Abaco, The Bahamas. 3/26/2019 Tu

It’s our last day, and we are all up early. Usually Steve has breakfast and is all ready to go fishing before I get up. Most of the non fishing spouses are this way. Nothing worse than getting in the way of an angler with a one track mind, to get on the water and jerk some fish lips!

Here is an actual picture of the untouched fruit bowl! You know I had to be up early to take this picture!

Here is a picture of some of the pastries. They are made fresh every morning. Or at least they are put in the oven and baked fresh. I am not sure if they are pre made or not. I will have to investigate that next visit.

There are also savory danish. These have cheese and small pieces of ham in them. You know that I like the sweet ones more! More oatmeal doctored with raisins and coconut and some kind of dried fruit. Lots of maple syrup and some butter, so maybe I am not doing so well in the cholesterol lowering diet after all.

Here we have a map of Abaco Island. Steve’s finger is about where the Delphi Club is located. To the lower left is Sandy Point. That’s where Nancy’s is. I wrote about our trip to Nancy’s in my December 2017 blog post I believe. Steve goes wading here. To the north west a bit is Castaway Cay. It’s correct name is Gorda Cay, but the Disney Company bought it and they can call it whatever they want to. It’s a long boat ride there, but when the cruise ships are not there, the fishing is great. Steve was fishing there one time, and was waiting patiently to spot a fish. One of the guest saw him and questioned his Dad “Is that a robot?” He was used to all the automatronics in Walt Disney World!

Just to the west of Great Abaco Island is the Marls. That is where most of the anglers go fishing. I think if you tried to go by yourself you would no doubt get lost and die. Not a good way to start your vacation at all!

Soon it was time to settle the bill and then have Margery pick us up and take us to the airport. I did not have special attention on me this time. I have learned to keep my mouth shut and not ask any questions.

Here is the group getting into the plane. Steve is watching out that he doesn’t trip on the little ones.

We had no problems with the flight. Looking for a place to eat was another adventure. You know by now that I adore points and deals. Well, with some of our credit cards I get membership in Priority Pass, which gives you access to airline club lounges. Fort Lauderdale Airport didn’t have a lounge, but one of the restaurants lets you have up to $26 worth of food per card holder and the same for the guest. Well it took us 15 minutes at least to find the restaurant. I had one card, and a number for the membership for the other card. I figured we would get free lunches as we had two cards with two guest memberships. “Of course!” They said. Unfortunately they only accepted the membership with the one card, saying they couldn’t accept the written down number on a scrap of paper. I think they are going to charge my credit card for four admissions, instead of two. So that will be an extra $56, when we probably only spent half of that on our meal. Not to mention the $20 tip that M left. Steve hates my attempts to get deals on this type of stuff. I agree, it would have been better to just eat lunch at the restaurant near our gate. Except last time we ate there we had lousy service!

Last picture of our trip. I went over to the David Gandy display at the perfume store. One last kiss! What’s funny is that when Steve had his beard, I used to hold his face that way so I wouldn’t get my face all prickled from his beard!

Bearded or Smooth Shaven?

Do you even know who David Gandy is?

Do you know that I have 164 followers now? Yippee!

This is the end of the Delphi posts. I will resume tomorrow with more of our South American trip from 2017. You do want to know what happened in South America-don’t you?

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