t remember from the menu and was too tired to ask. I liked the sauce very much. The family at the next table ordered a Happy Mama drink with their dinner. The father and the grandfather said they were going to rename it a Happy Dad. Perhaps I will have another specialty drink Sunday night before dinner.

Have you ever caught a permit?

Can you tell the difference between half and half and light cream?

Do you know the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?

Monday December 3, 2018 The Delphi Club, Abaco Bahamas

Another day and another breakfast. I love this arrangement of melons and pineapple.I decided that I would find out when low tide was and I would take a walk on the beach. The water was warm, and if I were a good swimmer I would have gone swimming. But alas, I was by myself, and I am not a strong swimmer, so instead I walked along the beach, looking for nonexistent shells. You can see how private the beach is. Only one house shares our stretch of shoreline. Then it was back up the hill, huffing and puffing as I went along. I am lazy and would rather not walk back up the hill, so I rarely go down to the beach when we stay here. I prefer to just look at it once in awhile and then continue my reading a book from the stack of romance novels that I brought with me on vacation. As everyone else was off fishing, the table was set up for just me. Ipad, book and view in hand I enjoyed my lunch. Lunch was grilled chicken, greens, vegetables and Chinese cellophane noodles. A proper size cup of cappuccino and a leftover mini banana muffin for dessert. First of the two canapés was conch fritters with a dipping sauce. This was followed by hummus on a cracker. We were served crab and pumpkin bisque as our starter. Steve and I both had the mahi mahi with vegetables. It was Jason, the chef’s night off and the breakfast cook made dinner. Dessert was Tiramisu. It was very sweet and I couldn’t finish all of it. Steve decided to hunt for permit today at Sandy Point. He saw four, but the fish did not take his fly. Permit are notoriously hard to catch. They are hard fighters and can weigh over 25 pounds! Steve caught two bonefish for the day. This is a picture of one of last years fish, that I had posted on instagram. Steve looks like a bank robber here, he is just trying to prevent sun damage.

Do you read crime novels or romance?

Do you make fruit and vegetable table decorations?

Are you on Instagram?