Last Day at Delphi

Tuesday was our last day.  I’m not sure if I showed you pictures of the great room.  9A82BA98-9199-47BB-92FF-C58A73CD4B5FThis is the great room in the morning after the ladies have swabbed the floors.  There is a lot of cleaning going on here.  The weather is brutal on furniture and metal due to the constant sea air rotting everything.  The Christmas tree is all set up. My job was was to plug it in in the morning and unplug it at night.  No one else thought to do so, and since my Profession is Lifestyle Enhancement Coordinator, I took the job pro bono.  I also arranged to have the tree put in water.  Max, the manager thought that the tree would be fine nailed to some wood.  Then the staff was supposed to spray the branches with water.  I was horrified at this idea, and convinced staff resaw an inch off the bottom of the tree, place it in a bucket of water and replenish the water daily.  I am sorry I didn’t photograph the original tree setting, it was really hysterical.

Here you can see all the old fishing line that was used to keep the tree erect.  678FA8BB-E873-4033-A156-EFED582BA962After a last breakfast and lunch we headed to the airport.  Thats the guide board, noting the weather and which guests were with which guide.  Guerin was from France but lived in England.  It was so funny to hear him say English expressions with a French accent.  His son was with him and he spoke with quite the posh accent.  He attended the same school as Catherine and Pippa Middleton!  As expected I was quite excited about that tidbit.  The son had just gotten married, so there was quite the joking around about him leaving his wife for this vacation. She is a school teacher and couldn’t get the time off.

One of our credit cards give us access to airport clubs, I enquired and Yes, we were in! It was a nice place to rest and have a soda, and a piece of fruit.  C5FA1154-618C-4271-A353-7F0D041F3679Along with all the other bone fisherman we got in line and boarded our plane.  EF45550E-7F00-49FF-BACF-1BE138FED121These planes are very small, Steve calls them buzz boxes!AA055444-7A50-40EC-8B9A-2B4A33D54EC4Good bye Abaco until next year!

Our next adventure starts tomorrow!  We are heading to the Maldives for ten days.  We are hoping that Steve catches some fish for January, he needs to keep his streak going.  Plus we are having a blizzard in Poughkeepsie, and we both want to get out of town. I am not sure when I will be able to get internet to post.

Delphi Club Monday December 4, 2017

Today was our last full day at Delphi. I took a walk on the limestone drive way, when I wanted to walk it was high tide. There is nothing worse than slogging through the wet sand. All I could think about then is what a wimp I am. Those Navy Seals in training run in the surf, loaded down with gear. I am such a snowflake, that I won’t even try.

Here is a picture of Poisonwood. I wasn’t sure if you get sick if you touch it, or if you can make dangerous concoctions and put the whammy on people you hate. I steered clear never the less.

The brush along side the road was really dense. Only wild hogs and the native parrots can pass through that. Along the path I found some ammo casings. I was all excited and thought that there must have been a wild boar hunt. Peter told me “No, it was from a bird hunt.”

This tree must have been twisted in one of the hurricanes. The trees grow nice and straight normally. Walk all over, I returned to the club for lunch. Now isn’t this a beautiful place to have lunch? Well you can too. This is a non sponsored link. They do give us a small discount when we stay as we are repeat customers. We are also offered after dinner drinks once in awhile, but I am usually too tired and boozed up from my one glass of wine at dinner to partake. You ask if Steve caught any fish while we were there? Why yes, he caught 55 fish, the largest was pushing seven pounds. For the year his total was 1858. He caught fish on 119 different days! This was dinner. It was served clockwise! Ha Ha. Best part as always was dessert, I think a chocolate mousse. I think the entree was fish. As this was last month and I didn’t take a picture of the menu, and we will never know what we ate. I think we had another nice moon rise, as there was a full moon that week. Next time Steve wants to arrange our time so that the fish want to go into the flats for sexy time, don’t ask me, I don’t understand.

Truck ride with Donnie to Cherokee Sound.

After having problems posting pictures on my blog, I decided to go all out and get the professional version.  This way I can add all the pictures and video that I desire! Yay!

On our way to Cherokee Sound with Delphi I decided to record a little video of our guide Donnie.  Donnie wakes up everyday all excited about fishing. He is never grumpy and doesn’t get upset if you screw up unlike some of the guides that Steve has had.

Donnnie’s family has been living in Abaco for generations.  A number of Loyalists fled the Colonies during the American Revolution in 1783.  Steve thinks that Donnie speaks like a pirate!  What do you think?

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Sunday December 3, 2017 Lunch at Nancy’s and Dinner at Delphi Club

Peter had decided that today we would have a group outing and head to Sandy Point and have lunch at Nancy’s. I was a little nervous about this, as I don’t always like an adventure. Delphi Club is in a very remote area and it takes forever to get anyplace. You first have to leave the property on a very bumpy limestone road, that takes about ten minutes-really only five but you go very slow. Then we are onto the main road, that is paved and very straight. Every once in awhile there is a curve to either wake the driver up or kill them because they have fallen asleep.

Nancy’s is in Sandy Point, the very southern most part of the island. I think there is a church there, a small store, many houses and Nancy’s. I looked up Nancy’s on Yelp, and it seemed okay. There would be shade, something that I require. It looked like we were going to sit at picnic tables, something I am not fond of, but I decided to be a good sport. Peter and Jane would be going as well as the lovebirds, S and D.

7BA92F77-13A1-434D-A42A-1DF47D5F29C7You might say that Nancy’s was a dive. But it was a happy dive.  The waitress inside did seem to give Peter and DC the crazy eye about someone ordering an ice tea, but I got what I wanted.

07C677CA-0C06-4772-B585-47BFDE5EAC94Jane wanted a fruit flavored Kalik, the local beer. It looked sickly sweet.

6B47202E-5892-4069-A3FD-63BE1F6616B6However, as I prefer fruity martinis I shouldn’t talk or write as the case might be. All the rest had beers.

We found a nice spot to sit under the shade. It looked like in the evening they would have a bar and lots of action.  D6A021B8-A190-4239-9B94-3C40CE3CB915

Food was some serious slop action. Peter and I had barbecue chicken that was served with beans and rice, coleslaw and baked macaroni and cheese squares. The others had the lobster rice combo with beans and rice, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese. Peter kept calling the beans and rice peas and rice.  I am not sure he really knows the difference between peas and beans.

B2E6C05C-7ADB-4AC1-85CD-878A94569954We took some pictures of the beach. In the distance you are supposed to see the big Disney cruise liner at Castaway Cay, in reality Gorda Cay.  When anchored there, the ship seems to dwarf the island.  Steve was off fishing somewhere near there, buzzed by jet ski’s.  One time, a Disney cruiser could be heard to say “Is that a real fisherman out there?”

Here is our group picture. It was quite difficult to get us all in the picture.  Peter actually has anothe quite handsome eye.7C0C5004-7500-408D-92FF-0236A6C88C13

Far in the distance is Gordon Cay or Castatway Cay for the Disney Cruise ship crowd.  this is where Steve was going to be fishing for the day.2427D78A-5C36-4DA9-BF22-FD5BB8EF4CA6Peter and Jane posed for me, I am not exactly sure how to describe this except as “Action Man” and wife.

19EA1811-D726-414E-9723-64F070D6DCF9We returned back to Delphi Club to relax and wait for Steve to bring us back tales of his angling exploits.  Dinner was canapes, butternut squash angliotti, fish for Steve, Roast Breast of Duck for me and then Tiramisu for dessert.

EEB33BE0-396D-4BC3-B0FD-6A7CE9795484873A2D88-10E7-4A88-8881-4CAFC391B7E1We had another nice moon rise.


Sunday December 3, 2017 Delphi Club

I haven’t shown you many pictures of breakfast at Delphi Club, and will correct that situation for you today.  DA2B8E7A-A8EF-4423-8CE0-95341DF093BD.jpegThere is always a sideboard filled with fresh fruit, yogurt, and cereal.  Tasty pastries are on the table already.  Sunday morning I had a delicious omelette. Seating at breakfast was usually on two schedules. Those that fished came to the table around seven, as they had to be ready to go fishing at 7:45 or 8.  Layabouts like myself got up around 8, after I got my good bye kiss from Steve and he was out the door.  No sense getting between him and a last minute frenzy for what he needed before he left for the day. No, sane one that I am, I waited in bed until the coast was clear. You could sit at the head table seat at breakfast unless MD from Ireland was there.  MD is everyones “I want to be just like her” when I grow up.  She is 85, and a widow.  So if you are age appropriate and love to fish, I might arrange a blind date for you.  She always sits at the head of the table at breakfast. On the white board is listed the guides and the guests assigned  This picture is from Tuesday our last day, so Steve is not listed.

Delphi Lodge is up on a cliff, and it has a terrific view of the water. Unfortunately being up so high means a walk done to the beach, and then a walk up.  B154E1F9-8D32-48D0-A268-AA130C588129I decided to go for a stroll on the beach at low tide, so I could further document.  There are some chairs that no one ever seems to sit on and also some boogie boards and sea kayaks. DA1EACC6-6B5C-40B0-97F1-7B02F984A423.jpeg The sand is beautiful, and at low tide a pleasure to walk on.  At high tide, all I can do is think of Navy Seals in training who have to run with packs on in pounding surf during training. I think I would last two milliseconds.  Good thing I am too old, and female.

The beach is shared by one neighbor. They commute every day to Marsh Harbour and then take a ferry.  It about an hour each way. they have a Robinson Crusoe theme by their beach entrance. I think they had a party, and just never cleaned up the decorations! 8F761ECB-231A-4249-9277-7E89500EFD4CThey manage home rentals on one of the other islands.  I go crazy as the road is pretty straight and awfully boring.  Every once in a while there is a dangerous curve as there are so few curves, the drivers could get into a trance while driving.

I walked all the way to the left as far a I could go.  The beach gets filled with limestone and you cant go any further. The only foot prints I saw where my own until I came to DC and SE.  You remember DC and SE.  They were hanging by the pool on one of my prior posts and SE came with me to Marsh Harbour. They were good sports and did some posing for me.  Hold Hands, Looking at each other all Lovey Dovey, and then Smooch Time!

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Saturday December 2, 2017 Delphi Lodge continued

IMG_7291 copy 2I left you wondering what was going to happen with our onland boat accident. Would we fish? Of course we would attempt it!  After all, Donnie had no worries, it was not his trailer that had a malfunction!  Donnie and Steve would be able to hand launch the boat, and I would be able to document. The trailer would be left at the launch site and some how Max would have to figure out how to get the trailer fixed. As Max was out fishing with Pablo the unsexy non polo playingArgentinian, Max was not called right away.  Pablo was an agent who wanted to include Delphi to his stable of either wing shooting or fishing properties he left copies of his flashy brochures at the lodge. Pablo’s smiling visage  was on every other page. The alternate page had the slogan”you should be next!”, on it.  Being a non hunter, I thought the pictures of hundreds of dead birds, surrounded by a shot gun casings a bit much.

Steve and Donnie successfully launched the boat and I climbed in. boat in waterThe  boat was clean and pretty comfortable. Seats were of a bucket type, with nice cushioning. Donnie sat behind us and motored the boat. He had a tower that he would climb up on and push the boat with a long pole to move short distances. 292BA562-D4E5-4AC6-8017-D8AF72927F25He would clamber down when we were done with the fishing spot. Upon arriving a locations where Donnie thought a fish would be, Steve would be up on the slightly raised front deck. There was a metal bar to prevent accidental falls into the boat, or it could act as a place to rest and hold on while Donnie poled. This front deck was where Steve would “take his shot” (cast his fly line out and attract the fish).19F84C85-568C-4BFC-BB54-AF96015CADED.jpeg

We didn’t have too much action that day, Cherokee Sound is a place to see wildlife, not fish.  There was lots of mangrove, and if the hooked fish headed in that direction there was a good chance you would lose the fish. Losing a fish would happen also when the line ran across the limestone that was everywhere. So between few fish in the sound and lots of mangrove, Steve was able to only catch two fish for the morning.

We did get a chance to see several large starfish.  They were a pretty orange and much larger than I expected them to be.

I  bundled up in my buff, looking cute as could be!

On the way back Steve asked Donnie to show me a blue hole.  These are large marine caverns. Peering over the side of the boat to look at it gave me the willies!

Donnie left us off at the launch site and Steve got a chance to drive the truck. Donnie was going to leave the boat at his friends dock. Steve has been salivating at pictures of trucks, but he really doesn’t want one. He really has no need for one, as we don’t haul anything.

Back to the lodge for the afternoon, a nice moon rise and another great dinner.  We had more great canapés, watermelon feta salad, lobster two ways for me and roast pork for Steve. Dessert was a brownie with ice cream and raspberry sauce. Yum!

Saturday December 2, 2017 Delphi Lodge continued

We have returned home and I have three suitcases to unpack, a broken rod to ship to Sage, mountains of mail to go through! Here is a tidbit of the truck ride to Cherokee with Donnie our guide. Steve thinks he talks like a pirate, and I have to agree. As background the white settlers of The Bahamas were loyalists, who left The Carolinas during Revolutionary Times.

Donnie is talking about the schools of Bonefish who gather in early December before they spawn.

Saturday December 2, 2017 at The Delphi Club Abaco

After numerous years of hanging out at the Club, reading, relaxing, observing and interrogating the guests Peter and Steve convinced me to go for a half day fishing. Now I wasn’t going to actually fish, but I would be reading and relaxing. No interrogating the guides, as they had business to do spotting Bonefish.

At dinner the prior night I had asked if there were any Buffs, stretchy fabric face masks to block the sun. The sun is pretty strong here, and I didn’t want a sun burn or even more age spots. I’m not allowed to get Botox, Juviderm or other plumpers or fillers, via direct order of Steve. The dear man loves me just the way I am. ❤️

1D3FC477-CDF2-45B5-8599-C407BD17BE43I enjoyed wearing one in The Galapagos and in Kenya, and was looking forward to having my own. Steve went up to the gift shop and brought me down what he thought was a buff.Here is a view of the gift shop from the communal dinner table.

Now is a good time to discuss the Dinner Scene at The Delphi Club. The Club has eight rooms, and at two people per room there can usually be a maximum of sixteen guests. Dinner is at a communal table, sometimes it is just guests at the Club, other times people from the community or second homes join us. The head of the table is reserved for the angler who has caught the largest fish, once in a while someone who has caught their first Bonefish. If you get the honor of catching the biggest fish three days in a row, you don’t admit it as the rule is you are tossed in the pool after dinner. So if it looks like Steve will be head of the table on the third night in a row, he will come up with other factors that will cause his fish to actually weigh less comparatively to another angler! The dinner conversation is always quite spirited. Political issues are always debated. As there is generally a mix of guests from Europe, Scotland, Ireland, the England, and America, all sorts of view points are expressed and the conversation can be quite heated!

Down the steps Steve came brining what he thought was a Buff. We all had a good laugh when I looked at it and told him they were gloves instead! A real buff was finally obtained and I proudly modeled my buff, adjusting my top to maximize the chest cleavage. I was trying to channel a Mata Hari terroist! Enough about politics and cleavage, you do want to hear about my adventure don’t you? After breakfast Steve and I were met by Donnie.  Here is Donnie and the boat we would be going off in.  It’s important to the story that you see it on the trailer in one piece! 🤔6C74FCF8-B0F5-44A3-B20F-0A09AEFAE231.jpegSteve always enjoys fishing with Donnie and often described him as talking like a pirate.  Off we went to a place called Cherokee Sound.  This was known as a very pretty place to fish.  It was not a productive area, like The Marls, but I was sure to see wildlife.  We drove to Cherokee without any problems and just when Donnie cranked the wheel to back up the boat we heard the dreaded “thump”. We had the dreaded land boat accident!  3B1D1362-866D-4B3E-9FA8-3DEE8DF1E386.jpegMore in the next installment!

Delphi Club, Friday December 1, 2017

Well today is the big day for Steve, will he catch his December fish? Well you’ll just have to wait until the end of my days stories!

I forgot to tell you the Christmas tree story from Wednesday morning. Max, the young manager had picked up a tree in Marsh Harbour to decorate the living room. There was no stand in the Lodge so Max had Smitty the incredibly buff handyman create one out of two by fours. To keep the tree fresh, Max thought the tree could be periodically misted with fresh water. Hearing this story at dinner Tuesday night, I had nightmares of the lights having a short and the lodge burning done via a dried out Christmas tree!

So at breakfast on Wednesday morning, I said this tree situation is bad, we need to put the tree in water. Jane, the wife of Peter, the CEO of Delphi, agreed with me. However, her idea was to put the tree in a container of moist sand. After much scrounging Smitty was able to find an old laundry detergent container that looked like it would hold water. Smitty took apart the two by four tree brace and we proceeded to try to design a stand. I said that the tree needed a fresh cut on the base and Smitty got out his trusty nippers and saw. He was successful at trimming the lower branches to allow the tree to sit in the bucket, but the saw wasn’t able to cut across the base of the tree. The baubles had been previously removed from the tree , and now the lights had to come off so Smitty could bring the tree to the circular saw in the workshop. Ten minutes later, the tree was brought upstairs and we were ready to go. Tree was placed in the bucket, handfuls of sand were thrown in, a bottle of water was poured into the bucket, some two by fours were nailed together to form a brace and we were all set.

Unfortunately the tree was listing terribly, and kept threatening to fall over. However, Linda, Mistress of all good Ideas, knowing that there must be plenty of old fly line in a fishing lodge; suggested Smitty anchor the tree to the credenza next to the tree. Voila! Delphi Club’s magnificent tree!

Now on to Friday! Jane and SE, a guest from the U.K. were planning to head into Marsh Harbour and go out for lunch. During our six trips here, I have only left property a few times. The first year on a nature walk with a great guide, another time to visit the development south of here that just can’t seem to get off the ground, and Pete’s Pub, a beach shack bar. It seems to take forever to get into town, maybe thirty minutes on an incredibly boring road, but I was promised a trip to the only supermarket on the island. Eager to put another supermarket visit notch on my belt, I agreed!

This is the car that Jane drove us to town in. It ran great, steering wheel was on the right as it should be in the Bahamas, and the a/c worked great. Unfortunately the gps system had us in the middle of the sea off of Japan, heading directly toward Korea! As all the controls were in Japanese, no one could figure out how to change this.

Anyway into town we went. Marsh Harbour has really got nothing going on. The excitement of the day was that Friday is payday for the locals, so there were lines going into the banks, and those parking lots were full! Here is a map of Marsh Harbour, there are two stop lights, and only one works.

Jane decided on the Jib Room, let’s follow SE in, shall we?

There really isn’t much to the restaurant, an inner open air room with tables, and a covered patio. There was an outdoor pool with a babe in a bikini, but she didn’t authorize my photo skills, so you’ll just have to imagine. She did look really nice!

Instead of a view of a bikini clad babe, here is our view of the boats at the marina.

SE and Jane are patiently waiting. for me to stop documenting. For lunch I ordered a fish Rueben. Something I had never had before. It was very gloppy, but the Mahi-mahi was really good. It was a nice treat.

The staff fed some of the fish swimming below the deck, this was the second round of feeding, so these guys didn’t make quite the splash that the first group did.

After our lovely lunch Jane drove us to Maxwells, the local grocery store. It had a great selection of food, was clean, well lit and had no odors. Prices were high, as everything was imported. I don’t think staff knew the difference between a pineapple and a cantaloupe!There were lots of meat choices; chicken, beef, pork and even goat! There were lots of seasoning products for beef and chicken. Back in the car we went to enjoy the rest of out Friday afternoon.

I ordered a glass of the famous Delphi Punch with our canapés. It’s pretty and sweet, the perfect Linda drink!Once again, dinner was an enjoyable meal, with great canapés, a shellfish appetizer and rack of lamb for our entree. Friday nights at Delphi means a cheese selection. 😕 So nothing sweet for me!

Steve did in fact catch some fish for the day, so his streak continues. No pictures, so you’ll just have to imagine!