Belize to Houston, Tuesday February 19, 2019

Good morning! Today we leave Copal Tree Lodge for Belize City, and then on to Houston where we will spend the night. Then we fly to New York on Wednesday.

I enjoyed my glass of watermelon juice. I would have preferred the fresh squeezed pineapple, but none were ripe in the garden. We were told that a large percentage of the food is from the property. The little boy in the background was trying to get a closer view of the hummingbirds. They had canopy suite 14, which was across the pool are from ours. They had a lot of people in that room, the two parents, a nanny, two smaller children and a nanny. Not sure where everyone slept!

I had the french toast, with toasted pecans.

Steve had the egg burrito. He ate it with a a fork and knife. Otherwise he would have ended up with a big mess.

After breakfast we went to the lower level and hung out until it was time to depart for the airport.

Steve is not exercising, he was reading a book about fly fishing in Belize and practicing for next time. I asked Steve is there were pictures of the different places to stay in that book. He told me that it was basically about the fishing, anglers don’t really care about the accommodations as most of the non anglers do. The anglers only want to know, what kind of fish is there, and how many. Steve related to me that one lodge was described as fairly basic. Definitely not a lodge for me!

We said good bye to the GM and told them that we were looking forward to coming back to Copal.

On the way into Punta Gorda we saw signs regarding the upcoming election where there is going to be a referendum. Belize was formerly known as British Honduras and got its independence from the British Commonwealth in 1981. Guatemala is the neighbor to the south and west and believes it has an historical claim to Belize. The referendum will decide whether to bring the dispute to the International Court of Justice. Our driver on the way home from our snorkeling asked Steve what his opinion on the referendum was, Steve told him “It’s not for me to have an opinion, it is for you to decide.”

Good bye to the one lane bridge.

Good bye Punta Gorda, although this sign says “Welcome!”

This family had their laundry hanging outside to dry. I think it was going to get very dusty from all the cars that drove by. Most of the time it is dry season, and very dusty here. During the rainy season, I am sure the mud was very bad.

The airport in Punta Gorda was very small.

This is a map of Belize. We will fly to Placencia and pick up more passengers and then go to Belize City. On our way to Copal, we stopped at Dangriga also. Our plane was a small one. We sat right behind the pilot. There was no assistant pilot on the flight. Of course I told him I would be able to help if needed. How many times does he hear that? I am sure too many!

Not much leg room here. We were happy. Steve is giving the camera that crazy eyed look. One of these days i will find the license he was given to fish in the NYC watershed area. We joked that if you took a look at the picture you would want to lock him up! Here is a view of the island where the cruise ships stop. Those ships are humongous! These are shrimp farms. We landed at Belize City airport and went to pick up our luggage. It was pretty cold in the airport again. I was bundled up in my anti bug scarf that made me look like I had a schmatte on my head (schmatte is a Yiddish word for rag). Steve bought a big KitKat bar and a dark beer for a snack while we waited for our plane. I had a water. You can see a few of my grey hairs in this picture. I may need to have to buy a face cream with a little tint to it to cover up my age spots. On second thought, I am 62, and people who are 62 are old and can therefore have age spots. My crows feet are in good shape, and as long as I keep yapping my nasolabial folds don’t look that bad. The scarf covers my neck so we can’t discuss whether or not I have a turkey neck. After a four hour wait we finally got to board the plane. The man in front of me ordered a Prosecco, so I did too. What could go wrong?

We were offered warm nuts and more alcohol. I had another glass of Prosecco, this time in a proper glass. Steve had his usual wine. I ordered the barbecue short ribs with kale and yams. Meh. Steve had the spinach ravioli. We had to circle Houston for quite awhile. There had been rain storms. We had to collect our luggage and bring it back to the hotel with us. Steve is noticeably unthrilled here. Especially as he knew I was going to take more room pictures! Soon it was lights out, except for the airport outside our window and we went to sleep.

Do you travel with a nanny?

Do you wear a schmatte on your head when you get cold?

Isn’t dark chocolate and dark beer a wonderful snack?

Belize, Monday February 18,2017

Steve’s fishing days for our vacation were over, and so the two of us actually hung out together. It does happen once in awhile on our vacations. Steve likes to keep busy, and I like to hang out and stare at tattooed men.

Look at this plant. I think it would be very painful to accidentally fall on it. I better stop looking at tattooed men, or Steve might push me into one of these bushes. It would probably poke my eye out.

Steve is very happy about our adventure today. We were going to go snorkeling and have lunch on one of the cayes or islands in the Caribbean Sea. They don’t call it the Atlantic Ocean here. I don’t know why. Cayes is pronounced keys.

There was a hummingbird feeder on the veranda, and I liked to sit near it at breakfast and lunch. This is a short video of the birds feeding at the feeder.

I ordered watermelon juice with my breakfast. No picture of my coffee but I did have some.

I was back to fried eggs and bacon for my breakfast. Steve ordered the scrambled. He thought his breakfast was a bit skimpy. We were told to report to the front steps of the building at 8:30 for our Jeep ride to the marina. As Steve always feels that on time is 5 minutes early, we were waiting at 8:25. There were other six people who were supposed to go with us who did not show up in a timely manner. Finally two showed up, they were one of the French couples that had gone up and down the steps to the river.

Mr. French man said that “We are French, and we are always late, and our friend is always later!” I was a bit annoyed at this, but tried to remember that we are on holiday and to just relax. The rest of the group showed up ten minutes later and we were off.

This is the marina that we were departing from. It is the same marina that Steve went to for his fishing adventures.Here is the boat we were going to go on. Everyone got a life vest to wear.

I look great in mine!

Our first stop was to drop off the cook and our supplies for lunch. We would be returning here after our snorkeling. We got to wander the very small island. It was a resort and went out of business a few years ago. I don’t think I would have been happy here. Guys who just wanted to fish, belch and sleep would probably enjoy themselves.

One of the boys on our excursion was fascinated with the ants. They had made quite the ant trail.

Steve was fascinated by the thatch ceiling. No, he is not going to try to have this replicated in any of our homes.

Steve liked this art work. It was pretty rusty, but it represented a school of fish.

Soon we reached our snorkeling spot. The anchor was dropped and we got ready to go into the water.

Steve put his flippers on and was first to go in. Sorry, but no pictures of us in our masks. I should have asked one of the French guys to take our picture, but “Eh, bien!”

Here are Steve and the rest snorkeling, I quit early. I talked to one of the French ladies, but her accent was a little too thick for me to understand. Here is our guide, he found two conchs and wanted to know if they should be saved for lunch. We all told him no. I was surprised that the French said no, as I though the French love escargot. Here is our guide acting silly and pretending he was the conch god!After we snorkeled we went to another little island. No doubt Steve is looking for fish. The French family wandered around. I stayed near the boat. There was a lot of sea weed that had arrived in the area. In fact many areas have been bothered by Sargassum. We stopped at the Ranger station to pay the fee to visit the national park that we were visiting.

Soon it was back to the deserted island again for our lunch. A table was set up inside the building for us to eat at. There was a bar set up for drinks also.

There was cold lobster salad, grilled chicken and fish. Although lobster season is officially over until the lobsters finish mating you are allowed to serve lobster that has been previously caught and frozen.There was also a warm green salad, plantains and cole slaw.

Warm soft tacos also. I had a little of everything. The French group asked if they could move the tables outside. I of course thought this was crazy. That there must have been a reason for us to sit inside, maybe it would cut down on the bugs. So Steve and I ate inside, and tried to keep the food covered from the flies that came in through the open doors and window. Steve and I walked around the decaying resort. It was pretty creepy. This must have been the old fish tank in the dining room. I followed Steve down to the pier.

We took a look at the schools of swimming fish. Those are not weeds, but many fish!

Steve wandered off to the bar and found out that we could have Mojitos or Daiquiris so he brought back one of each.

We decided to joint the French family sitting outside. Here is the sugar cane that we could nibble on if we chose to.

It was enjoyable be talking to the one of the French guys, the ladies had wandered off elsewhere, the kids were fooling around and one of the French guys was taking pictures (Mr. French Guy #1). It turns out the Mr. French Guy #2(who was the late arriver this morning) worked for a man that Steve knew. Talk about a small world! He was probably late this morning as he was talking on the phone to the guy that Steve knew!

Steve and I both told Mr. French Guy #2 that it was the better decision to move the tables outside. As Americans, we tend to follow rules and think that there must have been a reason to keep the table inside. Mr. French Guy #2, said that the French don’t care what others think, and that if they think it is nice to move the tables outside, they will do so. He said, that the real reason the tables were not brought outside is that the staff is lazy, and didn’t want to move them back and forth! We heartily agreed!

We were offered some local chocolate. It was very good.

Then there was fresh coconut. Here were almonds and watermelon. The almonds were from trees on the island. They had fallen to the ground, birds had eaten the outer shell, and our guide smashed what was left for us to eat.

This required a lot of work to do!

We saw some frigate birds flying around. Lots of them. They are called the pirate bird, as they attack the cormorants and cause them to drop fish that the cormorant have caught. The frigate bird then steals the fish. The frigate bird has feathers that are not water repellant so they can’t catch their own fish. They liked to hang out at this island.

We had chips on our way back to the marina. Pico de gallo also.

Punta Gorda has one bridge over the river. It is a one lane bridge.

Coming in for a landing!

This was our boat, and the gear that the staff unloaded for the day. Our boat was called the Kulcha Beach.

When we got back to the Lodge I took a picture of Steve’s picture from yesterday. Like most lodges, anglers submit their pictures and people think that they too will catch a fish. Steve’s fish was a lovely fish.

These are the horses that you can ride on at Copal Tree Lodge. I am not sure if I showed you them before or not. I thought it was a bit too hot to ride in the jungle.

I saw the two yapping doctors at dinner and asked if they caught any fish today. They had nils, for two days in a row. Superior Steve caught nil the first day, and then a fish on each day following. Well, now I have jinxed Steve for the rest of the month. But, as he is not fishing the rest of the month, ha ha to the evil fishing spirits. Let’ s hope they will forget what I said and let Steve catch a fish in March!

We went to dinner early and I had a “Happy Mama”. I wasn’t too happy with it. Give me my fruity martini any day. I should have asked the bartender to just make me a fruity rum drink. Hold the chartreuse, gin and bitter. Steve had a Dark and Stormy, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Chef’s amuse bouche was pico de gallo on a plantain. Not my favorite.

Steve and I shared the grilled vegetable salad. There were too many grilled vegetables on it, to make me happy. I kept looking for pineapple in my salad!

I didn’t see anything on the menu that I was crazy about, so I asked the waitress if the chef could give me a piece of fish. Success! I am not sure what the purple stuff was. I didn’t care for it whatever is was, but the fish was good.

Steve had the chicken Bolognese. We have had it at home with turkey, but not chicken. He said it was quite tasty.

For my dessert I asked the waitress if instead of the cream puff with rum raisin ice cream and caramel sauce I could have vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce and she said Yes!

Do you ask for substitutions in a restaurant?

Are you French?

Do you show up early, late or never at all?

Belize, Sunday February 17, 2019

More pretty flowers to look at. My coffee came with cream in it already. That enabled me to be even more lazy, as I didn’t have to lift the pitcher and pour cream into my coffee.

Another glass of pineapple juice. This wasn’t quite as good as yesterday’s, as it wasn’t as frozen. Still awesome though!I decided to try the scrambled eggs. I think that the fried eggs tasted a little bit better.

I wasn’t sure if I showed you the bar in the dining area. They only make the coffees here. Downstairs there is a real bar.

After breakfast I went to see if we could sign up for snorkeling on Monday as Steve is not going fishing then. We took the last two slots, good thing I signed up when I did, I sure would be unhappy if I missed out. I also checked on our flights for departing on Tuesday. We were thinking about going to see the Mayan ruins before our afternoon flight. At first I thought we were leaving at 12:30, but the receptionist thought we were on a later flight. We would only have a 40 minute connection at Belize City, much less than the 2 hours required for an international flight. The 11:30 flight was full, so I began to panic. There was a 9:30 flight, but then we would have had to wait in Belize City for a long long time. A call was made to get us on the 9:30 flight, and the concierge found out that we were already scheduled for the 11:30 flight. Phew!

In celebration of my good luck of being actually able to leave Paradise and fly home I booked a massage for Sunday afternoon.

On my way back to the room I decided to walk to the yoga pavilion. There are signs for it just further up the hill form our canopy suites. Hmm… just follow the signs. Up the hill a little farther. There it is. Looks like it is under construction. There is a nice view, but I think the view from our Canopy Suites is nicer. The floor looks nice. The floor on our veranda where i have put my mat, has slots between the wood. Pretty flowers on the way back. Here is the view of the river from just below the Canopy Suites. went down to lunch at about 11:30 as I was scheduled to have a massage at 1.

This is a view of the dining area at lunch time before all the guests arrive. Now that all our children are grown and we don’t have any grandchildren I have decided I am not crazy about little kids in the dining room. I am not sure where I want them, but I definitely don’t want them sitting next to me. I have become an uncaring individual.

I ordered a slightly sweetened ice tea. It was so dark that it looked like a cola but it was an ice tea.

I ordered the salad with fruit and grilled chicken. Today we had watermelon again. I have decided that I prefer pineapple. Who would have thought it? Next thing you know I will order pizza with pineapple on it also!

This is the downstairs bar area. They have a picture flip stand of all the fish that the anglers have caught during their stay here. I emailed the concierge Steve’s picture from yesterday. I was so excited for him to see it when he came back from his fishing trip today.

I was escorted to my massage at 1. They had a nice changing room where I could shower before my massage. I think it is a nice thing to do for the masseuse. Who wants to rub oil all over a dirty body? It’s not always possible, but when it is, I do so. Of course afterwards you are supposed to let the oils stay on your body until they are well absorbed. So then you have to walk around with a greased up body and hair all akimbo from the oils and the pulling on your scalp. Instead of going back up to our pool and room I figured I would relax by the pool.

I didn’t get much of a chance to relax as Tatoo man came by the lower pool.

He was covered with them! I showed Steve a picture later and he thought having left tattooed on the left hand was a good idea. Steve wondered about having clockwise and counter clockwise tattooed somehow as he always gets that confused.

I thought that Steve would be coming back from his fishing so I went to the bar area to sit and watch for him. As I mentioned before I was so excited to see him.

Well, I waited and waited. Finally it was almost 5 o’clock and I thought I might wade in our pool until Steve came up the tram. Instead, I found Steve in the pool! He had taken a different set of stairs to the floor where the tram was. So of course, I got mad at him, for not taking the proper staircase (meaning the staircase I thought he was going to use). He got mad at me for being mad at him. So now we are both not speaking to each other. Give us twenty years or so and we might talk to each other again.

Well we finally made up on the way down to dinner. He didn’t have to do too much groveling. I was too excited to tell him about tattoo man to stay mad at him for long.

Steve did catch anther permit today. That was two in a row! All the other anglers were quite envious of him! Today’s fish was even bigger than yesterday’s fish.

I was quite excited at dinner as Tattoo Man and his wife were sitting next to us. However they moved to a different location.

Our amuse bouche was chicken salad on a cucumber slice.

Steve had the roasted vegetable soup.

I had the shrimp seviche

For our entree Steve and I both had the snook.

Steve had the spice cake for his dessert.

I had the lime pie with banana ice cream.

Since Tattoo Man and his wife moved away from us we ended up having two yapping fishermen doctors sit next to us. Everything was ‘dude” this or “bro” that. I found it annoying. So now I have decided that no one should sit near us, ever.

I think that Tattoo Man was afraid that I would strike up a conversation and ask him about his tattoos.

What was your first tattoo?

Which is your last?

Do you have any in hidden areas?

Which was your most painful?

When did you start?

What made you thing this was a good idea?

Do you have any that you regret getting?

What do you want to get tattooed next?

How much have you spent on tattoos?

Do you have an annual budget?

Do you go to the same tattoo artist each time?

Why isn’t your chest area tattooed yet?

Do colored tattoos cost more than the black ones?

Is the woman tattooed on your belly your wife?

What does your wife feel about these topless women tattooed on your body?

Did you wife pose for the topless women tattoos? Why or why not?

Do you look at your wives non tattooed body and think she needs some tattoos?

Since I had so many questions for tattoo man I won’t ask you any.

Belize Saturday February 16, 2019

Good morning! One of the pleasures of going south during the winter is seeing flowers in bloom. I had a cup of coffee with milk and sugar again. Yesterday I actually asked for half and half. I have no idea if I got it or not. I met a guy in the grocery store once and we had quite the discussion of the merits of half and half versus light cream in your coffee. I thought there was no difference. The man insisted on light cream. No worries, Steve was in the milk aisle getting our 2% milk for cereal! I decided to go for the fried eggs and bacon. That bacon was really good, the eggs were very fresh, the color of the yolk was very vibrant. I am not sure if that means the eggs were fresh or not, but supposedly most of the food at this resort is farm to table. I asked if they had juice this morning and got fresh pineapple juice. It was a almost like a smoothie, so cold and delicious.

After breakfast I did some stretching. The Physiatrist that I go to says I have to stretch for 30 minutes each day. We are hoping that it will help my arthritis and overall body movement. I don’t need surgery, but I do have real range of motion issues. I even brought a yoga mat with me. Now that is dedication. I think that they have a yoga studio here, I may explore to find it, or may not. It was nearing lunch time, so I went back to check out our pool. That’s my gear on the chaise lunge all the way to the right. It gets shadier there first in the afternoon, so I figured I better claim it while our neighbors were off examining the Mayan ruins. Steve had mentioned yesterday that we have a lot of equipment on our roof. i think that is equipment to heat the hot water, and also for the wifi up in the canopy suites. Lunch was the green salad with chicken. Today they chef put watermelon on the salad. There was a big noisy group at lunch today. About 12 people. They were talking very loudly. I heard snippets of the conversation, San Francisco, chocolate, cereal, no fat and cancer. I hope they are not staying here.

After lunch it was back to the pool where I waited for Steve. Let’s hope he catches a fish!

Yay! Steve caught his permit. Now we can all relax.

Before dinner I asked Steve if he wanted to go on the tram with me down to the river. I asked our neighbors earlier today if they had gone on it and they said they had. She is afraid of heights, as I am so I did not want to do it by myself.

On our way to the tram I spied the cookies that I had mentioned in yesterday’s blog post. I couldn’t refuse and tried one.

It was pretty good.

Here is Steve getting in the tram.

Down we headed on the tram to the river.

There was a French couple who wanted to walk down the steps. There were a lot of steps.

Then another couple came following their friends.

We got to the bottom. I was worried that they would want to go back with us in the tram, it only holds four people and we would be six!

I asked Steve to take a picture of me as most of my pictures are of him. (Actually they are of him, food, his fish and other stuff.) I don’t trust him often with a camera. He did an alright job here. I am in the center of the picture and in focus. The clothes that I am wearing have insecticide in them. I am tying to not get bitten by bugs. Now, not only will I be rotting from the inside out with all my strange ailments, but will have my outer layer decay at the same time. Just give me another 20 years or so, that should be enough to keep me happy. By then just think how many blog followers I may have!

There was some construction going on. I think they are making a new pathway to the river. There was supposed to be a gym here, but I sure wouldn’t want to come down here and exercise.

Here we have Steve looking at the river. I am not sure what he is thinking. I just pray that he stays between the crocodiles and me. There were kayaks for those individuals who wanted to paddle around. No thank you.

One of the French guys stayed longer to get pictures. It was very pretty out. I liked the reflection in the water of the trees. Except for that smudge in the water. Do you think it was a crocodile? I didn’t stay long enough to find out. So back up the tram we went. The French people all went up the stairs. No wonder they were so slim and trim. The one lady was looking for her husband. I hope he returned, safe and sound. Deviled eggs were are amuse bouche tonight. I do like a good deviled egg. These were quite fresh, sometimes they are made hours in advance so the yolk is quite hard. These were very creamy. Steve had the green salad, which was very similar to my salad at lunch minus the chicken. No your eyes are not out of focus, it was the low light. I had the conch fritters for my starter.

Steve’s entree was the filet mignon wrapped in bacon with the fried egg on top.

I had the shrimp creole with rice. Thankfully it was not too spicy.

Steve had another glass of red wine for dessert. I had a ginger curd with coconut cookie and some kind of fruit sauce. Steve asked me what kind of fruit it was. I couldn’t remember from the menu and was too tired to ask. I liked the sauce very much. The family at the next table ordered a Happy Mama drink with their dinner. The father and the grandfather said they were going to rename it a Happy Dad. Perhaps I will have another specialty drink Sunday night before dinner.

Have you ever caught a permit?

Can you tell the difference between half and half and light cream?

Do you know the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?

Belize Friday February 15, 2019

Good morning! Steve got up early to go fishing. The package we were on included fishing for me also, but I don’t like to get up early If it would be guaranteed that I would catch many fish, and have a non bumpy boat ride, there is a small chance that I might join Steve.

I pushed the button to call the tram to pick me up for the ride down to the dining area.

It arrived quickly.

This is the wheel that the cable for the tram winds around.

Let’s get in and check out breakfast.

Hot coffee, always a delight in the morning. Plus my very own glass of sugar. I ordered the French toast with fruit. They didn’t have any orange juice or butter today. The lady next to me at breakfast asked for butter for her toast, I was surprised when they said they were out. After breakfast I went to explore a little bit. This is the pool for the guests not staying in the canopy suites. The pool looked very nice. It was well shaded, for those who don’t like the sun. Our pool was lovely, but the chaise lounges are all in the sun, and looked too big to move. I went back through the downstairs lounge and bar. I will have to take a picture another day of the bar. I feel I am going to need to pad the rest of my days as there is not much going on here. I pushed the button again to head up to our suite.

I ended up spending most of the morning here blogging about Wednesday and our travel on Thursday. It was cool in the shade. Our two neighbors enjoyed the sun and the pool. They have been here since Sunday and will leave Monday.

While at the pool the Howler Monkeys were howling.

Then it was back down to the dining area for lunch. I had a delicious salad with grilled chicken and pineapple. The ladies next to me were having pina coladas. I told them I was tempted. They told me “We are sitting right next to you! You are not drinking alone!”

It took them a long time to get their drinks, I was happy I stuck with an iced tea.

Dessert was banana and vanilla ice cream.

I hung out at the room all afternoon, switching from our deck, to the pool deck, thoroughly enjoying myself and feeling more and more relaxed.

Steve came back from fishing just after 4. He had a very disappointing nil. That means no fish. However none of the other anglers who went out fishing with the guides from Copal Tree got fish either. Steve did see some permit, and threw out a few casts at them, but none of them took the fly. Let’s wish him better luck next time.

We decided to go down to dinner a little early and get a drink at the bar downstairs. We sat on the lower veranda, but no one came to offer us a drink so we went up to the restaurant. I was a bit overwhelmed, I saw some cookies on an end table and desperately wanted them, but knew I would spoil my dinner. I don’t like sitting at bars, so didn’t want to sit there. The waitresses were much more proactive and offered us a drink menu with all the specialty drinks offered her.

Steve had a Jaguar Pizz in honor of my car.

He drank it very quickly!

I had a Belizean Howler Monkey. I sipped mine.

Here is Steve enjoying the view.

Here is Steve enjoying the view of me. I warned you, that not much was happening and I would need to pad the post!

Our amuse bouche for tonight was a mini taco.

We each had the lightly batter dipped shrimp on cucumbers. It was exceptionally good. It was described as a shrimp and cucumber salad.

We each had the fish. I asked to have mine with rice.

Steve had his served on polenta.

For dessert Steve had ice cream. He didn’t particularly care for it as it was very grainy.

I had the Budino. I only ate half of it.

How do you take your coffee?

When you look at your spouse, do you look at them like you are scared to death of them?

Do you consider cookies a proper cocktail canapé?

Off to the secret location, Thursday February 14, 2019

Good morning from Houston! Last night when I looked out the window, I thought that was a another hotel. Ha Ha Turns out it was a parking garage!

Look at all the different hallways on our floor. The suggestion of using colored lights was a smart one. Makes it much easier to know what direction you need to go to find your room. I don’t know how many times I have screwed up going in the wrong way after getting off an elevator because the signage was poor. Silver lettering on a grey background and a small font! This is much better, “Go down the yellow hallway!”We entered the elevator and pushed S for shuttle. That was easy!

This is where Linda screwed up. The tram went in a big circle, and Steve wanted to go right. I insisted on going left. Going right meant you went directly to the D/E terminals. Going left meant you take the scenic route. Which we did. We went by the B and A terminals, then the Marriott stop, then the C terminal and then finally the D/E terminals However taking the scenic route meant we were on an empty tram. No one in this direction. No one in this direction also. Which means, you know what happens next don’t you? Yes, Linda tries for an eyes open wide smooch on her husband. I think the plain old selfie was a better picture. We finally found our terminal and it was time to look for breakfast. Steve saw the sign for Ruby’s and thought it would make a good choice. The Siracha Bloody Mary scared me away. Remember, I don’t like spicy stuff. We were going to try Starbucks, but they didn’t have the egg sandwiches that Steve likes. Instead we went Gavi. They had the ordering system on iPad’s which I always find difficult. The waitress had to come over to help us. Steve had and omelette with home fries. The home fries had been prepared yesterday, so they were a bit cold. The ketchup was great with the homesfries though.

I had the lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberries. Well actually five blueberries and some compote. I ate one pancake. It tasted like a cross between a pancake and lemon loaf. Not sure what I had expected. I thought about watching Bohemian Rhapsodey, but the screen was pretty tiny and it started with some notes on paper that I couldn’t read, so I decided I would watch it at home from a library DVD. There were five planes ahead of us. We were off! Good bye Houston!

Lots of white fluffy clouds. Houston looks like it is around a lot of water. I was trying to figure out if I could tell where there was flood damage. I don’t know what the area looked like before so….who knows? I will tell you we were heading south from Houston. I was exited about watching “Hoarders” on the plane. One of my guilty pleasures is watching that and “My 600 Pound Life”. It always makes me feel good about myself, my life is nowhere that much out of control. Although if you did see my paper book romance collection and my 23,000 photos in my iCloud you would roll your eyes at me!

Unfortunately I only got to watch half the program because as soon as we left the continental United States we lost our Direct TV signal. So it was back to reading and Bohemian Rhapsody already in progress. We got our warm nuts and my ice water. Lunch was pretty yucky. A mushroom ravioli with more fennel on the salad. Dessert was a warm apple something. Not quite a cookie, nor a pie. Although it wasn’t very good I ate it. I am addicted to sugar, let’s just put it out there. We passed over a beautiful beach We are heading south over Mexico. That was Merida.

We passed over some phosphate mines and then landed in Belize City. We ended up landing before the movie was over so I guess I will have to borrow it from the library after all! Here is Sydney. We arranged to have her meet us past customs and help us get our plane tickets. It was a small airport, and we probably didn’t need her assistance, but as the hotel booked our next set of flights I wanted to make sure someone else was in charge of making sure we were going to get to where we needed to go. There were many shops at the airport. This may count as my grocery store as I don’t think that I will be wandering around town by myself.

We waited about two hours for our next flight. I would read a chapter in my paperback, then read one on my kindle app and then walk to stretch my legs. Every once in awhile we would notice someone remarkable. There seemed to be a lot of beer drinking in the airport. Steve remarked that is what most people do on beach vacation. Drink, sun and then drink some more. I sit in the shade, sober and blog. It is possible that if I drunkblogged, my blog might be more interesting. However as Steve edits the blog, it is highly likely that my drunk blog posts would not survive.

You can see that we still have our puff jackets on. The air conditioning was going full blast and we were freezing! Those puff jackets are wonderful, you can smoosh them up and they easily fit in your backpack. I did notice at the airport that many of the stores sold hot sauce and booze. Soon it was time to get on our flight. We weren’t sure how it would work, we lined up at one point thinking it was time, and then we were told to sit down. Then our names were called and they told us to follow the rest of the people onto a plane.

It is a small plane!

It was very small. As was that baby. To get in the plane you went through this opening behind Steve. They snapped one part of the door up. Then they brought the rest down. This lady was constantly on her phone going through her pictures.

We saw a number of tree plantations with some fires that looked like they were well controlled. First stop was Dangrio. A few people got off. Selfie lady was doing a good job tweeking her pictures. There appeared to be many big ass homes here. These homes were on the way to Placencia.Our second stop. About six people got off here, and one guy got on with a bouquet of flowers.

A lot of stuff was loaded onto the plane.

These roses were placed behind me on the plane. They must have cost a fortune! The plane was pretty empty by now. They didn’t ask us to move our seats. I was wondering about that. Sometimes on the smaller planes they need to balance the load. This was a a cruise ship island. There was a big swimming pool, lots of beaches and chairs. Most of the land we flew over had lots of green, and these interesting rivers. We were finally near our destination. Punta Gorda. We are going to be staying in the rain forest, near the coast. Steve will be fishing, while I will stay sober and blog. I am not sure if I will go to the beach at all. It was another small airport.

Good bye plane! I hope someone meets us here to take us to the resort! We waited outside with our luggage and selfie girl with boyfriend. We met the driver from Copal Tree lodge, and our four bags got loaded into the Jeep.

This is the center of town where the market is held. If I went to a grocery store I would ask to go to Tim’s. It looks like the biggest in town.

Here is sugar cane. When they are ready do harvest, it is cut down to the ground. Then the soil is tilled and new sugar cane roots are planted. Follow the signs to Copal Tree Lodge. This is where we will be staying.

Yay! We have entered the grounds.

This is the organic garden. There is a coffee plantation on site, a rum distillery and also a stable with horses to ride. This will not be a beach vacation, although Steve will be fishing of course.

This is a picture of a permit. Steve hopes to catch one of these. They are very hard to catch. We have our fingers crossed.

We were given a refreshing glass of ginger tea. It was refreshing but spicy!

Are you ready to see our room? We took a tram up to our room. We are in one of the four canopy suites. They are supposed to be larger, and have a better view. nothing but the best for Linda! There are about eight other regular suites, and a villa. I think the villa is for families.

Our room is just across the patio the left most door.

There was a small covered seating area outside the canopy suites. I am praying that we don’t have neighbors that like to party like crazy, because that seriously looks like a nice place to hang out! Looking in the other direction is the pool with an invisible edge. I had always wanted a pool in our back yard in Poughkeepsie. Steve tolerated my thoughts and said “Go ahead, and get an estimate!”. Well my estimate for my dream pool was over $200,000! Thankfully I came to my senses and declined the generous estimate that the pool salesman offered us. The pool would have been quite special, with an invisible edge, retractable cover, beach style entry, and waterfall. Of course, I would hardly use it at all as I am not crazy about being outside in weather that is either too hot or too cold, or too humid. I like the air around me moving just a tad and a constant 72 unless I am sleeping.

We are in room 15. Get ready. Walking in I wanted to cry. It was so large.

There was a closet to the right, with a safe.

To the left was the bathroom.

What is that outside on the deck facing the jungle?

Why it’s a soaking tub! Of course, doesn’t everyone need to bathe with a view? There was also a large shower and a toilet, but unless it is a $10,000 Japanese toilet with fans, cleansing wands and heated seats, I will rarely take their picture!

Let’s explore the room a little more. Big bed with fake mosquito netting for a romantic mood.

Large sofa that could possible used to take a nap.

Another view of the bed.

There was a desk to throw stuff on.

Should we look outside? Through the doors we go. Another sofa to hangout on to my left. To the right was a hammock and more chairs to lounge on. This is my kind of place! Steve tried out the hammock but said it was a little bit too small for his frame. I won’t try it unless he is around as I am likely to get trapped in it. ‘This is a view from the outside looking in.

Here is a closeup of the beautiful birds of paradise flowers in our room. We unpacked and then it was time for dinner.

There were more beautiful flowers in the dining room.

This is where I chose to sit. All the tables were outside on the veranda.

It started to get dark pretty quick, once the sun began to set.

As it was Valentine’s Day we had a special menu.

Steve drank wine, and I had a glass of sparkling wine.

The amuse bouche was bread and butter. ????? I think bread and butter should always be served, but I will follow the chef’s lead on this one, amuse bouche it is.

I had the conch and corn chowder soup to start.

Steve had the chicken wings, which were really messy to eat.

Steve’s entree was lamb.

I had the lobster special. Today was the last day that lobster could be legally caught in Belize. They are off limits so they can spawn.

Steve had the vanilla spice cake.

I had the chocolate tart.

Do you drink more than normal while you are on vacation?

How much time a day do you spend curating your selfie collection?

Did you think “I want to go there!”, when you saw my room?