Goodbye Coyhaique, Chile Saturday January 14, 2017

Sorry for the delays in posting. Steve went off skiing in Maine with his buddies. I am not allowed to post with out his proof reading, as I might write something that I could get in trouble for saying. He is back, so here is South America 2017 continued.

Last day at Coyhaique, we really enjoyed ourselves here.

Breakfast! I love banana bread.

The lemon meringue tart in another arrangement.

Our last breakfast. Dinner is served at the table behind us.

Fresh eggs with mushrooms at breakfast.

We stayed for lunch as our flight was not leaving until 5:30 pm.

Chicken with rice. I am trying closeup food pictures, can you tell?

Fruit plate for dessert. They drizzled it with honey.

Good bye pretty valley at Coyhaique River Lodge. Steve and I hiked down to the river after lunch. It was very strenuous and I got started wheezing very badly on our way back up. Steve got scared, but I told him that if I rested, I would soon catch my breath. It confirmed my previous decisions not to go on the strenuous hikes with C, she walks her dogs an hour a day and is in very good shape. I do exercise daily, but I don’t hike every day!

Goodbye poplar trees.

Good bye neighborhoods with lots of fences.

We got to the airport and it was a madhouse. We found the right line and eventually boarded our plane. Steve was quite nervous that they would close the bag drop before we could deposit our bags, but no worries. We said good bye to Tito and Ericito as they were going to journey to Santiago and meet their wives who were flying in to meet them.

Good bye Balmceda airport.

Good bye fishing streams.

Hello Andes Mountains. The green square is an alpine lake. The minerals in the water cause it to look so green.

Those are all mountains in the background.

There are so many mountains that many are unnamed.

Hello Bon-Bon. You didn’t taste any better this time around.

Are you sick of mountains yet? That doodle shows a gigantic glacier in a volcano.

This picture shows where we will be staying the next two days. The volcano on the left is snow covered. The volcano on the right erupted a few years ago. Don’t worry, nobody died. Did you know that Chile has 3000 volcanos, and 60 are active? Well, now you do. The mountain peak in the back is in Argentina. We are not going there on this trip.

We have almost landed and you can see how different the countryside is. A warmer climate here. Many more crops growing.

Next stop Puerto Monttt and then a drive to Puerto Varas!

How do you like your eggs?

Are you a nervous traveler?

Do you prefer your banana bread with or without nuts?

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5 thoughts on “Goodbye Coyhaique, Chile Saturday January 14, 2017”

  1. Hi Linda, I’m not much of a commenter, but I’ve been enjoying your blog.

    Eggs: self prepared. I’m a very fussy egg eater. Sous vide, scrambled, baked, poached (sous vide is more reliable)
    I am a nervous traveler, preferring to stick to my own germs in the car. Or private jet 😂
    Banana bread: yuck. My brothers traumatized me with bananas and I cannot tolerate them. I can cut them up for others, but never eat them.

    My kids caught 50 fish (porgies, yellowtail, cobia, Spanish mackerel) in the keys the other day and I’m tasked with frying them up tonight!

      1. I do not think we have met. I navigated to your blog through someone else’s, but I cannot recall who. I am no where near articulate/politicaly correct/interesting enough for my own blog!

      2. Excellent! I was racking my brains trying to remember a Martha that I had met on one of my trips! My blog started out as a way for my 96 year old mother to come along on my trips! I didn’t want to post on Facebook anymore and found this outlet. It allows me to natter on all I want, without worrying about posting too much information.
        I wish there was a way to print out my posts so I could put it into a book, and keep.
        Enjoy my posts, and thanks for commenting, sometimes I don’t think anyone is out there!

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