Coyhaique, Chile Thursday January 12, 2017

Today C, Juan and I were going to take a trip to Puerto Aysan and hopefully see the fjords!

As I mentioned before, two of our guest are acclaimed photographers. Dave took this a photo of this view, so I thought I would do so also. It was raining, I am not sure what kind of views we will have on our adventure, but come along anyway!

Today’s juice selection included raspberry. Back home raspberries are so expensive. I can’t imagine how much a quart of raspberry juice would cost.

Another breakfast under our belt and we are off.

Rain and no views, I hope the anglers catch some fish today! Even with rain gear on, the inside of your wrists get soaked while fly fishing. So the guys will probably be cold and wet when they come back. Let’s hope that they all get to catch some fish!

The waterfalls were spectacular with all the rain. Often times what I only thought was a white rock, was actually a waterfall!

This is the waterfall dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

C decided to go with the less formal shirt untucked look. I was a little more uptight and tucked my shirt in. However, I was not wearing a belt, even though I had belt loops. Did you know that on the runways of Milan they are showing suits and no belts? The things I tell you…

Here are some of the offerings left at the shrine.

Another one lane bridge. It looks ominous doesn’t it?

The landscape really changed when we got to Puerto Aysen. Rich humongous green ferns, different tree varieties.

Here is C with her fancy camera trying to switch her lenses. Meanwhile she missed the shot of what she thought was a condor. I missed the shot also, as my iPhone woulnd’t be able to have the condor visible in my picture! There was some activity on the pier in the background, and we hoped to be able to investigate.

No entry!

We saw some divers that looked like they were having a training session.

Wrap up discussion. The water looked really cold.

More waterfalls.

Some sailing vessels. One of the boats was named Don Francisco. One of the guests here is called Francisco. His nickname is Pancho. His son is called Panchito, but as he is now taller than Pancho he may need to change his name. I asked earlier in the week if he could be called Padre Pancho-but as that means a different father that wouldn’t work either. I will have to suggest Don Pancho at dinner!

The harbor. On a day with good visibility you can see far. Not today though! You can’t tell that you are in a fjord at all!

The three amigos! C, Linda and Juan.

The clouds looked like they might lift a little.

We had lunch at Patagonia Green. It was a very colorful building!

I saw a very interesting object d’art. It was carved and had a lot of dimensionality.

You could put you hand under the tail. Steve would either love it or hate it!

Juan had called ahead to reserve a table for us.

Juan said that he ordered steak. I think he meant pork!

C and I ordered the fish soup. It was very hot temperature wise. Clams, salmon, calamari, two kinds of mussels, shrimp and potatoes.

I didn’t finish all of it as I was hoping to save room for a dessert called Volcan Hudson. That was going to be sponge cake filled with hot chocolate, a tough of orange and vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately you had to call ahead to order it. I was very unhappy!

This is a photograph of a photograph of the restaurant on a clear day and you can see the glacier on the upper right of the picture.

After we finished lunch the clouds began to lift and we could see the mountains.

The swirling clouds were very dramatic on the way back to the lodge.

The white gash in the middle of the picture was a waterfall.

We must have seen 25 waterfalls today!

On the way back we stopped at an overlook for a view of Coyahique on the left and the snow capped Andes on the right.

After Steve came back from fishing we decided to try out the wood fired hot tub. Not one to be shy, I jumped in.

One of the guests was going to take a picture of Steve and myself. I thought it would be cute to have a kissing picture. No kiss, just me making the moves. Something I have been doing for over 40 years, since I proposed to Steve so very long ago! He did ask me out first though!

You can see Steve gritting his teeth!

We call the plastic tarp in the back the green monster. It would have been nice if I had thought to remove it before the picture was taken!

Here are Eric and Bert. Bert has no beard, and Eric has the beard. I got confused at first and thought that Bert=Beard and Eric=no Beard, but I was wrong. They, like all the guests this week will leave on Saturday. They will meet their wives for non fishing adventures in Santiago. Bert had a very long trip arriving here as he came from Alaska. Bert’s journey was much easier as he came form Brooklyn.

Julio among his other jobs was putting the wood in the stove that was under the brown lid.

Time for Pisco Sours and canapes. Julio is serving pita chips and guacamole.

Beef and onions skewers.

Shrimp, cold green mashed potatoes and seviche.

Conger with rice and asparagus.

Chocolate dessert!

Moon rise groupies!

10:10 pm and the moon is rising while the sun is setting!

Steve caught 10 fish today. No, although the numbers were smaller, he was not disappointed. He was fishing a different type of water. These fish were much larger than the ones he had caught on previous days.

Do you have a fancy camera?

Do you know how to work it?

Isn’t the only good dessert a chocolate dessert?

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