Monday March 5, 2018 Asado at Arroyo Verde

We continue where we left off. The Asado at Arroyo Verde. English was kind enough to pour me a Pisco Sour. It was very strong so I kept adding ice cubes to it. Doesn’t that look refreshing! Si! Mi gusto mucho! The Asado started with these chunks of cheese melted over the fire. Yummy!Next we had these interesting appetizers. What do you think is inside them? Inside was sausage. They weren’t too peppery for me. It was time to eat, so guess who got to the buffet first? Me, of course! I’m not really sure why this guy looked so grumpy. I am actually quite nice! Of course everyone knew that I was documenting our trip, so someone was kind enough to take my picture. I’m really not that fat, I look about four months pregnant in this picture! Remember when I said “Guess what’s in the pot?” It was steamed potatoes! There was a lovely green salad with tomatoes on the table. Another salad on the table was cole slaw. Meat and potatoes, you can’t get a better meal than that I managed to jump up and get a snapshot of our table. Starting at the 12 going clockwise are Steve, then Dennis from Canada, Katrina, Tim, Sarah, Charlie, Kathy, English, Marcus and then Marcus’s son. I sat between English and Marcus. Here is the view from over Steve’s shoulder. I really should bring a professional photographer as this lighting is terrible! We had very stimulating conversations, but no talk about polo or tango.Here were the desserts. Flan with Dulce de leche, and quince jelly over cheese. After lunch was siesta time, and then I went for another walk. The views were incredible, so calming. Here is a panoramic view from my walk. There were quite a few woodsy areas on the estancia. Here we have a grove of pine trees with lots of pine cones on the ground. These pine cones weren’t anywhere as large as the cones by the fireplace in the dining room.This is the beautiful fuchsia bush by our suite. I am used to hanging pots of fushia back home. This is what they look like growing naturally! It’s time for canapés and dinner again! How any guides and guests can you fit in the bar area? Two guests, and three guides!It was time for another candle lit dinner party! You can see all the gorgeous silverware pieces on the hutch on the back wall. Here was dinner. I can’t remember much about it. I can identify that we had carrot soup, salad, something with a cream sauce and then possibly scalloped potatoes?

There were two tables at dinner, as there was a full house. I got to sit with the Argentinians and it was lots of fun. Half the stories were in Spanish and half in English.

That’s it for today. Have you ever been to an asado?

March 5, Monday at Arroyo Verde Asado Preparations!

The rest of the guests had been talking yesterday morning about Katrina’s choice of eggs at breakfast. Here is is. Toast, raspberry jam, a fried egg and then ketchup. It didn’t look good, but she loves it. To each their own!

I blogged and read for while, and watched four of the nine dogs hanging out in the sun.

Today we were going to have an Asado-barbecue. I had noticed this concrete platform on my walk yesterday. Now I found out what it was for.

There will be lots of pictures and some video of the Asado today!

While the Asado preparations were underway I decided to snoop into the kitchen and prep areas. This is where the four styles of china and glass ware were kept. You can see into the dining room from here.

This is where the cooking of all the meals happened.

I am sure it got quite hot in there, cranking out all those meals. That is one old stove!

Back to the Asado. The gaucho put the lamb on the rack.

Here is a video of it! There really isn’t much meat on it. A lot of crunch when you ate it.

I went back to the Estancia and took a picture of this magazine for you. This is the monster brown that a guide caught here. You never know when the fly you cast might lead you to a beauty like this one! I couldn’t read the magazine as it was written in Spanish.The lamb continued to cook.

Here is the gaucho chef, who was monitoring everything. I think his expression is “You looking at me?”

Back to more wandering. For some reason I thought the front door of our suite was photo worthy.

I got a picture of the rainbow from the sprinkler. Do those rainbows count? I am not sure that Leprechauns could find this place!

Here is another view of our building. I loved seeing all the bright green. Back home we were having snow storms!

Another view of the Estancia. The dogs must have gone off to follow Katrina, Kathy and Sarah on a horse back ride.

Here is a better view of the bench where the anglers sat to take off their waders before they came inside.

We were going to eat outside today for the Asado. There were going to be three new guests today. Two were cousins, and one of the cousins brought his son who was on break from school. In the next few days, another son would come from the other cousin and then the wife and daughter would come of the cousin who was here with his son. Are you confused yet?More food was brought out to cook. More types of meat, some cheeses in the pans, and then something in the big pot. You’ll have to wait to see what is in the pot. I did! ps. It’s not lobster!

Here we see the gaucho tend the fires, bringing coals to the other food being cooked. We met my new Argentinian friends, Angel and Marcus, for the first time. I decided to have a Pisco Sour with Angel. Everyone called Angel, “English”. He got this nickname when he was a little boy, as he always acted like a “proper little English gentleman”. He went to boarding school at Gordonstoun, where Prince Phillip and Prince Charles went to school.

The Pisco sours were very strong. The joke was one Pisco sour, two Pisco sour, three Pisco sour, floor Pisco sour as you would be out cold when you had your fourth. I had one with plenty of ice in it. Doesn’t that look refreshing? More about the Asado later!

Wednesday Morning February 28, 2018 Tipiliuke

Wednesday morning Steve and i had breakfast and then he went off fishing with Adrian. Did I tell you that Adrian is one of the heed guides at Tipiliuke? He is also the head of the Argentinian Fly Fishing Team. The contest will be held in Northern Italy this year. Adrian was tutoring Steve in the European Nymphing Style. Steve has been quite successful using this method. The Angler can only use it in very fast water. That’s all I’ve got on the technique. you are on your own to understand the rest.

While Steve was fishing, Kevin asked if I wanted to go into Juninde Los Andes, hunting season was starting soon and Kevin needed to get the necessary permits for the arriving hunters. Kevin asked if I would like to go into town to visit the Gaucho store. He thought the readers of my blog-meaning you-my dearest fans- would enjoy a visit. So si si! Kevin and I jumped into the truck and were off. What better name for a Gaucho Store but “Patagonia Rodeo?”

There was lots of stuff for sale in the store. Here we see a selection big Mate cups and straws, picture frames and coffee thermoses.

I am not sure if I have told you about Mate, and Mate etiquette on this trip. Mate is a warm herbal drink enjoyed by any South Americans. It is sipped through a straw. It is not served boiling hot, like tea or coffee. Mateine, where the name mate is derived from is similar to caffeine, it gives you a good buzz. The Mate is sipped through a straw called a bombilla.

I usually wait to be asked if I would like some, and then take a sip or two. You either pass the cup to the next person or you hand it back to the person who brewed it. You do not say “Thank You”, if you do, you don’t get the cup back. Saying “Thank You” is considered rude.

No, I did not buy a Mate cup or bombilla this year! Maybe next trip!

Here are some beautiful silver belt buckles. Do you think that Steve would like the ones with the trout on them? Well too bad for him, I didn’t buy him one!There were some beautiful knives that I think my friends Charlie and Greg would like. They didn’t get any presents either. There were lots of bridles also. I didn’t even get our daughter’s pony something either!There were los of boots for sale, both for him and for her. These are the thermoses to hold you hot water for your Mate break when you are on the go!There were lots of sheep skins for the saddle. Hats, blankets, saddles and wraps were available also. This shelf held lots of shirts, pants, and berets!

These are some of the handsome belts available. I was thinking about getting Steve a belt. I wasn’t sure about his size. If I got him too big, he might think I thought he was fat, if I got too small, he’d think I thought he was skinnier that he actually was, and therefore he might think he was fat! So I played it safe and got him nothing. He told me afterward that he was a 38. The belts were all sold in centimeters so a size 38, wouldn’t have done me any good anyway!So the whole idea was to show you how belts are made right? Here we have the young belt maker. Like Steve, he isn’t quite sure where to look for a picture. The belts are hand made. Here Senor Belt Maker Jr. is sewing the thread into the belt. I am not sure if the design is free style, or if he had a pattern already transferred to the belt. I also have some video but that won’t be posted until we come back from the trip. Or maybe not! You’ll have to come back to find out!Here you see four colors of horse leather. Natural leather is on the bottom of the display. Brown when the skin is dyed by coffee, green is from a mate dip and then the red is from a dip in beet juice. The skin is cut into skinny pieces and then sliced again into a thread. Here is the finished belt, made with all the colors of horse thread. Kevin said that the belts are extremely long lasting, he has had his belt for over 40 years! That I can’t believe, I think something was lost in translation!

I am going to break the blog into much shorter posts. I am having problems loading my pictures from my iphone to my ipad. I have found that I can link my ipad keyboard to my iphone and post that way. I am sure I have bored you to death with my posting problems, but I wanted to keep you updated. I have heard some complaints about no postings. I shall not punish them, by taking them off my email list, as I need every last visitor!

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Monday February 26, 2018. Tipiliuke!

Breakfast time! The buffet table is beautifully spread out with Coffee, cereal, meat and cheese. There are lots of spreads to put on your toast, many jams, and of course Dulce de Leche! Look at this little saucer for your tea bag. Isn’t that adorable? I had a fried egg with bacon. Steve had his eggs scrambled. Here is Steve chatting with Annie and Paul, they are from Wyoming. I think they are exchanging fishing tales. What else would you do at a fishing lodge? Here is Steve all geared up and ready to go. His guide Adrian is photo bombing! I took the picture with my iPad, so try to ignore all the stuff on the side. Look at Steve in that vest! He is prepared for everything! This vista shows the volcano Lanin, and on the right is Tipiliuke. While Steve was off fishing I went off riding with Fiona, who is from England and one of the interns, Mike. Why do those power lines always seem to be in the way of the view? (Mary M, I am thinking about you!) Mike is from the UK and one of his relatives is a DUKE! You know I got quite excited about that, didn’t you! Here is Mike giving me a hug. I look pretty calm experiencing my almost royal hug. Maybe I should have packed my tiara!

Jack, Harry and Mike are all from the UK. They are interning here at Tipiliuke. They are having a great time learning Spanish, riding horses, and the hospitality industry. Soon hunting season will start and they will go with the gauchos, translating for the guests. If you know someone who would like to do an internship here just shoot Tipiluike an email . It will be an experience of a lifetime!Here we are on our ride. It was supposed to be an hour. How long will it be?

On our ride we passed by some anglers in a drift boat, fishing the Chimehuin River.

Everywhere you can see is part of the Estancia. Almost 50,000 acres! Just think of the property taxes! I was told that this is not the largest estancia in the area, there are ones down the road of over 100,000 acres!

I spy a guanaco! Do you see his white legs?Here is a picture of Julio. He is our gaucho that is leading us on the ride. He has very sharp eyes. At one point he came back to my horse and grabbed a piece of metal that was on the ground.

Our ride was over two hours and fifteen minutes. My hips were so sore I was almost crying the last fifteen minutes. I decided that one hour to the gaucho meant one hour there, turn around and one hour back. Back at the lodge, snacks awaited us. I think the cheese was a big hit, but I loved the salami!Not sure if I showed you one of the outdoor seating areas. There was a fireplace that was lit after dinner. Lunch time! As you recall, lunch is the big meal, and dinner is much lighter. Lunch was served in a beautiful pergola. It was shady enough that we didn’t get too hot. Temperatures were in the 80’s here. Tipiliuke had charming touches everywhere. Here is the signature brand on the napkin ring, and a little flower sprig in the cloth napkin. First course was a delightful salad. The vegetarians had a much larger salad. The pork was cooked perfecto! I loved the apples on the side. Steve doesn’t like apples so I got to have his also. Dessert was a mango mousse. While I was out riding Steve was out fishing. Yes! He did catch his February fish! Congratulations! Isn’t this one a beauty! I am not sure how many he caught. We’ll find that out later. Ciao, Ciao!

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