Off on another adventure! Wednesday February 13, 2019

It is so much fun to leave the New York Metropolitan area out of LaGuardia airport. It may be a zoo, and a very old airport, but the views over Manhattan can’t be beat! The rectangular dark area is Central Park. The very bright street is …..Broadway!

We are flying from LaGuardia to Houston, where we will spend the night. Maybe I should wait until tomorrow for you to find out where we are going. Yes, I think I shall.

Warm salted nuts, and ice water for me. Steve got his glass of white wine. He does like to drink on flights. I don’t as I normally run dehydrated, and don’t want to aggravate that. There were two choices for our entree, and they ran out of the first, some kind of salad, so I had the macaroni and cheese with grilled chicken. The chicken looks like meat loaf, but it was grilled. I don’t like spicy food, so the macaroni was a thumbs down 👎🏻 for me. The dessert was a turtle cheesecake, caramel and chocolate. Steve says that was fennel on the salad. We landed early in Houston, I got messed up on the time change. I thought we were going to land an hour earlier than we did. So I didn’t like that last hour. They had no entertainment in the seat backs, so I just read. I could have used my iPad and watched a movie, but then I would have had to bother Steve for it in the backpack that he had in the upper compartment. There was a lot of turbulence on the flight so the buckle your seat belt sign was on a lot. Yesterday there were a lot of twitter postings around bad turbulence with stuff strewn all over the cabins, so I think it was a good idea to keep our rears in our seats. I always keep my lap belt, low and tight while we fly unless I am getting up to use the facilities. There were a lot of business people in our first class section of the plane. I thought I saw red insteps on this guy’s shoes on the left. I was racing to catch up to him, to snap a picture of them. It was the first time I had seen a guy wearing Christian Louboutin shoes. Alas, he went to fast for me, and then entered the men’s room. A solid no go for me! We were going to stay at the Marriott at the airport. It took us awhile to figure out how to get there. Of course I didn’t listen to Steve, who actually paid attention to the directions we were given. We finally did find the tram and found the hotel. We were smart and had our luggage checked through to our next destination at the LaGuardia check in desk for United. I really didn’t want to lug our luggage (nice alliteration!) around the airport to the hotel, and back to the airport.

This was a particularly bad picture of Steve, he was tired, and secretly semi annoyed that I didn’t listen. However, all the pictures I took of him on the tram were this bad. Sometimes you have to suck it up and pretend to be happy so you look good for the blog. I would think he would know by now that #THEBLOGISTHEMOSTIMPORTANTTHINGINTHEWORLDSOSUCKITUPBUTTERCUP!

It was easy to follow directions to the room. The desk clerk said to go up to floor two and go down the corridor with the yellow lights. Room 2015 it was. Not a bad room. Let’s hope the a/c works, and we sleep well.

Where do you think we are going?

Are you team carry on only or do you schlep luggage?

Did you buy your Valentine a card last minute, or are you team buy ahead and then leave it at home on the kitchen island?

May 1, 2018 Pre-surgical Testing and Lunch in Manhattan

I am going through my 20,046 photos and 629 videos and thought that I would use a quick post as a good way to delete some pictures. I am still trying to figure out how I have 629 videos, but I think that might be due to accidentally having my iPhone camera setting on video instead of photo!

Anyway May 1st, Steve and I took the train to Manhattan to see Dr. Boland before the surgery to remove the myxoma in my thigh. He is a surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. When my thingamajig in my thigh was discovered in February 2017, we were able to get a second opinion with Dr. Boland. Sloan doesn’t just see anyone, we had to have pathology reports and a diagnosis first. My specialness was confirmed with the diagnosis of a myxoma-only one in a million people get them. Surprise! Once I was accepted into the Sloan system it was decided to have my surgery there instead of back home in Poughkeepsie.

After following my myxoma for over a year, Dr. Boland decided to remove it. We just had to stop traveling for a while! So after our trip to The Maldives, Argentina and Abaco, we were finally in one place long enough for me to have surgery and recover. So a date in May was picked for the surgery. I already described the Excellent Surgery Adventure in a previous post.

Pre Surgical Testing was scheduled and we met with the doctor first. We were unsure if I would actually have surgery as the last MRI showed a decrease in size of the myxoma. We were happy that Dr. Boland still wanted to do the surgery, he thought the size discrepancy could have been due to measurement error. He explained the surgery and we were off to get chest x-rays, blood draw and EKG’s. Blood draws are my favorite part. I have great veins for phlebotomists to use. Steve accuses me of suffering from veinity. Ha Ha.

After that was over we were free to go to lunch and then home. We picked Avena on E. 57th Street. We sat upstairs, the first time we were there we ate downstairs. Like most NYC restaurants it was quite small. Upstairs was nice and since it was a beautiful day we could look outside. We picked the prix fixe lunch special. Steve had the Green pea Veloute with roasted flying squid! Hmm, that sounds interesting now doesn’t it! It was a strange choice for Steve as he does not like mollusks. But he does like Green peas. Presentation was the way I like it, except this time it was a little backward. Soup first and then squid was ladled in, unlike the restaurant at The Union League where I got vegetables and then soup was poured on.

Here it is with the squid in it. Now doesn’t that just make you want to gag! Steve says the addition of the squid was not a value add at all! I was SMART and had the seasonal greens with air dried cured beef. A much more sensible choice. However as Steve has a condition where iron is stored in the body he has to limit his beef intake. A real bummer to my diet, as this means we don’t get to eat a lot of steak now. For his entree Steve had homemade Fettuccini with wild mushrooms. Just looking at the dish now, I can understand why Steve had indigestion later in the day. It looks a wee bit greasy to me. Too much truffle oil perhaps!My entree was salmon on a potato galette. Much easier to digest. Steve had two small balls of pistachio ice cream. I upgraded my dessert for an extra $4 and got the semifreddo Tangerine compote with pistachio pralines and warm meringue. It was delicious.

I don’t think we will go to the restaurant again as, the food was a little too rich for Steve. I thought it was great. As long as I gave Steve goo goo eyes 👀 and didn’t look at Steve’s choices I was fine!

Do you have good veins?

Do you think squid 🦑 are disgusting?

How much of an up charge would you pay for a dessert?