On our way home! Wednesday February 20, 2019

What a dreary sight out our window. Fingers crossed that the rain here won’t delay our departures, and that the snow back home will not delay our arrival home. It’s nice to have a car service, so we don’t have to worry about driving. We do need to worry that our driver will stay on the road, and that no one rams into us. Fingers and toes crossed!

We got on the tram to the gates. Steve successfully picked the right tram to go on. If we picked mine, we might still be circling the terminals! Just kidding, it would have been only a few more stops. After dropping off our bags we found the signs for TSA pre-check and off we went. We did have a complaint that the TSA pre check sign was not very visible, but we successfully found the entrance anyway. Once again, only one or two people ahead of us in line. Here is a statue of President George HW Bush.

That’s our hotel! Glad we got to use underground trams instead of walking and walking.

We passed by a bar in the terminal. I hope this doesn’t give CB any ideas! Although I looked closely and it seemed many bottles were repeats. It still was impressive!

For breakfast we couldn’t find Ruby’s, so we had breakfast at Cat Cora’s Restaurant. I think that she is on the food network.

Steve had scrambled eggs, that he liked very much.

I was debating between the waffle and the fried eggs. The waffle has whipped marscapone on it, so I got the eggs. I do not like mascarpone at all. The breakfast was tasty. The coffee was burnt and thin.

We had found our gate prior to breakfast and then returned to sit there for an hour before our boarding to La Guardia.

We were not sure if we would have delays on our trip home as there was snow in the New York area. There were rumors that we would have a 2.5 hour delay. That was not going to be fun!

We were off! Goodbye Houston airport, you can hold a lot of cars in your parking lots! Yummy warm nuts. I watched the Mr. Roger’s movie. It made me cry. Lunch was the macaroni and cheese with grilled chicken. It was no better this time around. There was snow on the ground. I think this was a cemetery. We ended up landing right on time. We also didn’t have to wait for our luggage, as it had flown out on the earlier morning flight!

It took us longer than expected on the drive home, but no one ran into us, and our driver didn’t run into anyone so it was all okay.

I hope you enjoyed our trip to Belize and back!

Did you vote for George HW Bush?

Do you watch the Food Network?

Do you make home made macaroni and cheese?

Thursday March 8, 2018 Good Bye -Arroyo Verde!

Another day and another breakfast, but no picture for you!I forgot to show you this wooden bird carving of a KingFisher. It was in the sun room.

Steve said Good Bye to his guide Fernando.

Tight lines to you Fernando! Steve told me a very funny story that Fernando told him. He was fishing with the famous singer of Margaritaville fame. The gentleman had a big fish on, and then lost it. He was bitching and swearing. Francisco told him “be quiet and cast now!” Well, he did, and caught and landed an even bigger fish! The moral of the story is to shut up, stop sulking and get your line in the water!

Here I am with all my Argentinian friends. On the left is Marcel P, next is his Father Marcus, Moi, Tomas son of English, and then English. I just googled the P family and they are good friends of the father of Maxima, the Queen of the Netherlands! Now if only the internet was fast when I was in Argentina! This turned out to be quite the royal connection vacation after all!

The family was going out on an all day ride and then picnic. The ladies had the most beautiful riding pants. They had roses embroidered along the side. Here I am with Katrina. I think that this is as close to a Tiara as I will ever get! Katrina has a double last name also. I think that means that she has a serious family background! She was telling us at dinner about one of her friend’s houses that she stayed at back in the day. There was a Renoir on this wall, a Van Dyck on that wall, a Ruebens here, you know the type of house I am talking about don’t you? Or rather, castle! Steve and I took another walk before our car service was going to pick us up. We headed toward the pond. Here it is! Have a Labrador with you on a hike, and there will be a swim in the pond!I could get big money with this picture, couldn’t I?I think the other picture is nicer, don’t you?We headed back to the Estancia over the grates. Horses and cattle don’t like going over the grates, that’s why there are the grates. We went to settle up our bill. Here is Steve with a condor feather! They are huge! One last peek in our room, to make sure that we have everything. It is amazing that I never walked into that pole on the way to the bathroom at night! Speaking of forgetting stuff, we ended up having to bring back the ipad of one of our new friends from the South back to the States, so we could mail it to him. I was petrified that at security they were going to make me turn it on. It was an iPad and thankfully the bad guys don’t make iPad bombs yet. Here I am saying goodbye to Marina, one of the daughters of Meme, the original owner. Good bye Marina! I hope we come back again! I hope you don’t sell the Estancia! Steve says that they probably have investment bankers come by every week to make an offer. The fishing when it is right is tremendous! This is a picture of the type of fish that is possible in April. That is a beautiful fish!

Here we are at the gate. Good bye Arryo Verde! Did you know that Jeff Bezos was going to come here? His security staff didn’t think that it was safe enough for him, so he didn’t come. This is the river that Steve took the drift boat along. I didn’t go. It would have been pretty, but trapped in a boat for seven hours is not my cup of tea, or glass of pisco! We stopped near Barliloche for a picture. Isn’t that view gorgeous? Look at my mouth! It looks like I need a cap installed ASAP! Plus, I must weigh an extra 100 pounds in my gut! That’s what that Patagonian wind will do for you!

Here is a little video for you of our view towards Bariloche and the mountains! Everytime I see a bunch of luggage lined up, I am so happy that we are on a private trip. We never have to wait for anyone else. We can go and do whatever we want to do. I don’t know what this billboard says, but it has my name on it, so it must be good! This man was sitting across from me in the airport. I think that he spends a lot of time on his looks. The hair was disheveled just so, but the mustache was on point! This guy had the point shoe and tight jean leggings. Aren’t you thankful I didn’t do a frontal view? Good bye Bariloche! Next stop Buenos Aries!