Delphi Club Abaco. January 11, 2019

I was the last one down to breakfast. Usually all the dirty dishes are put away and only the clean ones remain by the time I come downstairs. That wasn’t so this morning, and I had to hunt a bit to see which seating was clean. Off to the breakfast spread so see if they had the crazy fruit display from April. Someone might have noticed that I wasn’t to keen on the scary fruit display, and it has been removed from the rotation. I might have done a happy dance if I knew no one would see me!

Breakfast was two eggs over easy, bacon and an English Muffin. I did some stretching in the morning and read a bit. I also scratched, a lot. I am allergic to something down here, and break out in terrible hives. We haven’t determined if it is the no-see-ums or the laundry detergent used. I can’t seem to stop scratching, and my legs especially turn into a bloody mess. I have tried all sorts of antihistamines, and try not to go where the bugs are but it is futile.

Anyway, after three hours of scratching it was time for lunch. A, another non fishing spouse is here and will be joining me for lunch.

This is our lovely view. You have seen it before, and you will see it again. Likely every day. If you don’t like to see it, we’ll just scroll on down to the next picture. Ha Ha! Fooled you, I posted it twice, just to be silly!

We had blue corn tortilla chips and dips to start.

We both had the chicken Caesar salad.

We shared some French fries. They were suitably hot! Dessert was some cookies. Store bought, not the fresh chocolate chips that they have had in the past. Therefore they did not make the cut for the picture insertion in the blog. Mention, but no picture. I have to draw the line somewhere! I thought I should get a little exercise and put my iPhone timer on for 15 minutes, and off I went down the road. Once I hit 15 minutes I reversed. Boring.

I hate the walk up from the beach as it has many stairs. Maybe when our friends M and G come join us in March I will walk down to the beach with M. Or maybe not. She is an exercise fanatic and will probably go down to the beach twice a day, and then swim hundreds of laps in the pool. I will just say have fun M!

Here is our first canapés. Smoked trout on a cracker. Next up was Arancini, that is deep fried rice balls for you non gourmets. I was going to use the word gourmand, but that just means someone who enjoys eating. Our starter was pigeon soup. Salty, but very tasty. I had the duck breast. Steve did too. I don’t have a picture of his dinner, but I bet it looked just like mine. I must have been enthralled with the dinner conversations around me.

Max had the night off, so I made it my business to keep the conversations flowing. Two of the guests had been quite quiet the night before, so i inquired about the business that they were in at home. I was hoping that I would get a better response than my friend from The Maldives who lived in Dubai who said his business was trading. “Trading what?” I said. “Trading”. I was getting no where with that gentleman! I have met only three individuals on my travels that were completely reticent. Two of them I believe were involved in dodgy businesses, the other gentleman was just unfriendly. I know someone who knew the third individual and she told me that he is just plain unfriendly.

Anyway, the gentleman on my left and the man across from him, were D and J. They both are barristers from Belfast, Ireland. In America they would be called lawyers, or attorneys, or even vile names if you were involved in an unpleasant legal situation.

Of course I asked if they wore the white wigs with the curls, and the stories began! There are special boxes that the wigs are carried in, they last your whole career, and if you are in court a lot they do get a bit ratty and have to get refreshed. It is quite a point of pride to have a ratty wig. The wigs, which are called perukes, cost about $800. The barristers also wear black robes. The black robes are carried in special garment bags also. Some of the barristers are members of the QC, or Queen’s Court and wear black silk robes. They are considered to have “taken silk’ and are called “silks”. So if you meet a barrister with a silk robe he is quite special. Solicitors don’t appear in court, and therefore don’t have to wear the wigs. Then there was talk about red robes, I can’t remember anything about that. I got quite confused between the Irish accents and the technical details!

One of the stories was that D appeared in court and bent over to get something. His wig fell off, and he asked a question without putting the wig back on. “I can’t hear you.”, said the judge. D repeated the question and was told “I can’t hear you!”. D finally realized the judge wouldn’t respond to him unless he had the wig on! So D put the wig back on, and the judge recognized his question! Here is a picture that I got from the internet of Barristers with the short wigs, and members of the QC wearing the long wigs.

Steve found the fishing slow, and caught 3 fish.

Have you ever been to court in the Commonwealth?

Do you like your eggs poached, fried, or scrambled?

Have I asked that question before?

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9 thoughts on “Delphi Club Abaco. January 11, 2019”

  1. L, I have no idea if these are posting. Remember my blog skills are sub par I’m intrigued with your hive misery. I have to believe it’s environmental. Maybe you should see what soap is used with the linens and towels. What type of soap is in the room. I feel terrible for you. Good wig stories!!! Maybe dermatologist has a sense

    1. Steve became a member of the club. We have 20 days that we can use a year. Since some of the days are considered off season, they don’t count as a full day. So we have more and are bringing another couple with us when we go again in March.

  2. Hi Linda, hope all’s well. Back in ‘sunny’ Belfast. Was wearing my wig yesterday – should have taken a photo lol. Regards to all.


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