Guayaquil, Ecuador to Home. 1/28/2017 Sa

We wake up, have breakfast and Steve says a quick goodbye to the iguana statue in the lobby of the hotel. Good thing we didn’t have room in the luggage or Steve would have brought it home! Although I would rather have him than a Moai!

Since this will be a short post, I thought that I would let you see pictures of our upgraded room at the Oro Verde hotel.

We got our room key and were directed to a different set of elevators then on our last visit here. We got a junior suite this time! The living room.

Half bath off the living room.

The bedroom. Unfortunately it was the same hard Ecuadorian bed!

Main bathroom sink area. Separate doors for bath and shower.

Lots of closet space, and lots of room to change in!

View of the living room from the bedroom. I was mucho pleased with the room!

In our hotel there was a lovely jewelry store. The only purchases that I made on the trip were a sunhat, my Pattagucci jacket and a woven top for our daughter S.

It’s early morning and not many people are out and about yet. This one way street is eight lanes across!

We drove past the massive mausoleums.

We saw this lady in the traditional dress of Ecuador. Notice the black hat. The airport was the only place that we saw people in traditional clothes. Her people are called Chola Cuencana. Please don’t ask me to pronounce that!

If you are planning a trip to The Galapagos, do it before 2020. A new airport is being built here in Guayaquil. The current airport is with in the city limits. It took us only 10 minutes to get to the airport from our hotel. The new airport is going to be an hour away!

We didn’t have a Dream Liner going back to the United States, so no magic ceiling color changes!

Not sure when we will be in South America again, I just hope that next time we won’t be this much under water!

Good-bye Guayaquil and the rest of South America!

A fun fact to know. Many Ecuadorians name their children after American Presidents. I already mentioned our new friend Washington in an earlier blog post. Our guide this morning to the airport was named Jefferson. Lorena, our guide from yesterday, told us that Phillips Magnesia is also a common name. Guess what name has become very popular for a baby name? Trump!

Hello airline breakfast.

Hello Panama!

Do you think that these boats are heading to the canal?

Hello Cuba!

Lunch on the plane, no cookies, no dessert!

Boats heading into they New York City Harbor.

Some big estates near Woodmere Country Club on Long Island. Dues are around $15,000 per year if you want to join. I have no idea what the initiation fee is. You are going to have to find out that information on your own. I can’t be expected to know everything, can I?

Once we got home we found out that the boiler in the house had stopped working on our trip. We were very lucky that the temperature in the house had only gotten down to 47 F, and the pipes didn’t freeze! The furnace was only a few years old! We called up the installer and they quickly came to fix it. Since then we have installed Nest thermostats in the house, that have wifi capability so we can always check the temperature. I can only hope that the wifi is connected to the generator so if the power goes out we can still find out the temperature. Unfortunately if the cable goes out due to a storm we are SOL!

The steam is from Steve making dinner. This is what happens when you boil water in a house that is 47 degrees F! The room has warmed up to 51 F now that the repair man came! We usually don’t leave the house in that shape when we leave for a trip! I hope that you enjoyed our first trip to South America!

Did you enjoy traveling to South America with us?

What is the lowest temperature your house has ever been?

Would you name your child Trump?

Bonus question: Do you expect me to know everything?

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