Copal Tree Loge, Punta Gorda Belize. Monday, January 6, 2020

Coffee and fresh watermelon juice over ice. What a great way to start my day!

Steve of course was out fishing with Victor, his guide. Yesterday Steve has absolutely no action whatsoever. That means he was skunked. Did you know that there are skunks in Belize? Well, now you do. I doubt we will see any. What we have heard are the howler monkeys.

Breakfast was two eggs over medium with bacon and home fries.

I also got to watch the hummingbirds again.

Then it was pool side to read, play FreeCell and work on the blog. My biggest difficulty for the day will likely be to hoist myself out of the lounge chair!

Since today will likely be a not much to report day unless Steve catches some fish and I can post pictures of said fish, I will show you the villa that we are staying in. This is the outside.

The front door, with the door number that I told you about last night. I will not admit that I was drunk and was confused as I was not drunk. I definitely was confused!

As you enter the room you see that we have two queen size beds. The rooms with king size beds were sold out. As were the jungle canopy suites that we stayed in last year. Can you tell that I am slightly miffed that we didn’t get to stay in what I call the penthouse area? One good thing about not being in the jungle canopy suites is that we are now closer to the action. If we forget something we can easily bounce into the room and then back out again quickly.

There was a small desk with a kettle to make coffee if you didn’t want to wait for your morning dose of caffeine. Out the sliding doors is the screened in porch.

The bathroom was a nice size. I am standing in the shower. The toilet is just through the door behind the towels.

The shower was seriously big enough to hold a party in! Needless to say we did not do so. Although we could have!

The jungle lays beyond. No worries, the only ones that could look in were howler monkeys and spiders!

I heard some whacking while I was lazing about at the pool. One of the gardeners was working on making a trellis. That is some machete!

Speaking of howler monkeys, here is a short video from yesterday morning.

Lunch was Mayan Spice Shrimp Salad.

I asked if there was anything sweet for dessert. I was hoping for the key lime pie but they were all out. Instead I had the pecan pie. It needed whipped cream. But doesn’t everything taste better with whipped cream?

I went back to the room to read and then do my yoga stretches.

Steve came back around 4 with more news of no fish. Victor told Steve that they would try for tarpon and snook instead of permit on Tuesday. Let’s hope that they have better luck tomorrow.

The amuse bouche tonight was some shredded chicken in a cabbage wrap. It was tasty.

My specialty drink tonight was the Howler Monkey. Copalli rum, lime, vanilla syrup and ginger beer. It was very tasty.

The overhead fans were not on at dinner and it got pretty buggy. Since I had been plagued by bugs in previous trips to Delphi Bahamas I had bought insect shield clothes. This is a scarf that I wear every day and wore it over my head to keep the bugs off my face.

The lighting was low and no soft focus filters were used to blur the wrinkles and make my face one big age spot. Do you remember the movie Mame with Lucille Ball years ago? The cameras had a coating of Vaseline on the lens when her face was in most of the frame. She did not want her wrinkles to be seen. No Vaseline was used in this picture!

Steve had the salad for his first course.

I had the pumpkin soup, but it tasted more like zucchini soup.

Steve ordered his filet mignon rare tonight. It was cooked perfectly!

My entree was the lobster. I had to ask for a steak knife as it was almost impossible to get it out of the shell!

Steve had the gingerbread cake with caramel sauce.

For dessert I was finally able to have the Key Lime Pie. No whipped cream, but vanilla ice cream on the side.

During dinner we listened to music played on the sound system. It was pan flute music of pop music. Steve and I had fun trying to guess the song. “Love hurts, Angie, Hotel California.” You can find them on You Tube. Minha Radio Romantic Instrumental. Steve will be listening to these guys while he ties flies in the basement.

Will Steve catch a fish tomorrow?

Will I do any activity besides sit on my butt and read tomorrow?

Do you think I was howling in the room after dinner?