Saturday December 8, 2018 Homeward Bound

Here is Steve showing off the new coffee maker. The machine makes regular and fancy coffees. I did love the old French Press coffee makers, that Delphi used to have. Although sometimes when you pushed too hard you got an explosion of coffee and grinds all over the table. It did make great conversation though! That creepy arrangement was still there! I hope it is gone by now!

We have new designer mugs now. I wonder how many have accidentally on purpose made their way to different homes? Not ours! I prefer my coffee mug to be of bone china, and have a lip that goes out. My mother gave me some mugs long ago that broke. When we went to Scotland for our 35th anniversary I found some mugs with heather on them. I bought two. After two years I broke one. After scouring the internet I finally found replacements. Man, were they expensive! $35 each for a coffee cup? Yes please, I will take four. Two for Poughkeepsie and two for Lake George. More eggs. Steve had an omelette. As usual.

Then we hung out until just before 12 to get our ride back to the airport with Margery.

The line for baggage x-rays took forever. Many people had to get swabbed, wanded and their wallets examined!

I noticed someone in the waiting area with a Baker’s Bay luggage tag. That is the swanky new development on the north end of Abaco. They were lucky I didn’t see their tags earlier, I have lots of questions. They were flying to Atlanta. I was wondering why they didn’t fly private, but if they live in the Atlanta area, there is no reason to spend tens of thousands when you can just fly first class on a regional jet. I mean you really do need to watch those pennies. Here we are all in line heading toward the plane Looks like Steve has his travel shirt on. In fact in his passport picture he is wearing the same shirt! Hmm, Steve appears to have one foot on the white line. He could get yelled at by one of the Silver employees! Over the marls, and some of the many islands of The Bahamas and we made it to Fort Lauderdale. Customs with the Global Entry card was a breeze. Then it was off to wait forever for our flight to White Plains and then home. Shortly after midnight we made it home. Did I mention yet today how much I hate traveling? That is until a week later, then I am eager to plan our next excellent adventure.

Do you prefer your eggs fried, scramble or boiled?

Did I already ask that question?

If you had six months to live would you lobby to fly private?

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  1. Beautiful. Have a wonderful Holiday season! After looking at that coffee cup, I’m leaving the computer to make a latte’. Best, Sandy


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