Delphi Club, Abacao Bahamas Saturday March 23, 2019

Breakfast had a pretty pineapple arrangement. As I mentioned earlier, one of these days I will come to breakfast before the hordes have had a serving of fruit.

After breakfast M, the two Michigan ladies and I went down to the beach for a walk. I started out ahead, as I knew that I would end up at the end of the line.

My goal for the morning was to reach the end of the beach on the short end. Almost there.

Mission accomplished, it was time to go back. Here is J from Michigan, she was looking for little beads, from fishing nets that were in the seaweed.

M kept on going and I went up to the room to do some stretching.

Which did not go well at all. My back seized up, and I had problems walking. I did make it up for lunch though. Grilled cheese and tomato soup again.

M had the Caesar Salad with sliced avocado.

My back had started to act up a bit when I was stretching so I went back to the room to lay down a bit. I was thinking about going into the pool, hoping the water might help, but I could not move further than our door. By the time Steve came back from fishing I was in really bad shape. Here I am on the floor. I had just taken a hot shower, Steve had put me in the chair. When he came back I was laying on the floor. I was feeling a faint coming on, and decided that if I was on the floor already I wouldn’t have far to go if I did faint!

First canapé was spiced apple on brie and a cracker. It is lovely and looks simple to make. I think just a little bit of chopped up apples in honey.

Next up was pork fritters and Cajun mayonnaise.

Our starter was a roasted peach salad on greens. I love fresh peaches, so I always find this salad especially yummy.

G had the beef tenderloin for his main.

I had the duo of lobster. One part was done in a tempura style, the other part of the tail was grilled. I gave some to G so he could have a surf and turf.

Dessert was really yummy. We had creme brûlée with an almond frangipane (that is cookie-for those of us like me who call a cookie a cookie) and a guava pastelle (jelly candy).

G hit the jackpot as he got to finish three. Steve doesn’t care for it, and M knows G loves it so, she gave him hers. She is a very good spouse. I wouldn’t give up a chocolate dessert for Steve!

G actually finished all of them! Here he is being silly and pretending to slurp them all up!

G and Steve had a good day fishing. G is working on retrieving his cast.

Yay! G got his first bonefish! He ended up catching four bonefish! Steve caught 11 bonefish and a barracuda.

Will my back recover?

Does G have sillier hats than Steve?

Will I have something different than grilled cheese for lunch tomorrow?

Delphi Club, Abaco, Bahamas. Friday March 22, 2019

Good morning! It is a beautiful day here. Back home In Poughkeepsie it is cold and rainy. At M and G’s home back home I think it is snowing! When we left the crocuses were just starting to peek their buds out of the ground.

Since I got a very bad result for my cholesterol levels the last time I was at the doctor’s, it is no eggs, but oatmeal for me. That and Lipitor are my new best friends. One of these days I will get up extra early, so that the fruit bowl looks a lot nicer. There were many non fishing spouses at breakfast today and they all wanted to know what the white speckled fruit was. My devoted blog followers would know the answer-it is Dragon fruit. So named because the outer part of the fruit looks like dragon scales. The

Did you know that fruit had protein in it? I didn’t.

After breakfast I took a short walk down to the beach, and then went back up and walked on the private limestone road. Earlier in the day, one of the guests was running along the road and saw a litter of piggies. She was afraid that the mama pig was going to attack her. I am always afraid that a wild boar will jump out of the bushes and gore me. Steve says that they are afraid of people, and would more likely turn around when they saw a human. I sure hope so, I don’t want to have to post LindasExcellentAdventures at the hospital.

Then it was back to the room for my stretching.

Soon it was time for lunch. Here is M enjoying the view. The Club is in process of improving the view and have cut down a number of trees.

The chips have changed since last time. We had triangular chips when we were here in January. M and I each had the grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch. I had a glass of Rose. As it is Lent, M is abstaining from alcohol and Diet Coke.

I asked if there were any cookies after lunch, and we got some lovely mini banana muffins, and fresh fruit.

The rest of the afternoon was spent poolside. M did some laps, while I read one of my romance novels. M is reading the James Patterson book about Jeffrey Epstein. I am looking forward to all of the men involved in that scandal having their names announced. I am not sure if they can be arrested, but at least they can be shamed.

I had fun watching a little hermit crab walk across the patio, but have decided that although I found it interesting, I don’t think that the video was blog worthy.

The guys were late getting back from fishing. G and Steve spent the day wading. Steve caught three bonefish and a barracuda, of no great size. G had a nil for the day, but came very close to catching his first bonefish. Unfortunately, it was eaten by a shark halfway to the boat. He has just started to learn how to fly fish, we are hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

Gazpacho shooters were passed around. Dinner might have been even more fun if they had vodka in them!

Next up were baby scallop tempura, with pickled ginger dipping sauce.

Our starter was Tuna Tataki, Chritophene salad, micro greens, wasabi kewpie and citrus soy. I don’t like wasabi, so it was a little bit too zingy for me!

My entree, which I forgot to take a picture, of was Rack of Lamb. Steve had the Grouper.

At the Club this week were two couples from Michigan, One of them has a house near M and G’s Lake House in Michigan. H is 81 and plays in a jazz band once a month. So M and G will be taking a road trip to hear H play next summer. Another couple is from Boston. Unfortunately their flight was cancelled, and they couldn’t get to Delphi for two days! We have a couple from Brooklyn staying, I didn’t get a chance to talk much with them. We also have a couple that rented a house in Green Turtle Cay for a month. She surprised her husband with an overnight trip and day of fishing here. They are hoping that there is room for them to stay an extra night. At first I thought the whole trip was a surprise, but it was only this part of the trip.

M sat next to H from Michigan. He asked her why she wasn’t drinking, Now she could have been insulted and jokingly said that she was a raging alcoholic. Instead she told him the truth, that she gave up alcohol for Lent. He looked at her with a scowl on his face and said one word, “Fool!” and then when she said she also gave up Diet Coke he responded “Diet fucking coke? Does that even count?”. And she said, “That was even harder than the alcohol!.” Then M knew H was AOK,and he even gave her a copy of the CD for his jazz band.

No picture of dessert, as we had fruit and cheese for dessert. Everyone enjoyed the cheese, as everyone must know by now, I prefer something sweet for dessert! We did get some home made chocolates, dusted with coconut for dessert.

Will Greg catch a fish?

Will we get any people from the UK visiting? Everyone here now is an American.

Will there be a betting pool on hermit crab races?

Coyhaique, Chile. Wednesday January 11, 2017

It appears that I posted Thursday’s blog post before Wednesday. Oh well, here is the proper post. Reread Thursday’s again before I post Friday and you will be all set!

Wednesday morning! Since Steve was such a good sport in spending the day with me yesterday, I told him I would tag along with him today. I always say that I don’t want to get between him and a big fish. Steve says that he doesn’t mind. I hope I catch at least one fish and he gets the big ones!

Here is an exposed copper cut in the rocks. See the green? That is oxidized copper!

Steve and our guide for the day, Troy. They are looking for fish.

Steve looking at the condors. They are somewhere above us.

The two black spots above Steve’s head are condors.

Here is a video of them. Don’t worry about the above picture being sideways. The video plays normal.

Armadillo road kill. These guys are very hairy. This one was very flat and hairy.

Steve casting. I fished a little bit, but as I had no luck I found a nice log and leaned against it while I read a book. It sure was difficult getting back up again! You can see why Steve enjoys fly fishing so much. The countryside here is gorgeous.

Here is Steve landing a fish. Did you know that in 2016 Steve caught 2028 fish? C’s husband is a big fisherman also. His goal is to go fishing for a week every month of the year. So this is how Steve started his goal (he says I started the goal) of a fish a month until he is too old and decrepit to fish. This is why we are always traveling! So far on the three days he has fished at Coyhaique he has caught 114 fish!

Steve and his nice fish.

The fields were filled with pretty flowers.

Part of our adventure was crossing the barbed wire fence.

Foot placement and hip elevation is important in crossing the fences in your waders and fishing boots.

Steve was more graceful than I was, but he has been doing this for years.

Up and over.

When I went over the fence I was sure I was going to fall on my butt! But I didn’t. Ha Ha!

The signage for roads is great here. You would think with all the gravel roads, they would have lousy signs, but that is not true at all. This is where we will stop for lunch.

So here I am beat and tired and waiting to sit down and eat lunch. I almost caught an 18 1/2 inch fish. I lost him just at the end as the guide was unable to net him. Steve and all the other guests at the lodge say that the fish counted as it was operator error by the guide in not netting the fish. Steve caught quite a few fish in the morning. I only wanted one little fish. I was not happy to have the big fish on. When you don’t understand what the guide is saying because you don’t know the lingo it makes it difficult to land the fish. For some unknown reason, this is one of Steve’s favorite pictures of me!

This was my throne at lunch.

Steve is showing a gate where some sheep wiggle through. That is sheep fleece on the fence.

Appetizers at lunch.

Asparagus soup.

Lunch was potatoes, and pork with tomatoes and onions.

Our fancy lunch set up. Now ordinarily Steve does not look like an 80 year old man without his dentures. I must have taken the picture of him mid chew.

Dessert was rice pudding. It looked even worse in real life.

Here is a grey may fly. This is what the fish are eating. The fish eat them up like crazy!

It’s time for Pisco Sours! Can you believe it is 8:15 pm? The sun won’t set until 9:30!

Here is Julio with tonight’s snackies.

More empanadas. These are meat, not cheese. I am making Julio a star!

Deconstructed chicken Caesar salad.

Beef with salsa and some potato corn glop.

Tonight’s dessert. Dulce de leche with broiled meringue.

Almost 10:00 pm and it’s still light out!

Julio brought me an after dinner drink tonight. Manzanilla! I think he really enjoyed me taking his picture all the time!

Today Steve caught 29 fish, he would have caught more, but I was fishing also, and enticed some of the fish from his flies.

That’s it for today!

Have you ever seen a dead armadillo?

How about a live one?

Should Steve continue his streak, or just go cold turkey and stop the nonsense?

Coyahique, Chile, Monday January 9, 2017

No rainbow this morning. We could see snow on the upper elevations this morning. It’s about 40 degrees with a chance of rain. The anglers have all gone out, nothing stops them! I do have rain pants and a rain jacket so I will stay dry. One good thing about the wind here, is NO BUGS! The little black dots in the field are cattle.

Good morning! No breakfast spread for you as you have a hike to accompany me on!

Here is a view of the Simpson River that runs through Coyhaique. Steve was hoping to fish this but due to the rains it looked like he would be unable to do so.

This is called the haunted house. It represents the building styles of the early European settlers of the area. The houses were erected so quickly it was said that they were built by witches. The haunted aspect is due to a mistranslation to English!

A view of the city of Coyhaique. The city is the capital of this part of Patagonia.

Snow capped Andes Mountains!

C went off with Gaston today for a more strenuous hike. I stayed with Juan who promised me a more relaxing flat hike.

Our first hike hike was around Laguna Verde. Green Lake.

Juan was well prepared for any eventuality. He even had hot water in his backpack in case I wanted hot tea!

There were piles of pine cones many layers deep.

Here is Juan in front of a grassy bush. Juan was not tall, but this was still a very large plant!

This means trout bridge.

No trout live here, maybe once upon a time.

Here are some wild strawberries that Juan pointed out to me.

We next visited a fragile ecosystem trail in an old growth forest. Steve should come next time, he likes to look at really old trees.

Swamp lake.

Juan leading the way.

Juan said that all the lichens on the trees meant that the air was very pure. I always thought that lichens were a bad thing.

More tree growth of a different sort. It looks really healthy!

There is a trail here!

Juan really liked this part of the trail. I really liked it when he said ten minutes more and we get to turn around. I can imagine this being a place of ceremonies by the native peoples. The trees were really huge!

Yay! Turn around point.

On our way back to town. More views of the mountains.

Here is a statue of a hand holding a cup of mate. Mate is a drink that many South Americans drink all day long. We were told that it is not caffeine based, but it is. It is a communal drink that is poured into a metal cup, with a metal straw that is part of the lid. You don’t wipe off the straw when it is passed to you. You just hope that no one with communicable diseases drank just prior to you. You are not to say thank you when it is passed to you either.

You didn’t think I would not try to find a grocery store and explore did you?

Front desk. This is also where you exchanged the empty display boxes for the real boxes that held the bottle of Scotch.

I love the brand names of toilet paper all over the world!

Some of the bottles of wine were quite dusty. Although who would want to drink Yellow Tail from Australia when you could drink a nice Chilean wine?

Papas Fritas.

The world loves potato chips!

There was also a big display of Pisco mixes!

We returned to the lodge for lunch. Lunch was a chicken cutlet, mashed potatoes and a glass of white wine. I was able to catch up with C. Her hike was an equivalent of 113 flights, I am happy I didn’t join her!

Dessert was vanilla ice cream.

After lunch, I rested while C went out on another hike. I think she went on another 100 stair flights on her trek.

We had two beds in our room. Many of the guests are guys who don’t want to share a bed with their fishing companions.

The great view from the bedroom.

This is a picture of the great room. The couches were great for reading and enjoying the amazing views.

There was a gift shop above the dining area with local crafts. I bought this beautiful top for Sally.

Steve did catch some fish. Here are two trout that he caught on one cast. The technique that he used had two flies on the line. It is unusual to catch two fish at once!

After Steve came back he showered and changed for dinner. Let’s eat some Chilean food!


Chopped up something or other. Tasty.

Lamb prosciutto, fresh greens, onion marmalade on toasted bread.


For some reason, staff thought that I didn’t eat seafood, so I got tender chunks of beef. I coudn’t figure out what the nuggets were made from. Dessert was a poached pear in a pastry, crumbles, and fried dough with vanilla ice cream on top.

Are you tall?

What is your favorite brand of potato chips?

Shouldn’t liquor stores in America have a better Pisco selection?

Belize Saturday February 16, 2019

Good morning! One of the pleasures of going south during the winter is seeing flowers in bloom. I had a cup of coffee with milk and sugar again. Yesterday I actually asked for half and half. I have no idea if I got it or not. I met a guy in the grocery store once and we had quite the discussion of the merits of half and half versus light cream in your coffee. I thought there was no difference. The man insisted on light cream. No worries, Steve was in the milk aisle getting our 2% milk for cereal! I decided to go for the fried eggs and bacon. That bacon was really good, the eggs were very fresh, the color of the yolk was very vibrant. I am not sure if that means the eggs were fresh or not, but supposedly most of the food at this resort is farm to table. I asked if they had juice this morning and got fresh pineapple juice. It was a almost like a smoothie, so cold and delicious.

After breakfast I did some stretching. The Physiatrist that I go to says I have to stretch for 30 minutes each day. We are hoping that it will help my arthritis and overall body movement. I don’t need surgery, but I do have real range of motion issues. I even brought a yoga mat with me. Now that is dedication. I think that they have a yoga studio here, I may explore to find it, or may not. It was nearing lunch time, so I went back to check out our pool. That’s my gear on the chaise lunge all the way to the right. It gets shadier there first in the afternoon, so I figured I better claim it while our neighbors were off examining the Mayan ruins. Steve had mentioned yesterday that we have a lot of equipment on our roof. i think that is equipment to heat the hot water, and also for the wifi up in the canopy suites. Lunch was the green salad with chicken. Today they chef put watermelon on the salad. There was a big noisy group at lunch today. About 12 people. They were talking very loudly. I heard snippets of the conversation, San Francisco, chocolate, cereal, no fat and cancer. I hope they are not staying here.

After lunch it was back to the pool where I waited for Steve. Let’s hope he catches a fish!

Yay! Steve caught his permit. Now we can all relax.

Before dinner I asked Steve if he wanted to go on the tram with me down to the river. I asked our neighbors earlier today if they had gone on it and they said they had. She is afraid of heights, as I am so I did not want to do it by myself.

On our way to the tram I spied the cookies that I had mentioned in yesterday’s blog post. I couldn’t refuse and tried one.

It was pretty good.

Here is Steve getting in the tram.

Down we headed on the tram to the river.

There was a French couple who wanted to walk down the steps. There were a lot of steps.

Then another couple came following their friends.

We got to the bottom. I was worried that they would want to go back with us in the tram, it only holds four people and we would be six!

I asked Steve to take a picture of me as most of my pictures are of him. (Actually they are of him, food, his fish and other stuff.) I don’t trust him often with a camera. He did an alright job here. I am in the center of the picture and in focus. The clothes that I am wearing have insecticide in them. I am tying to not get bitten by bugs. Now, not only will I be rotting from the inside out with all my strange ailments, but will have my outer layer decay at the same time. Just give me another 20 years or so, that should be enough to keep me happy. By then just think how many blog followers I may have!

There was some construction going on. I think they are making a new pathway to the river. There was supposed to be a gym here, but I sure wouldn’t want to come down here and exercise.

Here we have Steve looking at the river. I am not sure what he is thinking. I just pray that he stays between the crocodiles and me. There were kayaks for those individuals who wanted to paddle around. No thank you.

One of the French guys stayed longer to get pictures. It was very pretty out. I liked the reflection in the water of the trees. Except for that smudge in the water. Do you think it was a crocodile? I didn’t stay long enough to find out. So back up the tram we went. The French people all went up the stairs. No wonder they were so slim and trim. The one lady was looking for her husband. I hope he returned, safe and sound. Deviled eggs were are amuse bouche tonight. I do like a good deviled egg. These were quite fresh, sometimes they are made hours in advance so the yolk is quite hard. These were very creamy. Steve had the green salad, which was very similar to my salad at lunch minus the chicken. No your eyes are not out of focus, it was the low light. I had the conch fritters for my starter.

Steve’s entree was the filet mignon wrapped in bacon with the fried egg on top.

I had the shrimp creole with rice. Thankfully it was not too spicy.

Steve had another glass of red wine for dessert. I had a ginger curd with coconut cookie and some kind of fruit sauce. Steve asked me what kind of fruit it was. I couldn’t remember from the menu and was too tired to ask. I liked the sauce very much. The family at the next table ordered a Happy Mama drink with their dinner. The father and the grandfather said they were going to rename it a Happy Dad. Perhaps I will have another specialty drink Sunday night before dinner.

Have you ever caught a permit?

Can you tell the difference between half and half and light cream?

Do you know the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?

Belize Friday February 15, 2019

Good morning! Steve got up early to go fishing. The package we were on included fishing for me also, but I don’t like to get up early If it would be guaranteed that I would catch many fish, and have a non bumpy boat ride, there is a small chance that I might join Steve.

I pushed the button to call the tram to pick me up for the ride down to the dining area.

It arrived quickly.

This is the wheel that the cable for the tram winds around.

Let’s get in and check out breakfast.

Hot coffee, always a delight in the morning. Plus my very own glass of sugar. I ordered the French toast with fruit. They didn’t have any orange juice or butter today. The lady next to me at breakfast asked for butter for her toast, I was surprised when they said they were out. After breakfast I went to explore a little bit. This is the pool for the guests not staying in the canopy suites. The pool looked very nice. It was well shaded, for those who don’t like the sun. Our pool was lovely, but the chaise lounges are all in the sun, and looked too big to move. I went back through the downstairs lounge and bar. I will have to take a picture another day of the bar. I feel I am going to need to pad the rest of my days as there is not much going on here. I pushed the button again to head up to our suite.

I ended up spending most of the morning here blogging about Wednesday and our travel on Thursday. It was cool in the shade. Our two neighbors enjoyed the sun and the pool. They have been here since Sunday and will leave Monday. While at the pool the Howler Monkeys were howling.

Then it was back down to the dining area for lunch. I had a delicious salad with grilled chicken and pineapple. The ladies next to me were having pina coladas. I told them I was tempted. They told me “We are sitting right next to you! You are not drinking alone!”

It took them a long time to get their drinks, I was happy I stuck with an iced tea.

Dessert was banana and vanilla ice cream.

I hung out at the room all afternoon, switching from our deck, to the pool deck, thoroughly enjoying myself and feeling more and more relaxed.

Steve came back from fishing just after 4. He had a very disappointing nil. That means no fish. However none of the other anglers who went out fishing with the guides from Copal Tree got fish either. Steve did see some permit, and threw out a few casts at them, but none of them took the fly. Let’s wish him better luck next time.

We decided to go down to dinner a little early and get a drink at the bar downstairs. We sat on the lower veranda, but no one came to offer us a drink so we went up to the restaurant. I was a bit overwhelmed, I saw some cookies on an end table and desperately wanted them, but knew I would spoil my dinner. I don’t like sitting at bars, so didn’t want to sit there. The waitresses were much more proactive and offered us a drink menu with all the specialty drinks offered her.

Steve had a Jaguar Pizz in honor of my car.

He drank it very quickly!

I had a Belizean Howler Monkey. I sipped mine.

Here is Steve enjoying the view.

Here is Steve enjoying the view of me. I warned you, that not much was happening and I would need to pad the post!

Our amuse bouche for tonight was a mini taco.

We each had the lightly batter dipped shrimp on cucumbers. It was exceptionally good. It was described as a shrimp and cucumber salad.

We each had the fish. I asked to have mine with rice.

Steve had his served on polenta.

For dessert Steve had ice cream. He didn’t particularly care for it as it was very grainy.

I had the Budino. I only ate half of it.

How do you take your coffee?

When you look at your spouse, do you look at them like you are scared to death of them?

Do you consider cookies a proper cocktail canapé?

Delphi Club, Abaco January 17, 2019

No pictures of eggs for you this morning. You must be sick of them by now. Here are some lovely flowers. I have never seen any guest put flowers in their hair. Don’t even try to get me guessing if a flower behind your right or left ear means you are single, married or on the prowl.

Today was our last day. As such, Steve was not going to go fishing. We decided that we would go on an adventure, I thought we were going to look for a Blue Hole. Blue holes are deep drainage holes for fresh water. The fresh water has dissolved the limestone to create drainage holes. V decided to tag along with us. Would it be a good or bad decision? Well, stay with me and you will find out.

Now I must admit that I don’t always listen to what Steve has to say. Likewise, he doesn’t always listen to me. It turns out that Steve actually said lets go see caves that are on the way to the boat launch. I thought “Road trip, we must be going to see the Blue Hole.” I spent a lot of time asking people if they wanted to come with us to see the Blue Hole. Steve never corrected me to say he was going to take us to see some caves.

There is a book in the lodge that has maps and information of the various tourist sights. Did we take it? No. Did Steve think he knew where the caves were? Yes. Did Steve think he knew where the Blue holes were? No. Did Steve even know there was a book that had the information? No. Did Linda bother to inquire if Steve might want to bring the book with us? No. Did Linda think that Steve knew what he was doing? Yes. Was Linda wrong? Stay with me and you will find out.

Quick update: For those quivering with anticipation, as if there was any other way to be, Steve and Linda remain happily married.

First picture is one of the club boats. The guide sits in the back and drives the boat. When he gets to the fishing spot, he can climb up on the back platform and looks for fish while using a long pole to move the boat. There is no electric motor on these boats. If the guide starts getting old he will sit on the platform and not stand on it. I don’t blame him, I don’t like heights and being up there would make me nervous. However, the guide has a better view if he is at the higher spot. The sport sits on the seats until the boat arrives at the fishing spot. Then he will stand up on the front platform. He can lean against the metal bar for support. That long pole on the left of the picture is the pole to push the boat along. If I were to tag along with Steve all day, I would be sitting in that chair the whole long day. No where to get out of the sun, no place to get out and stretch your legs. Basically trapped the whole day. Now if I remain at the lodge, like I usually do; I can go a nice bathroom anytime, soak my feet in the pool, jump from couch to porch swing, or to bed in the room. We are in the Bahamas so we Steve got to drive on the left side of the road. The steering wheel was on the left. Steve came this way nearly every morning on the way to the boat launch. This is the parking spot for the guides. They have already launched their boats. This is the launch spot. Not particularly scenic is it? I should have known that we were on a fool’s errand as the sign was directing us to caves and not holes. We decided to look for Nancy’s Cave first. No, I did not find out who Dan, Nancy, or Ralph were. Nor, if have they been found. Well, we never did find Nancy’s cave. The road looked like it was beginning to end, so we turned around. There were small trees growing in the dirt road, it looked like not many people had been this way before recently. This looked more like a place where a cave might be found. We either have a sign post waiting to happen, or a sign post ready to be removed.

This is where you might have your picnic before or after you visited the cave. We did not bring any food with us. Since you are reading this, you know that we safely returned from the adventure. Look how slim and trim Steve is in this picture, it looks like he didn’t gain any weight on this vacation at all! Well, this looks promising. Come along, won’t you? Here is V, she was such a good sport to come along with us. This is the interior of the cave. It was not very tall, We all took a peek and then retreated. We could hear all sorts of gurgling and sloshing noises from the area. On the way back I thought “Oh, let me return and take a little video of the exciting sounds!” Of course, when I got back to the mouth of the cave, SILENCE!On our way to our last cave. You might think that Steve was our fearless leader, but my now I am sure you all know, that Linda is always in the lead. I was already on my way back, as I thought this trail was a bust. Last cave. You can see the water has a bit of an blue tint to it. Well, that was the end of our adventure. I wanted you to see some of the bark of the trees in the forest. There are fires and a lot of the vegetation is destroyed. Back at the lodge, safe and sound we all had lunch on the veranda overlooking the ocean. I should probably let Steve get the money view, but I am greedy, and like to look at the ocean. When he is out fishing all day, he can look at the water all he wants. You can tell it is a travel day, as he is wearing one of his plaid shirts. One of these days I will count how many plaid shirts that he owns! I had the mahi mahi on romaine. Steve had the chicken with Chinese noodles and vegetables on a green salad. We all have ice cream bars for dessert. E from DC didn’t care for hers, so J, her husband ate two. He reminded her that when you are off the coast of Africa for nine months on a naval boat, you vowed never to decline ice cream in the future. Steve had remarked at dinner one night about this poem in one of the bathroom’s off the great room. I think most females never even notice it. After all, why would we? It is on the wrong wall! Then it was off to the airport where we waited for our flight to Fort Lauderdale. This is a picture of Marsh Harbour International Airport. Currently it is closed at night as the runway lights are out. They had better get that fixed soon! The building on the right is the old airport. I can’t even remember what that looked like, it was very small though! Back at Fort Lauderdale airport we had a long layover. Better a long layover than missing your flight due to bad weather. We ate at the Jack Nicklaus restaurant. Steve had the chicken with fettuccini.

I ordered the grilled cheese with tomato soup. I also ordered ice tea with lemonade to drink. “You mean an Arnold Palmer?”, the waitress asked? “I thought you weren’t allowed to ask for that in this restaurant.”, I said. She looked at me as if I were nuts. Now don’t tell me I was the first person to say that. Now that could be the case, as I often am the only person to say something awkward!

While at the airport I got an e-mail from S. Did I know of any good restaurants in the Florida Keys? I live to serve, so I looked up a number of restaurants on Yelp. I hope they turn out okay. I do hate to disappoint my fans!

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