A Prohibition Cocktail Party in Poughkeepsie, May 27, 2018

So a few weeks ago Steve and I got a text from one of my dear girlfriends inviting us to a Prohibition Cocktail Party. Well starting off we have an oxymoron. How can you have a Prohibition Party and serve real booze? Wasn’t the Prohibition Era when you couldn’t buy or sell booze? Plus, SLT, the hostess doesn’t even subscribe to my blog! Thank heavens, her dear husband JT does. He may not read it, but he gets the blog post whenever I send one out.

Now I also hate Halloween parties where you need to come up with a costume. In fact the only parties I like are those in which I am supposed to bring myself, and some charming conversation. That I can do. Now I thought to myself, “Who in the world keeps an extra Prohibition Era costume in the closet?” Lately I have been in the process of decluttering my house. Husband had threatened to bring a dumpster to the driveway to get rid of stuff that he doesn’t like. I have dutifully purged my romance and children’s book collections. These have been given to my dear daughter who someday hopes to have a classroom of her own, and her boy friend’s Mom who likes romance novels like I do. In fact, she likes them like I do, the smuttier the better! Although once in a while I do like a romance without sex in it. Right now I am still reading that Vampire themed series by J.R. Ward and am up to book number thirteen! There is lots of sex in those books!

Sorry, I seem to have digressed. Yes! Back to the Flapper outfit. We were having dinner with SRT and her husband ST, distant cousins of SLT and JT the host and hostess. “Who has Flapper outfits!”, I moaned. “What kind of stupid idea is this? Why can’t there just be a regular party?”

“Go to Amazon, Linda”, SRT remarked. “They have lots of dresses and accessories for cheap! Sixty bucks and you have an outfit!”

Well, that calmed me down right quick. Later that evening I found lots of dresses on Amazon. Accessories too. So I brought the IPad over to Steve and said, “This is the dress, you pick the color!” Well Mr. Excitement himself picked out the black one. Which is pretty amusing as he is always after me to wear bright clothes. For evening he seems to prefer basic black. I think this might be because I refuse to allow him to get fancy black tie and suspenders. I believe that black tie means black tie, not red nor patterned. Here are Steve and I with G. G’s wife M, who is a devoted reader, but can’t figure out how the like button works, is in Portugal with her nieces and their friends. I think every young thing wants an Aunt Mary that will take them on vacation. G is dressed up as a smuggler. Steve is all dressed in black. Steve looks dorky in hats so we didn’t get him any accessories. I told him to just wear black. I originally had a head band with feather in it, but it was giving me a headache so I made my dear friend K, who wasn’t really wearing a costume wear it. I kept asking her all night if she had a headache yet. I must have a fat head because I only lasted thirty minutes with it on. My accessories were long earrings, the fake pearls, the headdress and some long black gloves. This was my drink, a Mary Pickford. JT knew I was going to drink this one as I love my fruity martinis. This had rum, pineapple juice and grenadine in it. I kept adding ice cubes as I didn’t want to get too loopy. Just the right amount of loopiness. Here we have JT the host, MB, CV one of my most loyal readers-and one of my top commenters, S and K, who is wearing my head band. The head band was pretty cute. Here are some of the appetizers. I had one of everything. I didn’t’ have a spring roll which is in front of CV. I can never figure out if I am supposed to eat the wrapper, and it is cold also. I just don’t like them but Steve said they were good. My favorite was the lobster salad on cucumber in front of K. I had a real lot of those!One of the younger guests was wearing the same dress as I was! The dress placement on Amazon was number 1. We didn’t need to look through many to pick one that we liked. She decided to go for the loudest color that she could find. She was one real hot number! Although I haven’t been to the gym for weeks, my arms are not really sagging at all. Not bad for 62!Here is M and me. M is married to K. M did not wear a costume, I told Steve, “This is what you would have looked like without wearing all black. You would be pretty dorky!” M says “I don’t mind looking dorky.” He really does have some hair on his head, this is just a bad camera angle. Here we have JT and SLT. The host and hostess. SLT’s feather pointed downward, mine was upward. One of us did not get the memo on feather placement. JT’s suit was from Amazon also. $88! I couldn’t believe it! I was looking at the descriptions of the suits on Amazon for guys and a few of them said that they were like pajamas. These did not look like pajamas to me at all! This happy couple did the smooch and foot pose smartly! Not sure if they got some tongue action going in the next few minutes or not. These two just got engaged. Congratulations! R on the left is daughter number 2 of our host and hostess with the mostess. The guy in the back looks worried about something. Maybe he heard that EliotNess was in the next room. (Now don’t get me trying to explain who Eliot Ness was. Google that yourself!)Here we have ST and SRT. SRT was the one who told me to go to Amazon. Thanks SRT! Wait until you see the feet of ST, they were something else. You can see Steve guffawing about something in the background. Here is I, one of the daughters of our host and hostess with SRT. For some reason these guys are all trying to show off their drinks. The glow light on the floor is from the dishwasher. When we went to replace our dishwasher I tried to get one like this one, with the number count down on the floor. I finally agreed with Steve that paying hundreds of dollar more to see the dishwasher count down on the floor was stupid. I could just open the door to find out, or be patient. All dishwashers eventually complete their cycle. Here are more pictures of the food. It probably would have looked more attractive if I took food pictures when we arrived. Sorry, not sorry. Remember i mentioned the feet of ST? These were something. I don’t think the dog approved though!Here we have daughter number 1, M, with Mom and Dad. I’m thinking more and more that I wore the headband the wrong way. Steve was sitting on the couch with one of the dogs. This morning Steve told me he found a deer tick on his thigh! I wonder how it got there!This is PV, he is married to CV, my big fan. I think he was dressed as a newsboy. Which is pretty cute. He is a doctor, and when he first started he rooked really young. Everyone called him Doogie Houser because he looked so young. His wife calls him “Dr. Asshole” because he is a gastroenterologist. I love that. Here we have all the lovely ladies lined up. Looks like we did have a few with the feathers up on the headband. I may have had it right after all! Here are the gents. The look pretty spiffy to me!

We had a wonderful time at the party, and I think everyone else did too. Thank you once again SLT and JT for throwing such a wonderful party!

Have you ever ordered anything on Amazon?

Do you drink?

Has anyone ever suggested to you that you drink too much?

Como Maalifushi Thursday Evening January 11, 2018 Cocktail Party and Dinner

After Steve and I showered and changed we headed off to the weekly Cocktail party. We crossed the jetty from the mainland towards sunset, and the interior of the atoll.

This cozy spot was where you lounge about waiting for the ferry to take you to the sea plane on departure day. I think this place manages to stretch out your relaxation as long as possible! Of course, if you wanted to hang out there anyway, you certainly could!

On the way to the party we saw where staff had set up a dinner on the beach for one lucky couple. Although it could have been just for show, so that the cocktail guests would think “hmm, this looks delightful, darling lets arrange this for ourselves”! At $500 per couple, this too could happen!

Steve veered me away from the private dinner so we could join the cocktail party and meet some of the other guests. But first a view of the spread. I did not sample any one them, so I can’t tell you what they were or how they tasted!

Here are more of the canapés waiting to be eaten by the guests.

Besides beer, wine, and soda there was a gin based drink that was available. I was going to go for it, but decided on a coke instead. It was the first soda that I had all vacation.

Here is Steve talking to Gunnar, he was in charge of the 68 foot yacht on property. He was trying to convince Steve to go out deep sea fishing with him one day. Gunnar was scrolling through pictures on his phone to entice Steve. Steve prefers to go fly fishing instead. Maybe later in the trip I’ll show you pictures of the boat from the brochure in our room and give you prices.

The sun was starting to set, this looked like a promising start to our week here at Como Maalifushi. I had my own canopy and plunge pool, Steve caught some fish on his first day out; all we were missing was to meet some interesting people.

There seemed to be a lot more staff to guest interaction that guest guest so we left the party to go to dinner. The staff did a great job of explaining all the different excursions you could go on. These were snorkeling with turtles, rays or whale sharks , private guided snorkeling of the reef, sunset dhoni cruise, and deep sea fishing on the yacht to name a few.

We said goodbye to the private dinner and made our way to Madi, the main restaurant. Would we ever drink from a bottle of Tattinger on the beach?

All meals, except for breakfast start out with a cool towel. I think none at breakfast as it is usually cooler in the morning and most guests haven’t gotten a chance to work up a sweat yet.

No pictures of dinner, the light was really poor. This was dessert. I must have managed to bring one of the candles closer so you could make out the shininess of the chocolate sauce.

Steve insisted I turn the dessert around so you could see the pretty fruit that accompanied the cake. The chocolate sauce doesn’t look as shiny in this picture so I have decided to bore you with two pictures. Now I had a bit of a problem understanding the dessert. It was called six texture chocolate cake. I thought it was going to be a layered cake. Instead it tasted like a flan with chocolate sauce poured on top. Perhaps there were six different types of chocolate used in the creation.

After dinner we were presented with two chocolates and two mint jellies.

We arranged for a buggy back to the villa. I was not one to walk when I could get a ride. As we neared the Japanese Restaurant across form our villa we heard a lot of splashing. The fish gather here to be fed scraps from the restaurant. The beige fish is a nurse shark. The other fish are bluefin trevally.

I already posted this video on Facebook and Instagram, but if you haven’t seen it already enjoy!

Next post will be on Friday’s adventures. I am glad that some of you have figured out how to show some love and make comments! Ta ta and Cheerio!