Delphi Club, Abaco The Bahamas Wednesday December 5, 2018

Steve actually took the day off from fishing with a guide to be with me. Well, he didn’t take a day off entirely, he was going to go down to the beach and test his luck. Today was a cold front day, and fish are off their feed on this type of day. It was going to be a very windy afternoon also.

Anyway, it was just the two of us at breakfast. I haven’t shown you the cold cereal collection, yogurt and assorted toppings yet. Well, now I have and we can go on to something more interesting. A coffee machine! Many of the guests had been unhappy about not being able to get coffee when they woke up until the kitchen opened. Breakfast starts at 7, but many people are used to getting up at six a.m. and NEED THEIR COFFEE! There weren’t any Keurig makers in the room, so these poor guests would stumble around muttering COFFEE until the kitchen opened. With new ownership of the club, a purchase was made of a fancy machine that makes regular coffee, cappuccinos, macchiatos and espresso.

While Steve hung out at the beach fishing I watched the George H.W. Bush funeral. I must admit to getting teary eyed a few times. I would also think about what wonderful things people will say about me after I die. “She didn’t really like animals but she was not unkind to them. She wrote a damned decent blog. I always hated that she didn’t have to color her hair, I always thought that was never quite normal.”

Here is the table set for the two of us for lunch. It was very romantic! Although there were no candles, or violinists to serenade us. Sometimes you have to take what you can get! I had the salad with fish. Those Chinese noodles are so crazy looking. They remind me of Bernie Sanders. Steve had the salad with chicken. That was the better choice as my fish was overcooked. For dessert we had the allspice ice cream.

I got my first comment on my blog in a long time during the afternoon. I was most excited about that. Loyal readers, you must remember to like and comment when you read blogs. As writers we spend a lot of time working on our blogs. Then you read it in two minutes and think “Fine, where is the next post?” I must admit to being guilty of this also. I don’t always comment on the few blogs that I read. One of the blogs I read I really enjoy (Well, duh, why bother reading if you don’t care for it?). I sat down at binge read all of the guy’s posts. Then I started to comment, as a good reader should do. I stopped when I realized that I had posted the last ten comments on his blog. I felt like a stalker! The first canapé was smoked mackerel pitettes. Followed by spiced apple on Brie. Our starter was Shrimp Brushetta. Steve had the wahoo with polenta and green beans. When our son was in high school he had a friend that would come over for dinner every once in a while. He had never had polenta before. He thought it was the strangest thing. Whenever we asked if he wanted to stay for dinner he would ask if we were serving polenta. I can’t remember if he liked it or not but it was funny. Believe me, it was funny. I had the duck, I should have had the fish. I didn’t like that the pieces of potato, looked like pieces of duck. I would be all set to eat a piece of duck, and then find out that it was actually potato. Dessert was white chocolate pannacotta with raspberry and crystallized rose. Those little chunks floating on the raspberry sauce do not look like any part of a rose to me. For the first time all week we were served fresh chocolates. I had three.

Steve caught a few small fish from the beach in the morning, including one that he had never caught before. The numbers of fish caught this week have been low, in years past Steve has caught almost a hundred fish in December while staying here. It’s still a successful trip as we get to feel some warm sun on our faces, and Steve gets to keep his streak of fish caught every month going.

Do you know what a pitette is?

Have you ever eaten polenta?

Do you have Bernie Sanders hair on a bad day?

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Tuesday December 4, 2018 The Delphi Club, Abaco, Bahamas

Another day, another view of the breakfast sideboard. Breakfast today was two eggs, but I went outside of my comfort range and had them poached! Instead of an English muffin, I just had a slice of bread toasted. Watch out, I am beginning to walk on the wild side! Another lunch by myself, but the table was placed at an angle. Staff must have sensed that I was going to be adventurous for the day! More yummy chips, salsa, and sour cream. For some reason no guacamole. I had the chicken Caesar salad again. Surprise, surprise I also ordered fries!This is the view of another beautiful sunset that we had. First canapé was quail eggs. I didn’t have my reading glasses on and thought the dish had a brown dip in it. Instead it was celery salt! Quite the surprise. One of the guides raises quail for bird shooting and he sells some of the eggs. Here is the trio of Dutches County residents. No names, but his initials are TB. I am holding someone else’s drink as I don’t drink regular martinis! We also had beef tartare on toast. We had a small group at dinner tonight. Sometimes there are over 20 at dinner! The young man at the end was on his first bone fishing trip. As Max, the manager was off for the night, I filled in the spot as host/hostess for the evening. I sat at the other end of the table. LH was just accepted into William and Mary Law School, so we made a toast in his honor also! Our starter was grilled peaches and goat cheese. I love peaches and Steve doesn’t really care for fruit so I got to have a double portion of peaches! Yay! Steve and I both had the Osso Bucco. It was good but not as good as the Osso Bucco that I make! Steve says no one makes it as well as I do. I follow the Marcella Hazan recipe.The evening’s dessert was pot au chocolate with tangerine creme fraiche. I prefer whipped cream, as I don’t like the sourness of creme fraiche.

Steve’s day fishing was very successful. He went to a secret spot and caught a barracuda and six bone fish. Here is a picture of one of them held by Steve’s guide Robin.

Do you prefer salsa or guacamole?

Do you prefer creme fraiche or whipped cream.

Do you even know what a barracuda looks like?

Monday December 3, 2018 The Delphi Club, Abaco Bahamas

Another day and another breakfast. I love this arrangement of melons and pineapple.I decided that I would find out when low tide was and I would take a walk on the beach. The water was warm, and if I were a good swimmer I would have gone swimming. But alas, I was by myself, and I am not a strong swimmer, so instead I walked along the beach, looking for nonexistent shells. You can see how private the beach is. Only one house shares our stretch of shoreline. Then it was back up the hill, huffing and puffing as I went along. I am lazy and would rather not walk back up the hill, so I rarely go down to the beach when we stay here. I prefer to just look at it once in awhile and then continue my reading a book from the stack of romance novels that I brought with me on vacation. As everyone else was off fishing, the table was set up for just me. Ipad, book and view in hand I enjoyed my lunch. Lunch was grilled chicken, greens, vegetables and Chinese cellophane noodles. A proper size cup of cappuccino and a leftover mini banana muffin for dessert. First of the two canapés was conch fritters with a dipping sauce. This was followed by hummus on a cracker. We were served crab and pumpkin bisque as our starter. Steve and I both had the mahi mahi with vegetables. It was Jason, the chef’s night off and the breakfast cook made dinner. Dessert was Tiramisu. It was very sweet and I couldn’t finish all of it. Steve decided to hunt for permit today at Sandy Point. He saw four, but the fish did not take his fly. Permit are notoriously hard to catch. They are hard fighters and can weigh over 25 pounds! Steve caught two bonefish for the day. This is a picture of one of last years fish, that I had posted on instagram. Steve looks like a bank robber here, he is just trying to prevent sun damage.

Do you read crime novels or romance?

Do you make fruit and vegetable table decorations?

Are you on Instagram?

Sunday December 2, 2018 The Delphi Club, Abaco, The Bahamas

Steve was off fishing and I went down to breakfast. When we are off on a fishing vacation I usually wait until Steve is out the door before I go to breakfast. Number 1 reason as he likes to get up earlier than I do. Number 2 is I don’t want to get in his way when he is doing his last minute collection of all the gear that he needs for his day. So it was down to breakfast I went. Last visit it was up to breakfast as our room was on the lower level. Since we were in “The Honeymoon Suite”, which is above the great room it was down to breakfast. On the side board fruit, juices, cereals and yogurt were laid out. On the table are lots of great pastries, some savory and some sweet. I ordered a fried egg, a blueberry pancake and bacon for my breakfast. Then it was time to see if there were any changes by the pool area. A new bocce court was installed. I have never played, so I can’t give you any feedback on that. Then it was off to the deck off the great room where I discovered new lounge chairs to sit on. Except for the “no see-ums” that love to nibble on me, it is a great place to relax and enjoy the beach view. New this year at lunch is tortilla chips and dips. Sour cream, salsa, and guacamole. The chips are those lime flavored chips. Addictive and delicious!

There were incoming guests arriving so the lunch table was a full one. Usually I am the only one non fishing and eat by myself most of the time unless there are some non-fishing spouses at Delphi. I ordered the chicken Caesar salad. Of course I ordered French fries. What’s lunch at a resort without a glass of Rosé ?

After lunch I ordered a cup of cappuccino. This is one large cappuccino! We were also given a sweet of mini banana bread muffins. Yum Yum!

Steve came back about 4 p.m. to report on his day of fishing. It was a bit slow compared to other years, he caught two. The most important part was that he caught his December fish, which brings him fishing streak to over 30 months! Here is a picture of some beautiful evening clouds. Our canapé starter was artichoke fritters.

Next up was Tuna poke on a sesame crisp.

Our appetizer was buffalo mozzarella.

I had the duo of lobster.Steve had the beef tenderloin. Dessert was a Strawberry and Hibiscus Geleé. Then it was time for pots of mint and chamomile tea and more stimulating conversation with the other guests. It was exciting to find out that two of the guests were originally from Dutchess County, where Steve and I live. One of the guests lives in the Millbrook area, about twenty miles away!

Do you like your eggs fried, poached or scrambled?

Do you prefer steak or lobster?

Do you regularly eat Gelee?

Saturday December 1, 2018 Back to Delphi Club, Abaco Bahamas

Well, my dear readers, we are back to current times. I still have our trip to Iceland this past November to report on and will do so when I finish up this current trip.

We were picked up at the ugly time of 5 a.m. for our car service to White Plains where we would depart to go to Fort Lauderdale and then Marsh Harbour. We had a bit of a delay with the plane, finally after de-icing the plane and paperwork we were off. I had forgotten my ear buds and actually broke down and bought a pair so I could watch the news about the late President George H.W. Bush. Instead I watched Crazy Rich Asians, and adored the movie. I will have to watch it at home on a bigger screen as there was much to see.

We landed in a timely manner at Fort Lauderdale and finally found our departing terminal for our connecting flight. Jet Blue and Silver airways do not fly out of the same terminal. It is always a gamble, do we go left or right upon landing on our search for the Silver Departure Gates? Well, I guessed correctly and we found the correct terminal. As we had a rather long layover, 3.5 hours I suggested we go to the Silver airways counter and get our boarding passes reprinted as ours didn’t say TSA Pre-Check. I hate taking off my shoes and taking out phones and iPads from our bags, don’t you? New boarding passes in hand we were able to go through security quickly and look for a place for lunch.

Last time we stopped at Shula Burger, and weren’t that excited about our lunch, so we tried Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. Steve had an uninspiring burger and I had the Caesar salad. We only heard Margaritaville played once, I was wondering if it was played every hour. It seems I forgot to take a picture of our lunches. Oh, well!

Then we found our gate, and waited and waited. Steve took off at one point, and I began to worry when he didn’t come back. No, he didn’t get lost or collapse, he was talking to one of his brothers on the phone as it was his brother’s birthday. I asked Steve to let me know in the future if he was going to look for a quiet place for a phone call. However as I am always wandering off in the stores, and he can’t find me, I guess that payback is a bitch.

There weren’t any interesting David Gandy posters on the wall this time. Finally it was time to board and we were off to Marsh Harbour Airport on Abaco. We were picked up by Margery, who has a lock on the taxi service to and from the airport to Delphi. We got up to date on the situation of the hospital, which was finally finished, and whether or not Baker’s Bay ,the upscale housing development ,was legit or not. It is, although I still think that Tom Brady and Micheal Jordan have free homes there, or bought with a substantial discount, to give the development credibility.

Finally we arrived at the Delphi Club, where we will stay for the week. It always feels like home. The beach is still deserted as there are only two homes in this area. There is still a bit of seaweed, although not as much as in prior years. Every high tide, more seaweed gets deposited. It is a never ending job to keep the beach clean.

Peter, the Most Interesting Man in the world, is no longer here. He is back in merry olde England where his dear long suffering wife Jane has him hard at work on her honey do list. Max is still here, and his girlfriend is here to keep and eye on him. I have only suggested that Max propose on Christmas about six times already. When we come back in January I will be inspecting Nicole’s hands. Especially the ring finger.

No fishing this afternoon for Steve. I requested to stay in one of the upstairs rooms, although I think we will stay downstairs in the future. The drawbacks of staying upstairs are that you can hear some of the living room noise, when people are still chatting and you want to sleep. Also, there is a step down to the bathroom, and I am petrified that I will miss the step and break my neck. You do remember that I have a tendency to fall down stairs don’t you?

The advantage is that there is a delightful little deck off the bedroom, that is quite sunny and you have a lovely view of the beach. The downstairs bedrooms are a little more shady, and therefore have more sand flies. Boo Hiss on the sandflies!

First canapé of the evening was Pork Tonnato, although I swear it was tuna fish. Next up was calamari rings.

Our appetizer was Stone Crab Claws. Steve had the Hogfish. A terrible name for a very tasty fish. I had the Rack of Lamb. Max requested mint jelly, and the bottled good stuff was brought to the table. Not the mint flavored apple jelly you get in the States. Saturday night Chef Jason likes to serve cheese and fruit for dessert. Not my favorite. I prefer something sweeter. I prefer ice cream, and after whispering in Jason’s ear, he was sweet enough to bring it to me. I think the flavors were vanilla and allspice.It definitely wasn’t chocolate and was a bit zingy. No chocolates with our tea, but biscuits or as we would say in the States, cookies, fresh out of the oven. Mmm, mmm, mmm, as my favorite friend from South Africa would say.

Do you like cheese or cookies?

Do you remember who David Gandy is?

Do you understand the Margaritaville song?

August 10, 2012. Brush Creek Ranch, Saratoga Wyoming

My posts of my excellent adventures of the past are much different than my current adventures. I now take many more pictures of the food, and what the rooms look like. It makes the old ones easier to post as they are shorter, and have less pictures so the loading is faster. However I have to scour my old emails to friends and family that detail the interesting tidbits about the people I met. I also have to wade through 20,000 pictures to find the correct pictures to illustrate my posts. Sigh, what I do for my fandom! Ha Ha!

Today while Steve fished, I rode and then took a tour of the property with my RAZR to almost the highest point on property. Here is a lovely view of the ranch and the valley below. Isn’t it peaceful?I saw some lovely wild flowers along the road. We are getting closer to one of my favorite colors. Here we are, a deep pink. I liked these guys the best. My dear daughter likes to bring me pink roses. She is such a sweetheart. One last view and we are done for the day.

How many fish do you think Steve caught today?

August 11-14, 2012. Brush Creek Ranch WY and then Vail Co

Our second to last night at Brush Creek we had a barbecue at Creekside. There was a roping demonstration and Steve tried to get that little calf head on the bale of hay. He almost got it! You don’t want to see the video of my attempt. It was very bad. How those cowboys rope those moving animals, while riding on a horse I will never know! But they do! Every year, this country trio plays. They are fun to watch. Here we have a couple of doctors who were on there honeymoon from England. They were having such a good time! The next morning we took a ride to the gun range. Here I am posing, if Steve were in the picture it could have made a great holiday card pose! Here is Steve lined up with his pistol. You may not see it, but believe me, he was toting some action! I liked the guns with the laser sights the best. It made it much easier to see the targets.

Then we tried to shoot the fake groundhogs. Well, that’s it for Brush Creek. We were off to meet friends in Vail Colorado. But first we got to stop at the Continental Divide sign. One spit in one direction and it will end up in the Pacific Ocean, spit the other way and it goes to the Atlantic. Unless it dries up first.

Here we have the lovely S and S. We are on a stroll in Vail. I should have had my picture taken with them, but “Oh well!” No more for this trip!

Next up in my posts is my current trip to Delphi Club, in Abaco. Yay for those that want current stories, although I do think even past trip reports are worthy! Take that, complainers!

Are you a cowboy?

Do you fantasize that you are a cowboy?

Do you fantasize that you are with a cowboy?