Delphi Club, Friday December 1, 2017

Well today is the big day for Steve, will he catch his December fish? Well you’ll just have to wait until the end of my days stories!

I forgot to tell you the Christmas tree story from Wednesday morning. Max, the young manager had picked up a tree in Marsh Harbour to decorate the living room. There was no stand in the Lodge so Max had Smitty the incredibly buff handyman create one out of two by fours. To keep the tree fresh, Max thought the tree could be periodically misted with fresh water. Hearing this story at dinner Tuesday night, I had nightmares of the lights having a short and the lodge burning done via a dried out Christmas tree!

So at breakfast on Wednesday morning, I said this tree situation is bad, we need to put the tree in water. Jane, the wife of Peter, the CEO of Delphi, agreed with me. However, her idea was to put the tree in a container of moist sand. After much scrounging Smitty was able to find an old laundry detergent container that looked like it would hold water. Smitty took apart the two by four tree brace and we proceeded to try to design a stand. I said that the tree needed a fresh cut on the base and Smitty got out his trusty nippers and saw. He was successful at trimming the lower branches to allow the tree to sit in the bucket, but the saw wasn’t able to cut across the base of the tree. The baubles had been previously removed from the tree , and now the lights had to come off so Smitty could bring the tree to the circular saw in the workshop. Ten minutes later, the tree was brought upstairs and we were ready to go. Tree was placed in the bucket, handfuls of sand were thrown in, a bottle of water was poured into the bucket, some two by fours were nailed together to form a brace and we were all set.

Unfortunately the tree was listing terribly, and kept threatening to fall over. However, Linda, Mistress of all good Ideas, knowing that there must be plenty of old fly line in a fishing lodge; suggested Smitty anchor the tree to the credenza next to the tree. Voila! Delphi Club’s magnificent tree!

Now on to Friday! Jane and SE, a guest from the U.K. were planning to head into Marsh Harbour and go out for lunch. During our six trips here, I have only left property a few times. The first year on a nature walk with a great guide, another time to visit the development south of here that just can’t seem to get off the ground, and Pete’s Pub, a beach shack bar. It seems to take forever to get into town, maybe thirty minutes on an incredibly boring road, but I was promised a trip to the only supermarket on the island. Eager to put another supermarket visit notch on my belt, I agreed!

This is the car that Jane drove us to town in. It ran great, steering wheel was on the right as it should be in the Bahamas, and the a/c worked great. Unfortunately the gps system had us in the middle of the sea off of Japan, heading directly toward Korea! As all the controls were in Japanese, no one could figure out how to change this.

Anyway into town we went. Marsh Harbour has really got nothing going on. The excitement of the day was that Friday is payday for the locals, so there were lines going into the banks, and those parking lots were full! Here is a map of Marsh Harbour, there are two stop lights, and only one works.

Jane decided on the Jib Room, let’s follow SE in, shall we?

There really isn’t much to the restaurant, an inner open air room with tables, and a covered patio. There was an outdoor pool with a babe in a bikini, but she didn’t authorize my photo skills, so you’ll just have to imagine. She did look really nice!

Instead of a view of a bikini clad babe, here is our view of the boats at the marina.

SE and Jane are patiently waiting. for me to stop documenting. For lunch I ordered a fish Rueben. Something I had never had before. It was very gloppy, but the Mahi-mahi was really good. It was a nice treat.

The staff fed some of the fish swimming below the deck, this was the second round of feeding, so these guys didn’t make quite the splash that the first group did.

After our lovely lunch Jane drove us to Maxwells, the local grocery store. It had a great selection of food, was clean, well lit and had no odors. Prices were high, as everything was imported. I don’t think staff knew the difference between a pineapple and a cantaloupe!There were lots of meat choices; chicken, beef, pork and even goat! There were lots of seasoning products for beef and chicken. Back in the car we went to enjoy the rest of out Friday afternoon.

I ordered a glass of the famous Delphi Punch with our canapés. It’s pretty and sweet, the perfect Linda drink!Once again, dinner was an enjoyable meal, with great canapés, a shellfish appetizer and rack of lamb for our entree. Friday nights at Delphi means a cheese selection. 😕 So nothing sweet for me!

Steve did in fact catch some fish for the day, so his streak continues. No pictures, so you’ll just have to imagine!

Delphi Club, Thursday November 30, 2017

After breakfast I was treated to a beautiful rainbow. What a beauty! After breakfast I lost my balance and slipped on some stairs and I got a lovely scrape on my arm, it should turn really blue over the weekend! One of the guests is a nurse and she assured me that I would not die of internal bleeding! Im on a blood thinner so I was a bit worried, but as I’m still posting, I’m still alive! I stared to feel better by lunch time if Course, and enjoyed another lovely Caesar salad. Unlike Wednesday I skipped the French fries. This is the magnificent view from the balcony of the beach below. It is really that deserted. There are two buildings that share the beach,Delphi Club and the home of the next door neighbors who take a ferry to another island (or cay) and work all day. Steve came back to show me lovely pictures of Tony and fish that Steve caught. He caught 17 again for the day. He sure is in a rut! Here are the appetizers that we had, Tuna poke on a sesame crisp and then Lionfish Tempura with pickled ginger. That ginger really added a nice “pop” to the dish!

We had a great salad with fresh peaches. As Steve doesn’t like fruit I was able to scarf down his and my peaches! I had the spaghetti vongole, and Steve had the roast veal. I’m trying to watch my calories and limiting myself to fewer prevdinner snackies and half of my entrees. Finishing the strawberry and hisbiscus jelly didn’t help the waistline, but I still ate it all. In case you were wondering, the dessert recommendation was a Chateau Rieussec at only $150 per bottle. No one ordered that tonight either! See you tomorrow for more Adventures!

Delphi Club, Wednesday November 29, 2017

Steve went off for a day of fishing while I stayed at the Club reading, following ny Twitter feed to stay on top of the news and lounged about.  Previous years I hung out around the pool, but there are too many sand fleas that like to chew on my body, even though I spray myself with bug repellant.  E80E11F9-7A8B-4395-98A8-C1806CA317D4.jpegThis is a view of the gorgeous infinity pool, where some guests from the UK who do not attract bugs are lounging.  F38BE0C5-5AEA-4217-AC74-6B1E2ADB977BIf I sit at the pool my view is usually here.  At one point trees were removed to give an ocean view, but the wind was too fierce.  Now you get a sliver view and the pounding of the surge below.  61C5608A-FFB5-455F-BD06-E1F6FA95EEC0.jpegWhile Steve was out fishing enjoying his box lunch, I enjoyed a chicken Cesear salad and a trio of ice creams for dessert.  I think they were vanilla, cappuccino and butter pecan.  8790B6CB-B4FF-48E4-86EE-3610FE16D05E.jpegTo walk off some of the calories, I did take a short walk, but not to the beach. I walked along the Club roadway, until,I got spooked by some rustling in the bushes.  There are wild pigs on the island and I wasn’t sure how I would protect myself if a wild boar with humongous tusks decided to attack me!  Steve told me that he had seen some piglets in the road on his way to the fishing site, and that the rustling in the bushes were the pigs running away from me!  1F7DFAED-613F-47CA-A873-A96E98C210C4.jpegHere is Steve’s guide and one of the beautiful bonefish that Steve caught.  He ended up catching 17 for the day.  Let’s see if he continues to do well all week.  Remember December is the important month, he has to catch a fish between Friday to Tuesday! A0FEEB4E-B8B6-49AD-883B-88AD7DD03102.jpeg Cocktail treats were hummus on pita and fried calamari.  ADF6AC74-C25F-439A-805B-2B369E543323.jpegThen we had a delicious black bean soup.  I had the beef tenderloin for my entree and Steve had the hog fish.  Why that fish has such a horrible name I will never know!  4C7806C0-C5E4-4967-A2DF-9821A77E99F6.jpegDessert was a gingerbread auflauf.  Now I took German in high school and college and never heard of that word before.  However as I am not a trained chef, I’ll let it go.  By the way, no one at the table ordered the suggested wine at $150 a bottle!  After tea, candies and much enrertaining conversations we wandered downstairs to our room.  Thursday was going to be another exciting day fishing for Steve and lounging for me!

Trip to Delphi Club continued, November 28, 2017

I still haven’t gotten this Word Press Editing down yet, so the actual day just might be many parts long! I’ll have to,study some you tube tutorials on how to save and edit.

Our flight was only 45 minutes on a small plane. We were only 15 passengers, so everyone had to sit in rows 4 and up. Here is my view to the front. It had started to sprinkle a little in FLL, and Steve said the forecast was for rain. Of course our rain jackets were in our luggage, and we were likely going to get wet upon landing as these small planes don’t have jet bridges. I remember on one of our trips we met a couple who had a business of building and maintaining the jet bridges. I am sure they were zillionaires! Our meeting was short, so they are not in my Rolodex.

The Bahamas is comprised of of several hundred islands of which thirty are inhabited. Here is a view of jet boat trails in The Marls, an area of shallow flats made up of silty eroded limestone. After landing we went through immigration and bag inspections. All our big bags were examined, I made a comment about being happy that any sexy lingerie was well hidden. Unfortunately no one was amused but myself. But what else is new?

Delphi Club is located about twenty five miles south of Marsh Harbour. Located above a gorgeous beach, with no other lodging nearby, it’s a fisherman’s oasis, and so elegantly appointed that the non fishing spouse is happy also. Here is a beautiful picture from the management. Would you like to see our room? Well come on in!

We we’re assigned Room 4. A beautiful room where we have stayed several times before. There are eight rooms total, some with king beds like ours, others with two queen beds.

Here is a view out our window of the rain. No fishing for Steve today, he will be out on the water tomorrow. Dinner was delicious as always. For our pre dinner snackies we had crostini with something yummy on them, and then toasted pita chips with a spinach and artichoke dip. At the table we were served Tuna Tataki for our first course. Steve and I both had the Parrotfish with Polenta and asparagus spears. Dessert was a delicious white chocolate pannacotta with raspberry sauce. We end our night with a beautiful view of the club.