Como Maalifushi Thursday January 11, 2018 Linda’s Adventures

After kissing Steve goodbye and good luck fishing, I decided to return to the room and finish up my postings on Gili Lankanfushi. You must realize that these posts take almost forever and a day to complete, but I must entertain my fandom. All 28 followers not including you lurkers, you!

Here are the male and female wash rooms outside the restaurant. The stick figures on the door were a a little bit easier to interpret than those at Gili Lankanfushi. I accidentally walked in to the men’s room.

Here we have the men’s room at Gili Lankanfushi! The urinal was my first clue I was somewhere I didn’t belong. It must be quite soothing to pee here. I am sure some people would be afraid to use it, thinking that it was in fact an object d’art!

I am a big fan of investigating men’s rest rooms. We stayed one night at a hotel in California near the Hearst Estate. Check out the rooms that you can stay in! Every room was different, one room had a jungle theme, another a cave for those channeling their Cro Magnon side, one room had a long and short bed side by side! The men’s bath room in the restaurant was a waterfall going the length of the room. Now this was over 35 years ago, when it was highly unusual to see anything other than a urinal.

When we stayed in the Hermitage in Nashville I sneaked a peak in the men’s room there. It had these high chairs where you could get a shoe shine while you were there!

Look! I found the picture! Not easy when you have over 15,000 pictures in your photo stream! But my memory for trivial details such as this is extreme, and I could find the picture in under two minutes! You go Linda!

Back to the tour of the grounds. This is where the pizzas are made at lunch. I didn’t try them, as I only had lunch one day, and it wasn’t pizza! I’m not traveling all this distance to eat pizza!

Here we have the last couple to eat breakfast, making goo goo eyes at each other. Perhaps they are on their honeymoon!

This is a view of the bar, it looks really nice. Doubtful that I will go there. I just don’t do bars.

Well maybe I will eat lunch here. Steve is off fishing, I might as well enjoy something to eat, I know that Steve’s guide arranged a lunch for him.

Bread sticks, and focaccia, oil with vinegar, butter an caponata. I tried all three toppings.

I ordered my first iced tea of the trip. Ordinarily I drink iced tea with lemonade every day. They brought me a little carafe of liquid sugar.

Now that is a serious burger with fries. I had to deconstruct it to eat it. It was wagyu beef, done medium rare, and the fries were as good as they look! Hmm, seems I will travel a long way for a good burger!

After lunch I went back to the room to read, and do more blogging as I was seriously behind. I had a lot of typos on my postings prior to those published yesterday as I was eager to send them out. Steve was fishing and wasn’t available to correct my mistakes or to prevent me from posting something that could get me in trouble. However, after sitting me down, and explaining that I need to do my best and publish Pulitzer Prize winning blog posts, I must not be in such a hurry to push send. Unlike the bozo in Hawaii who pushed a button he shouldn’t have, I have patience now and wait for Steve to approve.

Speaking of Steve, did he catch any fish?

How about this fish? A yellow spotted Trevally.

This fish is called a honeycomb grouper. It was my favorite fish to see when we were snorkeling at Gili Lankanfushi.

This monster is a bluefin trevally. It was a tremendous fish, probably 11-12 pounds, and the best one caught at by a guest. That doesn’t mean much as there hasn’t been much fishing done here yet! This is the only resort in the Maldives that offers fishing. We were lucky to find it, and God Bless our travel agent Lindsey Wallace at

That’s it for Thursday afternoon.

By the way, any links I post are done without any monetary return. Steve and I pay for all of our travel expenses.

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Como Maalifushi Thursday January 11, 2018 Breakfast!

Now that I finally gave you the view of our villa, it’s time to explore Como Maalifushi.

Of course we need to start our day with a meal, so let’s head to Madi, the main restaurant. There is a Japanese Restaurant, Tai that is across from our villa. Madi, and the bar which also serves lunches is in the main section of the resort.

Here you can see the layout of the property. This map also doubles as the evacuation and emergency map. Although if a tsunami hits, heaven help you! Our villa is number 301, located on the jetty on the lower left. 301-312 are the smaller water villas. 313-320 have a slightly larger layout. 111-124 are the smallest beach villas, I am not sure if they are a little smaller than our unit or not. 201-209 are the larger beach villas, they face the interior of the atoll. Remember that our side faces the Indian Ocean. The big spenders stay in the 400 series. Please, may I see the day when I can get a group of friends to join me in unit 406 (which appears to delightful that they have two of the same unit and number. Heaven help the person who wanders into the wrong unit after a long evening imbibing!) It appears that 101-110 have the stinkiest views. It appears that these units don’t have the plunge pools and canopies. Now if you are going to spend all the money to fly out here, and spend the tremendous bill to stay here you might as well go whole hog and spring for the units with at least a plunge pool! Now that I look at the map a little better, units 101-110 may house some of the managers.

Ah Ha! I see Steve at breakfast looking at this cell phone. Now just last night at dinner he accused me of being on my cell phone too much, checking to see how many likes and new followers that I have!

Like Gili Lankanfushi breakfast was buffet also. Steve and I have become quite the prima donnas now regarding chocolate croissants. We prefer the flatter ones that Gili Lankanfushi had. Every day there would be a different type of donut. Steve tried a couple. I was good and showed extreme restraint by only trying a danish and one of the ever changing breakfast breads each day. Insert smiley face here!

Every day there would be a different fruit in the big bowl. The canisters on the right had dried cereal, nuts, apricots and other toppings. We had a difficult time interpreting the markings on the milk bottles. F was whole milk, and I think one dot means skim. I thought F was fat free, so it seems I have failed the breakfast interpretation test.

There was a big display of cut fruit. I missed the fruit chef from Gili and the ever changing lessons provided by playing the what kind of fruit is this ? game.

The cheese and meat display changed daily also.

For those who like yogurt in the morning, you have many choices.

The selection of juices rotated also, although there was always fresh orange juice.

I attempted to be really healthy the first morning and tried the green clean. It tasted just like you thought it would. However, it was surprisingly tasty! Not enough that we are going to buy a juice machine from Amazon when we get back home!

We started each morning of our stay here with a steaming cup of Cappuccino. Usually we would have two.

Still remembering the blueberry pancakes that I didn’t order on our way over when we flew on Qatar Airlines, I ordered the. blueberry pancakes. They were a little too heavy for my taste, but I give them an A+ for presentation!

I had actually requested one blueberry pancake, one scrambled egg , bacon and a rosti, but ended up with all of this food! Pancakes and a full English breakfast! I think that the chef only lets the plates come out of the kitchen a certain way. No half orders allowed!

I guess I didn’t care what Steve ate, and didn’t take a picture of it for you. Oh well! It seems that I also didn’t take any pictures of our first night’s dinner here. That’s because it was so dark out that the pictures didn’t come out.

Steve is sitting by the pool, thinking about his first day out fishing with his guide Craig. I’m busy taking different pool side camera shots. I think we ate breakfast every morning at that table or the one next to it.

Here you can see all the lounge beds by the beach. Spaced by twos, they were quite romantic. For large groups they would have six or eight in a row. Every day an attendant would put covers on the beds, and rolled towels facing just so.

If you wanted to you could sit in the interior of the restaurant. We preferred to sit outside. It never rained during a meal. There were ceiling fans under the thatched roofs. We just preferred to eat outside. There was rarely a bug to be seen.

More views of the pool.

It was time to kiss Steve good bye for his fishing excursion.. I bid him adieu and good luck. If he didn’t catch a fish this would be a very expensive attempt for him to continue his streak of a fish every month since March 2016!

Will he catch a fish? Will I explore and make new friends? Will I enjoy my canopy? Stay tuned my friends.

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Como Maalisfushi Wednesday January 10, 2018 We finally see the Water Villa Interior

I have made you wait long enough, and it’s time to go inside our water villa.

We arrived after sunset, and this was the romantic view of the interior of our room. You can see the outside shower in the background of the picture. Here we also had the four poster bed with decorative mosquito net style draping like in Gili Lankanfushi.

Here we see the room in the daylight. A very clean, modern look. Nice wood walls, a bench at the foot of the bed where you can tie your shoes (if you were to put any one during your stay). In the box was Steve’s laundry. What a pretty presentation! There were goose neck laps with a high intensity light, that way you won’t annoy your partner, if you are a late evening reader. Outlets were conveniently placed on the walls by the end tables. No need for long extension cords, or plugs not fitting into floor sockets like some places we have been to. Persnickety person that I am, I found nothing to complain about.

The bathroom was more than good sized. You could have put another bed there! A deep soaking tub with bath salts provided. Twin vanities across from each other, not side by side; so you would get annoyed at how messy your partner was with stuff strewn all over the place. The room always had a tremendous number of towels available. On the floor you can see a scale. It was in kilos, so I can’t tell how much weight I have gained.

The last vanity view was of Steve’s. This is my mess. You can see I come prepared with my own emergency medical kit. Have I ever used the band aides, ace wrap or sewing kit? Never. I am lucky that Steve didn’t see this when did our final purge of unnecessary items in our luggage! Water bottles were left by staff on the vanity also. The water was safe to use for brushing your teeth, although it was recommended to drink the bottled water. To the right of the vanity is the dresser with lighted makeup mirrors. We used the area as another flat surface to hold my purse, sunglasses and other detritus.

Look what a good job we did covering up almost all available space with our stuff! I even managed to hang my pants on the chair!

A great view of the soaking tub. I’m not sure how deep it was as I haven’t taken a bath yet. As it is now really Monday and not Wednesday, and we leave Wednesday afternoon perhaps I shall try it out tonight. I sure have a lot of catch up to do for you!We’ll find out if there are bath crystals or bath bubbles supplied. Now to see if I can find a model to pose in the tub for me!

Here you see the shower on the left and the toilet on the right. I can’t tell you how long it took me to figure out that the doors swing both ways, and the bath mat won’t get stuck in the door if you swing the door toward you in the shower. I’m not quite as smart as I think I am after all!

Here we see Steve starting to put away his clothes in the closet. You have to be quick to take pictures before he starts unpacking!

Now we are all unpacked! Can you determine whose sides is whose? Hint, I wear the dresses in the family!

The shower had a rain forest head and a spray attachment. I’m not one for spray attachments, as I am a bit clumsy and might accidentally raise the sea levels, by getting water all over the place. The shower had a great ledge in it where Steve could lay his glasses when he took a shower. He is the only one I know who wears his glasses in the shower. My attitude is that you know what parts are dirty, and where to clean them, and how to do so. When we stayed at the Broadmoor I tried their steam shower with many shower heads. It was delightful

Here is the outdoor shower, all lit up at night. We tried it during the day time but couldn’t quite figure out which handle was for the hot water.

Our very own private cabana lit up at night! I really was besides myself at this point quivering with excitement! Imagine, our very own private cabana that I don’t have to share with anyone but Steve! Heaven!

Plus our very own plunge pool! No, it doesn’t quite get any better than this! We even had two lounge chairs to lay about on if we wanted to sun ourselves!

You wanted a day time view also, didn’t you? In the background you see the spa area. Treatment rooms were in the little villas. Of course Steve and I had treatments. Wait until you see the treatment rooms!

Now for the day time view of the plunge pool. Sorry about the finger on the lower left.

This is the view from the cabana. It seems my fingers keep getting in the way! Our room faced the exterior of the atoll, you could see the waves from the ocean crashing into the outer atoll. As Steve says, the Indian Ocean, next stop Indonesia! Unlike Gili Lankanfushi, there wasn’t too much coral outside our villa. There was an increase in the ocean temperatures a few years ago that killed a lot of the coral. It has been growing back, so there is still beautiful water to explore for you scuba and snorkel enthusiasts! Come visit the Maldives! You won’t be disappointed!

No chocolates on the pillow, but sweet dreams anyway.

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Como Maalifushi, January 10, 2018 Room Tour Continues, possibly!

I am back from the beach, and ready to continue the tour. I had approached a beach attendant for water, telling him I would be sitting pool side and would like some water. After waiting twenty minutes I eventually did get a glass of water from the pool shack myself. It was deserted, as the pool boy continued to be missing in action. However when I got up to leave to meet Steve, the attendant was sitting in the shack. I nodded, gave him a smile and departed from my table. This was our only staff slip up here, I surmise that the first attendant didn’t speak English. I think some of the staff doesn’t understand English, and only smile when you ask them something.

So to drag out the suspense a little longer of what does the bed look like?, and what is a plunge pool? I give you the front landing. Here we are, unit 301, the first of the villas off of our jetty.

This is the view of our jetty, from the apogee of our oval. What a fancy word! Did you know what it meant with out looking it up? Of course you did, all my readers are smart! Our villa is the building at the one o’clock position. The Japanese Restaurant Tai is at the almost twelve o’clock position. The coral garden lies in between. You are only supposed to snorkel there during high tide. Unfortunately high tide has been at inconvenient times, and we haven’t gone. Part of the reason also, is that Steve has been fishing and I won’t snorkel by myself.

Here is another view of the restaurant. In the area with the vertical windows is the Sushi area. Will I hang out there at the Sushi bar? You have got to be kidding me! Although I secretly did want to watch the chef in action. Maybe I’ll just look up some videos on You Tube when I get home. I’m a bit uncomfortable telling the chef, I don’t want to eat, I just want to watch.

Back to our villa, here is just inside the front gate. There are umbrellas there, not for rain, but to keep the sun off you. We haven’t used them yet, preferring to wear hats. Here are the bikes that are provided for all the guests. When we stayed at Gili Lankanfushi I fell off my bike and landed in the bushes. I found it really hard to peddle the old clunkers, and steering on the sand was difficult going around curves. Which is what happened to me. I was going a good clip as instructed by Steve. Once we got off the jetty there was a sharp turn to the right. Steve was far behind me and missed my fall. As he was riding by me, I yelled “Steve!” He was shocked to see me in the bushes, as I had left him in the dust. So I had enough of the bicycles in Gili!

Having seen tricycles at Gili, I figured Como had them also. Voila, we were given a tricycle for me, and a bicycle for Steve who says real men don’t ride tricycles. We attempted this method of transportation, but as I started veering off towards the edge of the jetty and into the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea I put the kabosh on it and told Steve “Buggies only!” Now the buggies are actually golf carts. They have three rows, and the third faces backwards. I found the third row to be the best, although I don’t like looking backwards, but there is more leg room that way.

Now to drag it out even longer, here is a view of the pool equipment and pump area.

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Como Maalifushi Wednesday January 10, 2018

I left you yesterday somewhere over the Indian Ocean hading toward the Thaa atoll, where Como Maalifushi is located.

We flew over a resort that was under construction, just before we landed. Here you see all the over water villas along a jetty. It appears that these villas will have plunge pools also! The black areas in the water are coral reefs in shallow water. In the distance you can see the barrier atoll where the deep water crashes into the reef.

It looks like there is construction going on here also. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find out what was being built, or what the new resort was going to be named. Am I expected to know everything?

We finally landed, next to a floating dock. You can tell that this gentleman is not the pilot as he is wearing sandals!

Here is the approaching ferry to take us to Como Maalifushi. Did you think they would leave us bobbing on a float the rest of our lives?

We were greeted at the landing dock by the heads of all the departments. The staff knew the names of all of the arriving guests. I think they had cheat sheets, and each head was assigned a family to greet by name. We were met by Steve’s fishing guide, Craig. We have a good friend who is from South Africa, and his name is Greg. I think that white males from South Africa only have a choice of two names, Craig or Greg. Steve, however thinks Craig really looks like a Trevor, which is really messed up if you ask me! Steve and Craig discussed the upcoming day’s fishing and then we were escorted into our buggy by a driver and driven around the grounds. We finally arrived at our villa. Our first day we had arrived late, and my pictures were a bit dark. The pictures from this post are from the next day.

Como Maalifushi has a choice of beach villas, and over water villas. I believe all of the units have plunge pools. Some of the villas have a little bit larger living room. The two bedroom villas, are basically two villas connected. We didn’t get a chance to look at the beach villas, they are supposed to be more private as they are not attached. Steve and I thought that they might be a little more hot, as they are surrounded by trees and they might not get much of a breeze. I asked a staff member about this and he told me they were quite breezy. I’m not sure if there was a communication error there, as I can’t see how the villas would catch a breeze, nestled in the trees. Let’s go into our villa, shall we? I have skipped over the front door and entryway as I am currently sitting on the beach; not enjoying a mai tai as the pool and towel attendant is elsewhere. I did not take the picture of the front door and for that I profusely apologize. Perhaps later. Anyway, here is the living room. There are two chairs, and a table to drop your stuff off on.There should alway be one designated shit collector area in every house. Unfortunately, like most people we have a tendency to leave stuff on every horizontal surface! Every evening the room attendant would leave on the table a sheet detailing the next days activities. The hanging light over the table was hung at such a hight that every time I got up from sitting there I would hit my head. Swine light fixture! There is a lovely sofa in which I sat for two minutes to try it out. Very comfy. A huge flat screen tv complete with Bose sound system completed the entertainment area.

There was an adapter supplied in case you forgot to buy one at Target before you left home. No usb cords, but I am sure that you could get one if you asked. My key pad seems fully charged now, so I won’t need to borrow a usb cord. It seems that my keypad was not fully charged before we left home , although the literature with the device said that it was shipped fully charged.

Enough about adapters, and key pad you say, show us more of the room!

Here I show you the outside of the credenza. We were supplied with bottled water each day. They were free in the room, if you wanted water at your meals, there was a slight charge. The price for still water was $3 and $5 for sparkling water. A name brand was higher. What’s inside the credenza you ask?

On the right side was a coffee maker, electric kettle and various teas. This coffee maker was so easy, even Steve could use it!

In the middle was the mini bar, supplied with all sorts of expensive goodies. That bottle of Corona looks really good right now, and where is that beach attendant when you want him?

I don’t seem to have a picture of the door on the left, it must have held beverage glasses. We were given a plate of fruit, which rotated daily. I don’t know what the fruits that look like pears are. I’ll have to sample them before we leave. Until now I have only eaten the grapes. Which of course you can tell as there aren’t any grapes in the picture!

Here is another angle of our room, looking toward the sofa and television. It appears that we have a bucket of champagne in melted water. Hmm, the management must have left us some bubbly before we went to bed our first night, and clueless couple that we are,we didn’t notice it! Perhaps we can bring it to dinner and have staff exchange it for a chilled bottle!

It’s a bottle of Tattinger, we don’t want to waste that!

That’s enough for now, I have gone in search of the pool/beach attendant for ice water. Back home, you are likely sipping a hot tea or coffee while I am bedraggled and spritzing.

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Goodbye Gili Lankanfushi, Hello Airport? Wednesday January 10, 2018

Well I seemed to have screwed up my days a little. Originally my last post said that it was Tuesday when it was actually Wednesday morning. I straightened that all up and we are now good to go.

The management team led by David Stepetic gave us a warm good bye from the dock. David had worked at a number of great resorts and runs a top notch organization. We were impressed with the beauty of Gili, the quality of the food, and the wonderful villas. To top it off there was the wonderful staff, whose aim was to please the guest. The fancy boat there is for people who wanted to go on a fancy boat ride.

As we were the only guests on the boat we got those great seats with a view of everything. We saw lots of boats on our way to Male, many of them were these big cargo ships. The Maldives has almost everything brought to it, which is why everything is so expensive. These cargo ships have their own cranes on them. Smaller ships come up to them, and cargo is unloaded on to them and then brought to port. Some of the workers never get to land, they can be on the boat for a year! Definitely not the life for me.

After about twenty minutes we reached the dock at the airport and are luggage was hoisted on to dry land. We were a little nervous about if we were going to be met at the airport by someone who would escort us to the proper area for our flight to Como Maalifushi.

Yay! We did have an escort who loaded our bags unto a cart and brought us into the terminal.

It was fun to look at all the ferries that were taking people to Male and to other islands. It appears that a bridge is being built linking the airport to the mainland.

Here is Steve posing in front of the Maldavian Sea Plane counter. Our passports were entered into the system and we waited. While Steve waited, have you ever seen him so relaxed in your life? Go to the Maldives, after only four nights and two massages you can look like this also!

While Steve waited, I explored. I love seeing different stuff that people ship. I actually stepped into the Phamacy that I had my picture taken in front of. I had to see if I could actually consider it a grocery store. You do remember that Steve fishes on trips, and I visit grocery stores don’t you? It was a hard call to make, they had a lot of water, baby wipes, and medicine but no regular food. I looked especially hard for cookies or crackers, but couldn’t fine any.Since it was a pharmacy it did have pills that one ingests. So I decided that it would count as a grocery store, although it was definitely not a supermarket.

After our papers were processed we entered a shuttle to another terminal where there was a Como Hotels Lounge. In this building there were lounges for all the resorts serviced by Maldavian Seaplames. Four Seaasons? You wait in this room. Como Maalifushi? You wait in this room. There was a problem in that one scheduled departure of 3:30 was not going to be met as there were mechanicals and only two planes were in operation. They told us that we would definitely make the last plane of the day that was scheduled to leave at 4:30. We waited and waited. I thought that I had taken a a few pictures of the lounge, but i can’t find them. They had coffee, soda, cookies, yummy brownies and potato chips. We were a little bit nervous to hear about the mechanical, but what were we going to do?

This is a view of the Seaplanes. Finally we were called, our flight was going to depart. By this time I think it was after 5:00.

Here we are patiently waiting for our flight. Steve looks a little worried, doesn’t he?

Down the gangplank and towards our plane. Maldavian SeaPlanes are known for their barefoot pilots. I bet that you did not know that.

The plane was pretty tiny. There was not much leg room.

We were given ear plugs.

As we were so close to the Equator I was trying to get a screen shot of 0 degree Latitude, but we were too far north. The Maldives is Just above the equator. Now look at that elevation reading. Did we make it to Como Maalifushi? Did we drown? No, of course not as you are reading the blog, but I thought this was an amusing way to end the post.

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Gili Lankanfushi, Wednesday January 10, 2018 Our last day at Gili

Now that it is our last day at Gili, it is time you learn a little history and about the geography of The Maldives. We are located in the Indian Ocean, in the Arabian Sea. The Maldives is located southwest of India and Sri Lanka. There are about 26 double atolls comprised of almost 1200 islands, 200 of the islands have been leased to tourism. The territory is about 115 squares miles, it is the smallest Asian country measured by size and population which is around 400,000. Fisheries and tourism are the main industries.

Male where the Main airport is located is the Capital. It is the lowest country in the world, with the highest natural point being only at about 8 feet above sea level! It is though that the first inhabitants arrived in the 5th century. The Maldives is 100% Muslim. During out stay here at Gili Lankanfushi we could often hear the call to prayer.

On our way to breakfast we saw this ray off of our jetty. We thought he was going to bury himself in the sand. Of course since i was videotaping he divided to just flap. So we left him to his life and went off to breakfast.

I had another shot of the morning starter, a pineapple orange combination. I also tried the healthy green juice drink. I can’t tell you how much stronger, vibrant and alert i am. Ha, Ha, just kidding! I’m the same old Linda.More fruits form the fruit bar. The little white balls were quite interesting. The hairy one was different from the one that looked like fish eyes. They were both very wet, and the hairy one was a little more opaque appearance than the three to the left. It was also larger when removed from the shell All were delicious. There is that beautiful dragon fruit again, on the lower right. It looks like a purple kiwi! There is also a pineapple tart on the upper part of the. picture, but we are just going to ignore that piece of heaven. Too many calories to think about.

Steve was feeling a little sluggish from all our relaxation and insisted that we hit the gym. The view from the exercise bike was delightful, but it was a little too warm for me. I adjusted the air conditioning, but I was still a little too warm for comfort. Plus the bike was not a recumbent one, so I was eager to quit after twenty minutes of cardio. I decided to try the Pilates Reformer that was in the gym. There was an instructional DVD going on, and it was a lot of fun to try to imitate the sleek and limber model. Later that day my groin was killing me, I think I went at it a little too vigorously.

We returned to our villa, finished packing, called our Ms Friday Shazu to pick us up. We got a picture of her with her buggy in front of our villa. You were wondering what our wonderful Shazu looked like, weren’t you?

We had a lovely lunch of Chicken Caesar Salad with another beer, and waited to be picked up to be brought to Male for our afternoon flight to Como Maalifushi.

You might have been wondering about the guest make up at the resort. When we talked to our travel agent I had mentioned that I loved to stay at small resorts, and meet the other guests. He had told me that would be an unlikely occurrence. He was correct. The majority of the guests stay to themselves. You can tell the guests that are Americans as they are always friendly! I did manage to meet a lovely couple from Texas on their honeymoon, and we exchanged Instagram account names. So now I have a new friend to see again! At Gili there were honeymooners, families with toddler children, families with older children and older couples like us. Some of the guests were from England, Germany and also Russia. I chatted up the Russian couple at breakfast. He had been coming to the US for vacation for over 30 years. This was the first year that he couldn’t get a visa. So instead of spending his money in LA and NYC, he was at Gili. I asked him what he thought about Trump. He was hard to understand with his accent. So I am not sure what the average wealthy Russian thinks of him.

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Gili Lankanfushi Tuesday January 9, 2018 Out and About

Good morning! Another day in paradise and another juice shot to wake up with. This one was orange and pineapple.

Today I decided to have waffles with fruit for breakfast. Not to mention the whipped cream, bananas, strawberries, blueberries and raspberry sauce. Why diet while on vacation?

Steve had a tasty omelette. He is not into fruits, I am. Well, they do say that a marriage made of opposites makes a happier marriage!

I’m not sure what we did on Tuesday but lets take a tour of the grounds. Here is the outdoor cinema. Last night a couple had dinner and a movie. You can arrange this also if you choose to stay her. (I don’t get any credit for the links in my blog. Maybe some day I will be a paid travel influencer, but not yet!)

There was great signage everywhere.

Speaking of yoga, here is a view of the outdoor pavilion where yoga classes were held.

This is a view of the gift shop. No, I didn’t buy a bikini.

Anyone up for a game of pool? That could be done here also. Don’t they think of everything?

Lets go climb the 360 to enjoy the view. It doesn’t look too high for me to climb.

The view wasn’t much better here, in fact it was probably worse than the view from the ground as seen here.

What’s funny is that when I first saw this picture in my photo roll, I though it was from Como Maalifushi where we are staying now. The resorts all have dhoni boats that you can take a sunset cruise on. In the distance you see One Palm Island, thats where we went group snorkeling near. If you wanted to you could have a private dinner here also. One Palm Island is a different island than Two Palm Island. I am not sure if there was a No Palm Island, Ha Ha!

Besides the wooden directional signs there were Evacuation Maps also. Chances of Tsunami’s are rare, as the country of India blocks most of the deviating tsunami’s that might occur, but you never know.

This is the lovely table and chairs that were set up on the 360 platform. This was another great spot for a private dinner.

This is the beautiful vegetable garden on property. I loved the fresh green lettuces.

Back down on solid ground we go by the By The Sea Restaurant again.

Here is a lovely lounge chair to sit in and enjoy the view of the ocean and a sunset. Or perhaps you had too much at dinner, and need to take a rest?

I know, let’s try to hang out at the pool for a while. Past the Main Restaurant we go.

Shucks, some one is under the cabana. Looks like we’ll have to sit in the shade. Well, that can be arranged.

Steve and I are too old to do hammocks. Those are for young people, who can easily get out of them. Seeing the hammocks brought back fond memories of when Steve used to lie in the hammock with the kids on a weekend. Not much reading was down, but there was some tickling and napping.

Perhaps we should have some lunch al fresco, if it can be arranged. Yes, lets share a chicken Caesar salad with a beer!

Hey, why don’t we go for another massage? Yes, lets do.

Ah, the relaxing massage with the view of the coral and fish. Did you see the one with the yellow tail?

Now it is the time for our last night’s dinner. It was an Asian Buffet. We had a beautiful salad to start, where you could choose your own greens.

Followed by lots of beautiful breads.

They had many stations at the buffet. There were lots of preplated dishes.

Lots of stuff to eat that I didn’t know what it was. The lighting for photos was bad, so I can’t show you the soup, grill or stir fry stations. The dessert station was equally lovely, with lots of fresh fruit, tarts, and mousses.

That’s it for our last night at Gili Lankanfushi. Tomorrow we head to Como Maalifushi.

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Gili Lankanfushi January 8, 2018 It’s Monday!

Time to get up and start our day! Looking at the Instagram postings for Gili Lankanfushi I found this picture…

Whoa! What a beautiful pool! I didn’t recall seeing it anyway on property and thought I would ask one of the servers at breakfast how I could find it!

After my fortifying juice shooter, I inquired.

Well Madame, I am sorry to but that will not be possible.

How so? Please break it to me gently. Yes, I am sitting down now, you can tell me.

“Perhaps you might like to see if you Rosti and two egg mozzarella, mushroom, spring onion and pepper omelette is to your satisfaction first. ”

It’s “varah Meeru’, very tasty. The picture is from the Residence, and it is fully booked! Oh well.

I guess I will just have to satisfy myself with some of the fruit from the buffet.

The fruit was just so pretty that I couldn’t stay disappointed for long.

Maybe I’ll just have some more fruit from the fruit chef and go on with my day.

Look, things are looking up, Steve saw the lounger under pool canopy was empty, and we could sit there for a spell!

Now how do you say, “I am so happy?’

I could sit here and look at the boats, listen to the bubbler all day long!

Would Mr. and Mrs. Lant like a towel, some ice water, sun lotion and two bread sticks while you enjoy the shade and the view? But of course, we would!

Alas, all good things come to and end and it was time for use to get our snorkeling briefing by the resident Marine Biologist. No pictures of the pretty fish again, but we did see several different species and we even saw an octopus! There were three others with us on our expedition; the tennis instructor and two guys. I asked them where they were from. Guest C said Columbia, and Guest E said England. “Where did you meet I inquired? ” ‘Ibiza!”

Of course I asked them if they knew Gary Goldsmith the uncle of the Dutchess of Doolittle. Will and Kate had vacationed there several times. The house has been nicknamed “Chateau Bang-Bang”! Alas, they knew nothing of what I was talking about, and you probably don’t either. Guest E took some pictures of Steve and I snorkeling, but we never met up with them again. So the cute pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Lant are probably deleted.

We headed back to the Over Water Bar for lunch. There was a very interesting cocktail on the menu board. What are the odds that I would order one?

It was called the Kaashi Cocktail. Fresh coconut water, rum, Midori, Amaretto and pineapple juice. Yummy!

We had more delicious bread.

I ordered a pizza, with ground beef, mushroom and pepper.

Steve had some kind of stir fry.

Of course when we left the Over Water Bar (which I seem to have been incorrectly calling Over the Sea, or Over The Water Bar), my hat flew off and Steve had to rescue it for me! My Hero!

While we were snorkeling my favorite spot at the pool was taken. We were never able to claim it again unfortunately, as a new family of lounge hogs took over. They left their gear there even when they were lounging in the sun on different loungers and while they were at lunch! I was very disturbed, but Steve remarked that the didn’t find the low cushions under the canopy that comfortable. I ended up calming down eventually the more that I studied the family. The father was in his 60’s, the wife was in her 40’s and extremely scrawny, there was a young boy we thought was six, who the older gentleman was extremely affectionate toward, and then there was a 40 year old man who might have been the older man’s son from his first wife. We have seen that type of family on a number of our trips. I never quite figure out who the lady belongs to. However as she rarely sits near the younger man, I have decided that she is with the older guy. Anyway, that is my intrigue for the day. I never did find out who they were, who was with whom and where they were staying. I deduced that they weren’t at The Residence as the little boy would likely want to be in that pool and on the slide every day.

No more about Monday, we had more caviar at dinner on Steve’s tuna tartare, and we had chocolate with raspberry sorbet for dessert. What can be better than that?

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Gili Lankanfushi Sunday January 7, 2018 Lunch, some snorkeling and Dinner.

It’s about time I post a map of the resort. In a later posting I will give a little history of the Maldives.

We were staying in GVS30 which was off of Jetty 2. We had both sunrise and sunset views. The resort is very convenient to the airport, it was only about a 20 minute boat shuttle. I think if you wanted to take a shuttle in to Male you could, but why would you when you were surrounded by beautiful white beaches? The only draw back we could find at the resort, was that since we were near the airport you hear planes through out the day. It wasn’t offensive, but you knew you weren’t too far from civilization. This was high season, and one night we did hear the music from the resort across the way from us. It didn’t bother me, but Steve did have problems sleeping that night. We later found out the it was considered the Russian New year, and those oligarchs on vacation like to PARTY!

We went to the Over the Sea restaurant for lunch. We were given our cold towels, and then a juice shot. It was quite refreshing. Since Steve only drinks orange juice, I got to have both drinks. You can probably tell that this one was watermelon based.

For lunch we went to the salad bar. Having a green salad with a little egg and chunks of ham is always a delicious lunch. Steve had the salad bar also.

I actually had a drink at lunch. It was a Curaçao and Midori based drink. You know how I like my fruity Martinis, so I really enjoyed this!

We hung out at the pool for a bit after lunch and then…

We went snorkeling! Here I am in my full face snorkel mask. This is definitely the type of mask to get. You can breathe normally, and wear your contacts. I did get a little water in my mask, but that’s because I was so excited to snorkel that I didn’t adjust my mask properly. We learned about these masks from those people I hated in the Galapagos who were the cushion and table hogs. They were big scuba divers, and donned these masks when our boat trip stopped for snorkeling time. I had never snorkeled before and found it quite easy. We went right off our dock to explore the coral beds in our lagoon. We saw lots of pretty fish. No pictures as we didn’t bring an underwater camera or the GoPro. We also didn’t trust the water proof cell phone bags that came with the mask. You can get the masks from Amazon for about $79 each. The masks had a bright orange snorkel, so it was easy for me to see where Steve was when i lifted my head up and vice versa.

Here is another calming sunset form our Villa.

For dinner we went to the Japanese Restaurant. After more cooling towels and a juice shooter we were ready to enjoy our dinner. We started with salted Endame, they were so good!

This was the amuse bouche. Fresh seared tuna.

I had the tempura as part of the chefs tasting menu.

Steve had some beef that was quite rare and very good.

Then I had some fish, shrimp, and sushi. The fish on the bottom had rice underneath. I think that was called Nigori, usually the fish is raw, but they cooked it for me. It was very difficult to eat, I ended up using my fingers.

Steve ordered soup. He really loves soup, and would eat it at every meal if he could.

For my main I had some kind of meat pancake. It was very strange.

Steve’s main was fish. It was not strange and very tasty. I think it was on risotto. The little balls were caviar, that I got to eat, as Steve would rather the fish eggs grow up to be fish, and not caviar.

At every table there was a little Zen Garden to play with.

Here is Steve’s fine design.

These were the chopstick holders. Steve appropriately got the fish, and I got the star. Now how appropriate was that!

Dessert was another yummy chocolate treat. That plate was cleaned! Steve and I joked during dinner that we saved our selves a lot of money on this trip. I decided that I wasn’t crazy about Japanese food, and a trip to Japan (which was on our travel list) was probably not going to happen now. So we saved all that money we would have spent going to Japan!

I forgot to mention that Steve had a different glass of sake with each of his courses. Fabrice, the sommelier came over to give a detailed description of each type. My eyes glazed over during the first description, but Steve looked remarkably attentive throughout the evening. He might just be a better actor than I am!

I leave you with a little video of my dinner. No, it wasn’t live, but with the overhead fan it sure looked like I was eating something that was not quite dead yet!