Gili Lankanfushi January 7, 2018 Spa Treatments and a trip to the gym?

The resort had a jet lag special at the spa, if you booked together it was $199 for a one hour massage. As Steve and I adore massages and we were jet lagged we arranged the spa for the morning of our first full day. This is the entrance of the spa. As you could see it from our back deck, we didn’t need Shazu our Ms. Friday to bring us there.

The treatment started with a foot soak, and then a scrub a dub dub of crystals to invigorate our sore feet. We were in heaven already!

We entered the room to find the normal massage tables. In the floor were cutouts so you could watch the activity below the spa! It was so much fun to see the fish swim below. I think all spas should do this, just put a television on the floor and cover it with plexiglass!

Here is a video of the experience!

After the massage we went upstairs to the second floor of the spa. Here Steve is pointing out something to me, what it was i don’t remember. However as you know I love a good posed picture I thought I would share it with you.

The lovely ladies gave us some orange slices, almonds, cold water and hot ginger tea to refresh us after our treatment. The ginger tea is supposed to help energize you and aid in the elimination of toxins. It sure was spicy!

This lovely lady gave Steve his massage. She delightfully posed for the blog.

On the way back from the massage we decided to see what the gym looked like. They had two Pilates reformers, a DVD constantly going with a Pilates session. There were also yoga mats, although each room was provided with their own yoga mats. There were free Yoga sessions daily, although we didn’t attend any. They were held outside, in the morning and afternoon. The gym was air conditioned, and had treadmill, ellipticals, a bike, free weights, and a few weight bearing machines. There was a refrigerator with cold towels in it also. If you forgot your gym shoes, you could borrow some at the spa.

Look at this view. Well it’s a lousy photograph, but it really was nice to look out the window. We quickly said goodby to the gym, who wants to ruin a good zen with a workout?

This was the outside of the gym entrance. Above is where the Japanese restaurant is located.

We head back to the our villa and think about what we want to do next. Here you can see the water cisterns conveniently placed to cool feet. Steve saw one of the resort’s workers refill them. He just dumped out the old, and put new water from below in them. Although you could probably figured that out on your own now, couldn’t you?

Here’s a calming video for you to enjoy. This was taken from our deck. I’ll have to stop now as we have a cocktail party to attend at Como Maalafushi where we are now.

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Gili Lankanfushi, December 7, 2018 Wandering Around Property

Let’s wander about after breakfast, shall we? Although I think Steve looks like he has some doubts about this. Where will I ask him to pose for a picture next?

Well he managed to safely stay out of this one. This is the Main Restaurant. The breakfast displays were all under the canopy on the right. Tables were on the left. Even if you weren’t on seated closest to the water you still had a magnificent view!

Here is Steve demonstrating how to get your feet wet. He does a might fine job, doesn’t he? Speaking of mighty fine, check out the lounge area under the canopy! It has my name all over it! Now I hope you can recall the trouble at our hotel in the Galápagos Islands. There was only one really good table to sit at at dinner. Unfortunately two couples at our hotel camped out and didn’t share the table. One member of the group was assigned the duty of racing to the table (or front viewing cushions on the boat). They would plop down their gear and hog the table for the rest of the afternoon and onto evening. They would sit there after the cruise at 4, and then never vacate the table until 11 at night. They would sit there and chat, ordering a beer or two and then finally their dinner at eight. Steve and I who could eat dinner in an hour grew frustrated at his behavior. (Especially me-Steve doesn’t let it bother him. I stew, and wish evil diseases on them!) I think chair hogs are the worst!

So when I saw this lounge area I told Steve that I hoped to be able to sit there part of the stay. Would I? That’s story is for another blog post!

This is the view from the back of the pool. The palm trees had little wells around them and the pool had an infinity edge. Lounge chairs were placed between the pool and the beach. If you wanted lunch or a drink, the gentleman who operated the ice cream shack would have it delivered.

There were also hammocks, if you wanted to sit in them. To the left was a raised platform, if you wanted an even better tan because you were closer to the sun. (Not really, but that was such a fanciful idea I had to add it!)

This was the interior of the ice cream shack, here you could get ice cream bars, or dishes of several different flavors. No chocolate but they did have stracciatella-vanilla with chocolate shavings. You could also order lunch, and eat it poolside. Want a beer? No problem.

One last view of the pool and we are off to explore a little more!

Tennis anyone? There is a resident pro, who will give you lessons. That’s her in the white top and the orange skirt.

Plenty of bike parking available here!

This is the way to our villa. We were staying in number 30. There are 44 over water villas on property, Seven separate stand alone villas that were not connected to land via a jetty, and then the Residence. All you had to do was to call your Mr. or Ms. Friday and a shuttle boat would appear to take you wherever you wanted to go.

Here is Steve walking back to our villa.

Spaced evenly on the jetty, were these earthenware pots that held water.

The deck got really hot, and our American feet were not up to the task. I stopped in front of every pot and got my feet wet. wish I could tell you the name of the Nail Polish, but I forgot. I tease Steve all the time, about how wonderful my feet are. as I love the shape of my feet. They are nice and wide, I have great stability. It makes it difficult to find shoes that fit, but whatever!

This is a view of the gym and the Japanese Restaurant. It was just off our jetty.

This is a little video from our jetty. There were lots of fish to see. One day we saw a shark, and another day a sting ray.

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Gili Lankanfushi, January 7, 2018 Breakfast

Good morning sleepy heads, its time to get up! This is the view from our deck. Since we are very close to the equator the days are about 12 hours long. Gili Lankanfushi has it’s own island time. One hour ahead of the time in Male. Many of the resorts do this also, so people can enjoy the sunrises and sunsets better.

Part of the breakfast display was in the wine cellar. Here you see a lovely spread of cheeses and cured meats. Having your own private dinner in the wine cellar was option also.

Fabrice, the sommelier offered wine and cheese tastings in the afternoons also. I believe there was a ~$75 up-charge for that.

Here are some of the beautiful chocolates under glass, in the wine cellar. I think there might have been a wine and chocolate tasting available each afternoon also. I am really surprised that I didn’t try to open the cases and sample a few of the treats, but I was too busy documenting for the blog!

Here is a display of all the different types of honey you could choose at breakfast.

Just like the Club level room at the Ritz in Santiago, Chile; there was a honey comb on display.

Here we have a display of all the different types of jam you might want to put on your toast or croissant.

Speaking of croissant’s, here is a display of all the fresh pastries. Nothing beats a chocolate croissant for breakfast in 80 degree weather. The inside is all warm and gooey, and the pastry flakes all over your clothes. Heaven!

This was our table, We had a beautiful view of the ocean, and we were in the shade, just delightful!

Every morning we had two cappuccino’s. Don’t they look pretty with the cocoa starfish on top?

I ordered scrambled eggs with toast for my breakfast. Eggs could be ordered in any style including Eggs Benedict.

Lots of choices available at the juice bar! There were also bottles of champagne if someone wanted to have Mimosa’s in the morning. On the rack there were little tinctures if you wanted to doctor up your drink. Not alcohol, but elixirs, to detox, invigorate, or cure any aches and pains that you might have. I drank my Orange juice straight up. Next visit I’ll have to walk on the wild side and try one of the elixir’s. It might make a new woman out of me!

Here is a close up of all the little bottles. I think there was a run on the Detoxifying Elixir!

All the dry cereals were in these coconut shells. The lighting was very bad, and it was difficult to read all the labels. You had to lift up every lid and check inside to find out what the cereal was! There was a little boy from England who had his father opening up every lid trying to locate the Froot Loops for him. Steve even ended up joining in on the search for the little boy’s favorite cereal.

Decisions, decisions, here is Steve trying to decide what to put on his plate.

You could have spring rolls, or this Maldavian dish that had lots of coconut in it.

There were bowls of fresh lettuces that were grown in the garden on property.

If you wanted soup at breakfast, you could have that also.

Every morning fresh cut up fruit was available. All you need to do was point and ask. I especially likes the dragon fruit, it was so pretty!

I had a lovely salad also. How could I resist the fresh greens straight from the garden?

Doesn’t this fruit look mouth watering? Believe me, it was!

I leave you with a picture of Steve contemplating absolutely nothing. It was zen her in Gili Lankfushi!

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Gili Lankanfushi, January 6, 2018 it’s Saturday night!

Now that you have completed the grand tour of our bungalow, it is time for dinner. There are three restaurants on property, The Over the Water Bar and Restaurant (seen above). The Main restaurant and the Japanese Restaurant. With our resort package we got a full breakfast and a $100 credit per person toward dinner. Lunch would be on our own. It is smart idea to get the food package as food is very expensive here. After all, everything has to be shipped or flown here.

We were shown to a lovely table overlooking the water. There weren’t many other diners in the restaurant, not only could you eat in one of the restaurants, you could elect to have dinner delivered to a romantic location on the beach!

Here is the view from our seat, looking across to some of the other villas.

I did a bad job of reading the special dinner menu, and thought it was $120 per person and we would only be paying a $20 up-charge. Steve caught it right away, but gentleman that he is said the choice was fine. Add in two glasses of wine, the added service charge and Maldivian tax and it was a very expensive dinner!

The dinner included a bottle of champagne also. It was all very tasty, especially the chocolate dessert! But then when is chocolate ever the wrong choice? There was an area in the bar of the restaurant where you could hang out and look at the open area for fish swimming below. We were a bit tired, and so didn’t hang out. Of course, I am not one to hang out in bars anyway, so Steve had no expectations of my staying.

When we go back to our room we found the night attendant had fancied up the bed for us. I don’t know how long it would take me to figure our how to create this design!

Here is a close up of the pleating of the sheets. Night Night everyone!

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Gili Lankanfushi, Villa Suites January 6, 2018

The room types at Gili Lankanfushi range from one and two bedroom overwater villas, to free standing overwater villas and then the creme de la creme rent the Residence, a four bedroom amazing house with its own pool and slide. We stayed in a one bedroom over water villa that was connected to the mainland by a jetty.  It was more than comfortable for the two of us.  Although I wanted to sneak a peak at the Residence it was occupied during our stay.  The free standing villas appeared to have water gardens, and hammocks outside the villas and were a little larger.  A9FDA5BB-E5CC-4F87-8257-6DA10498F372

So this morning I left you outside the front door.  Well come on in!

4DD34282-33F1-4703-8C54-9FA529474258This is the open air living room. It looks out to the Indian Ocean.  There are two couches on each side. The bedroom is through the door.

7C5BE852-A817-459D-8B21-14D3CE98B1AFHere is the cabinet that holds, soda, beer, and wine. To the left are glasses and plates, to the right is hard liquor. On top of the credenza is a Nespresso machine that I could only figure out once. There is always plenty of bottled water. The first night we were left a complementary bottle of champagne and iced tea. We never got around to drinking it.  The soda, beer etc. were not free.

1EB7AD24-1BD0-464E-9F2B-7120EBEAC36BLet’s go in the bedroom. There was a little couch and a desk. The room looked out to to Indian Ocean and the barrier reef surrounding the atoll.  D29705CE-2A3D-4960-98FE-D7218C58976EHere is the beautiful bed. The mosquito netting was just for show, we never saw a mosquito while we cheer here. There were plenty of outlets, near the bed and reading lamps. There was a paddle fan above it you didn’t want to use the air conditioning.  Temperatures were in the 80’s here, humidity was not oppressive due to the constant breezes. We did use the A/C at night as the breeze would stop in the middle of the night.

4CC5D9D5-97AF-456A-96EC-0F91710A8F1AThe view outside the desk was of the neighboring villa, and their shower.

811D8CA0-38E6-461B-AA23-7925C871ED9AThere is a television in the bedroom. We never even turned it on!

84A7AF0E-3B34-45E0-BEE4-B650046F4950We were left some goodies, watermelon with goat cheese, dates and then tuna. I ate the two on the left, we skipped the tuna.

8CB9C83F-637A-4ABC-9BD8-4A34F7B89B1DIn the great room facing the outside was a little table, and the wine bucket holding the goodies we never got around to try!  Below is our private deck.  Let’s check that out!

F907DDA4-3DC1-4963-A8FA-EA3EB4A85421Well, what do you know, Steve has changed and is there already!  I’m busy taking picutres for the blog, and he is relaxing! He has the right priorities!  Anyway the deck had two twin chaise lounges, an umbrella and two built in hammocks.  We each made the mistake of trying them out. Once you get in it is hard to get out! We had to crab walk our way out.

A1282CF6-4B16-427E-A180-283048908A37There were also two builtin small sofas, with a see through coffee table through which you could see fish swim by!

958F148A-F587-48E2-9906-93AC7C0CC2DFThis is a view from the deck to the living room, and the hostage taking hammocks! Once in them, they were difficult to get out. I had to call Steve for directions on how to get out of them. No pictures as we were laughing too hard to take any pictures!

3052B35D-BD22-4A6F-A59C-032C57241027This is the view from the deck of the bathroom.  Wait til you see inside!

We will leave Steve outside and head on in though the louvered doors.

8DA44755-DB3D-49AF-8DB6-58EBED793B1FTo the right are matching sinks, and a soaking tub with a view of the water. They had bath crystals available for you too!

89C0C1D5-F1C4-440C-9D8F-72BD3541F28ETo the right was a big mirror and open closet. Steve unpacked when I started taking pictures. Sometimes I make him wait to unpack until I get all my pictures taken. Not this time!

65E3B848-D78F-4ED4-8012-930C811F257DStraight ahead is the shower.  The curved aqua shape is a little settee you could sit on when you changed your clothes.


Here is a better view of it. And the glass circle?

2FF17122-E90A-4769-A5D2-491286F082B5Your very own view of the ocean while you tie your shoes!

65E3B848-D78F-4ED4-8012-930C811F257DLet’s go study this picture again. The shower is down the walkway. What is to the right?

A2749F85-E799-4E03-9650-364B471E60AFYour very own grotto, where you can swim in the nudie!  Or use as a snorkel access point. Steve saw a five foot shark swim right through the grotto!

CFA93507-512B-4AA5-BACE-D5BF04D8EDA6Here is the shower, you had a choice of waterfall or regular shower head. Or you can even have a shower for two, so no one gets cold!  The shower had frosted glass on one side, the front was all open air, so it did get breezy at times. The resort is eco friendly and had refillable shampoo and conditoners.  No wasteful mini bottles.

894B1C2F-9F5D-49BE-B3C3-60AE0FB535B5There is still more! Let’s go on upstairs! Up the winding staircase…

F58ABF0F-3871-45CA-B024-EA82D0519601We see a small set of cozy chairs.

0AE9AC41-22D2-4435-8969-695F7AD4372EUpstairs was also a bed that you could sleep in during the rain, or pull it out from the canopy if you wanted to sleep under the stairs!  We did! Howeve as I wear contacts, and Steve glasses, our views weren’t so good after the contacts were out and the glasses off!

3F44EA9C-EEC7-485C-94FB-1F9F774F390AThere was a small table and chairs if you wanted to sit and enjoy your sundowner.

3A85204C-CA21-4DD4-B25A-C5A2FF6D418BAnd speaking of sundown, enjoy!  It’s time for dinner!

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Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives January 6, 2018

After our 20 minutes speed boat ride we were welcomed to Gili Lankanfushi by a large number of staff.  I can’t remember all their names, or positions, but it was a lovely greeting.  We were handed really cold hand towels to wipe off the dust and sweat from our travels.  They have lots of hand towels around here, before every meal, while at the pool, before a boat ride, after a boat ride!  The housing options here are all overwater bungalows and freestanding overwater bungalow.  Some resorts offer beach villas to the mix.  Our reservation was for an overwater bungalow.  The freestanding overwater villas were even more expensive, and you need someone to bring you back and forth to the island where you could have meals in the restarurants, do spa activities, or sport.  EA094D13-D064-4EB7-9E51-4541BC841DA9This is what the overwatervillas look like. They are connected by a wooden pathway, just wide enough for two golf cars to pass by.  Just barely!  Our villa had an air conditioned bedroom. Some of the other villas had air conditioned living rooms and bedrooms.  We requested sunset views, and that is what we got.  We have sunrise views at our second house in Lake George, and sunset views in Poughkeepsie. I didn’t want the sun waking me up in the morning on vacation.

Every villa has Mr. or Ms. Friday on call to take them about on the golf cart, to make any reservations you want for dining, spa, or sport. Or to get you anything you might need. I had forgotten to pack the usb cable for my new ipad keyboard, and was panicking at not being able to write as much as I wanted to for my blog. Previously I had just used the ipad screen keyboard, and that really takes forever to type a post.  I asked, and the next, our Ms. Friday rescued me, by leaving me her own personal cable!

Our Ms. Friday is Shazu, I am terrible with names, but was able to remember this one.  I was afraid I would call her Shazam by accident, not so far no worries! 0D4058BE-212B-4832-829C-827CB457DFB0These are the villas that have the air conditioned living rooms, they are a bit larger than ours.  I think some of the free standing villas have more than two bedrooms.  There is a separate villa called “The Resdence”, it has many bedrooms, it’s own plunge pool, a slide into the ocean, and has two Mr. Friday’s to serve you! Future trips, if I can get friends to join us!

A7623BED-4CE7-47AE-A8E2-854BFBA13EE9Okay, let’s head down the walkway to our villa.  On the left is a little bench to sit on while you wait for your Mr. or Ms. Friday. Lightning rods are on each roof peak. There are bikes for each unit, or you can easily walk wherever you wanted to go. The island is quite small, with lots of signage, so it would be difficult to get lost. To the left of the picture will be the master bedroom, straight ahead is the living room and to the left is the bathroom suite.  03AC0DC7-0F78-4427-82B5-710E99334A66Shall we enter?  The little round ball on the right is a foot porcupine to wipe off the excess sand you might have on your feet.

A9FDA5BB-E5CC-4F87-8257-6DA10498F372Door’s open, let’s come on in! Uh, uh time for breakfast, will finish post later today!