Off to Africa!

This trip is a celebration of our dear daughter's graduation from college. She was promised a trip anywhere in the world if she accomplished her goal of graduating and so here we are. Here we are at JFK. Sally and Collin met us in Poughkeepsie and we had a car service drive us to JFK. Always the wise choice instead of fighting traffic and looking for a parking space.
Our check in and security went smoothly and the line butters ended up getting flagged by security for more screening so I was quite happy.
We had a nice light dinner at the Delta Sky Miles Club and proceeded to our gate for our overnight flight to Amsterdam. We sat four abreast and it was cute to see that Collin and Sally hold hands during take off just like Steve and I do. 💗 It took awhile to taxi and take off, and all during that time I wondered where my pills were. I knew I had taken my evening pills at the Delta Club, but couldn't remember where I put them! . Finally the seat belt sign turned off and I searched my bag, no pills, and then I found them in Steve's bag where they belonged! Whew! Steve muttered a few words about me losing important stuff while I searched frantically!
Having my pills was quite important to me. Two weeks after our last trip to South America I got a blood clot in my left thigh from calf to thigh. I was hospitalized for three days and was placed on Xarelto. Losing the pills and getting a new clot in the middle of. Africa was not something we were hoping to happen!
So I took half an Ambien and went to sleep. The others enjoyed dinner on the plane. Steve recognized my lie flat bed and eye mask as signs to not wake me for my meal!
I slept fitfully as one does on a plane and woke up at 3 NY time for breakfast and preparation for landing. Next stop Amsterdam airport!