High Lonesome to Beaver Creek. 9/9/2016 F

Good morning to you! Here is the breakfast menu.

Some of the delicious fruit from Fruita near by. This is the famous fruit growing area in Colorado. I got sick of taking pictures of the food and just wanted to focus on the wonderful fruit.

We said goodby to our hosts at High Lonesome Ranch and were off to Beaver Creek.

We decided to drive up and through The Grand Mesa and take the long way to Beaver Creek instead of just driving straight on I-70. Did you know that it is the largest flat top mountain in the world? It is around 500 square miles! The mesa rises 6000 feet above the valley. There are about 300 lakes up here! The top layer of the mesa was volcanic basalt which prevented it from eroding like the area around it. This is a view of the surrounding valley from part way up. That is a smaller mesa below in the center of the picture.

It is 50 degrees up here. Below in DeBeque (where High Lonsome is) it was likely 82!

One of the many lakes up on The Grand Mesa.

The Aspens in full color change! Did you know that each aspen grove contains one or more clones? As they are genetically linked they all change color at the same time!

The chopped up stones in the foreground is called scree. Thanks to Steve! He knows lots of stuff that I don’t know. But I know lots of stuff that he doesn’t! That makes us great guests at candlelit dinner parties!

Our highest elevation for the day.

A lake. The lakes were probably caused by weak spots in the rock layer. They were gouged out by glaciers and then filled in with the melting ice.

Selfie time!

Beautiful wild flowers.

A little history of the Grand Mesa National Forest.

A mesa is a large expanse of land with a flat top. If it eroded it would become mountains.

Steve was hungry and inpatient. Enough with all these photos! We were in Paonia. I would describe it as a left wing hipster town.

My cup of cappuccino. I needed it to stay awake for the sunny afternoon ride to Beaver Creek. Sun and a car ride puts me to sleep if I am not driving.

The inside of the cafe. It was very small with lots of art work.

I had the spinach and ham quiche for lunch.

Lots of arty stuff on the walls. Your guess is as good as mine as to what this represents!

A cheery sign in the restroom!

The outside of the restaurant.

There was not much going on in this town!

The Paonia Reservoir in Gunnison County.

We passed near Somerset. There are lots of coal mines here, but you can’t see them in this picture!

We passed Glenwood Springs. Always pretty with the red rocks along I-70.

On our way to the hotel in Beaver Creek we stopped at a Tru-Value. I wanted a sparkly cow girl belt to wear to the pre wedding party.

We found our hotel easily.

My hat looked great with the flowers!

Here is the Hi/Low look that I rocked. Lucchese boots and a Tru-Value belt. Its’ called Hi/Low as you mix hi cost items with low cost items!

Tasty passed hors d’oeuvres.

There was a great buffet.

The food was great and the speakers were wonderful! Such a great start ahead for this wonderful couple and their families!

After the Pre Wedding party there was a private concert! Way cool!

The desserts were yummy.

Off to bed! We have a road trip to Aspen tomorrow, and then the wedding!

Where is the nearest mesa to your house?

Do you contribute beauty to the world?

What is your favorite Hi/Low look?

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