Rapid City to Spearfish SD. 9/5/2015 Sa

Steve and I found a cute cafe just across the street from the hotel. Unfortunately three young women from Texas parked their SUV just behind Steve. They had four dogs inside that yapped and barked every time that someone walked by! Not to mention the loud key fob of their’s that they used when they had to come out of the restaurant because they forgot something! Steve had a great omelette.

I had the whole wheat oatmeal waffle with fruit.

We stopped by at a grocery store in South Dakota. Remember my goal on every trip is to visit a grocery store if I haven’t been to one in that state or country!

Then it was off to the day’s first adventure. Mount Rushmore. Steve and I must have agreed that morning to wear white ankle socks!

Steve stands still in his pictures. Sometimes I get him to do an active pose. This is my active pose. I am pretending to hitch hike. Why anyone would pick me up with my shirt in my pants and those dorky sock and shoes?

Most people are heading in. Why am I facing the wrong direction? Looks like I still haven’t remembered to untuck my top! Wouldn’t you think that Steve would have mentioned something to me?

Here is the Avenue of Flags. There are 56 flags, one for every state, one district, three territories, and one commonwealth.

Steve and all the Presidents.

That broken rock below the monuments is called scree. If you remembered reading my blog about our trip to Colorado in September 2016 and our visit to Grand Mesa you would know that already!

Steve says “Look, there’s room for more Presidents!” Don’t tell Trump!

After we left Mount Rushmore we drove to see the statue of Crazy Horse.

Crazy Horse, it was started in 1948. Will it ever be finished? It was started by Korczak Ziolkowski.

This is a replica of what they hope Crazy Horse Monument will look like when finished. I don’t expect to live that long.

After we left Crazy Horse Monument we drove to Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Yes, it was named after Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer.

The road through Custer State Park was very sinuous.

The Needles in Custer State Park. Yes, they look like needles!

We read that there was a very scenic wildlife loop road. Come on, let’s see if we can find any wild beasts!

Why was all the traffic slowing down?

OMG! A bison jam!

They have the right of way.

Behind us, all over the place!

Going in all directions!

Talk about a bad hair day!

There are 1500 free roaming bison that live in the park. Every year, several hundred are round up and sold.

After the buffalo we stopped by to see the famous begging burros. They are called this as they go up to cars and beg for food.

We didn’t give them anything, but we did take their picture!

Having dinner in a biker bar. Well, it’s a bicycle bar, not a motorcycle bar! Steve looks like he is dreaming about going fishing doesn’t he?

I am having spaghetti with bison sauce.

Steve had the burger and fries.

Do you think any more President’s should go on Mount Rushmore?

Have you ever been in a bison jam?

Do you beg for food?

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