Delphi Club Bahamas. January 10, 2019

It’s January and time to try to continue Steve’s streak of a fish every month. Will he catch any on our trip? Hmm, this question really should be at the end of the post with my other questions for you. I’ll just have to copy and paste, and save me some typing.

We are on our way to Delphi-Bahamas for a week of fishing for Steve and hive scratching for Linda. Lately I have had a terrible case of hives every time we have gone. There are little sand flies, that find me irresistible and since I find it irresistible to scratch an itch, we are a match made in hell. I am already on an antihistamine for my allergies at home, but have brought extra Benadryl with me. I found a new antihistamine Xyzal that is supposed to be good for hives. We shall see. When I got my DNA testing done, I found out that I have a higher chance of being bothered by insect bites than other people. Lucky me!

Here is Steve at the airport in Fort Lauderdale. We were picked up at the wonderful time of 5:30 to be brought to the airport in White Plains. Steve packed his jacket away as we were going to a warm place. Steve forgot how cold the airport terminal is. Notice that he buttoned his shirt (another one of his plaid shirts!) up to the very top. Pay attention to the couple in the background, there will be a story, but no direct quiz later.

I kept my jacket with me, but I was still cold. We both ordered the cheese burgers. My fries unfortunately were not hot. I decided from now on when I order fries, I will tell the wait staff “Make sure my fires are just out of the fryer, I want them hot! Otherwise I will send them back!”. There is not much worse than luke warm fries! Here is a picture of our happy couple. They had their hands all over each other. He was talented. He could check out his phone, while holding her hand.

I even took a short video for you!

Here is one of the passengers waiting for his flight. He even had the sides of his man bun braided! That is some upkeep! After a very long layover we got ready to board our flight to Marsh Harbour. We had two trips where we missed our flight due to delays on arrival in Florida, so now we take flights with longer layovers. Today we had to wait 4 hours between flights. We probably could have gotten an Uber to the beach and back! We were excited that we would be sitting in row 3 on the plane until we found out that row 3 did not have windows. Yuck! I do look a trifle worried, don’t I? Although I am blessed with no gray hair, I do seem to have more than my fair share of age spots! The teeth are in pretty good shape, no implants for me! The flight attendant allowed us to switch seats to two rows behind us as they were empty. They have to be very careful with the weight distribution on these small planes. We landed safely and were picked up by Margery, the taxi driver that Delphi uses. She is always my go to source on the Abaco happenings! Here is Steve checking out the bed in room 4, his personal favorite room. The first canapé was squid tempura, with dipping sauces. Next was beef tartare. It had too much horseradish in it to please me. Our first course was watermelon salad with micro greens and orange slices. Steve and I each had the seared wahoo. The gentleman next to me had, the rack of lamb. He had to send it back as it was a little too rare for him. Dessert was a date and almond phyllo parcel. Very sweet. Then it was time for after dinner coffee or tea. I usually go for the mint tea.

At dinner we had very fun conversations with a few of the guests here this week. One of the gentleman was stationed in the army at Balmoral, where the queen goes to stay every August and September. I asked him if he had danced with her at the annual gillie ball. Once a year she has a ball where all the staff are invited, it is formal, and she dances with many of the staff. He did not dance with her at that event, but had danced with her on other occasions. No, I did not ask if she was a good dancer, or if he had stepped on her toes! I did want to though!

Three of the guests the first night were from Scotland, and one was from England. Two were from Ireland. We were the only Americans. I asked one of the guests if he was married and did he have children. He mentioned that he was divorced but he did have nineteen children! “Nineteen children”, I said. “Yes, I was a sperm donor in Medical school!”. With that, I shall end my post.

Do you think Steve will continue his fish catching streak?

Are you in favor of PDA?

Do you even know what PDA is?

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  1. Linda this was a good one. I, too, dislike cold fries. Not worth the calories. Note to self to bring my parka in March. Being cold is up there with cold fries. Hey are the sand flies seasonal? Those flies will be in insect heaven with the likes of you and me. Was Steve successful!!

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