Delphi Club Abaco. December 6, 2018 Thursday

This morning we had a very interesting fruit arrangement on the credenza. It was a little scary looking and if I were hungover, I might just have wanted to turn around and go back to bed! I was back to fried eggs again. I think poached eggs are a little bit boring. However if you get them covered in Hollandaise sauce and on top of an English muffin with some spinach, it might be a little more exciting. I’ve never had them that way, I think it would be too rich with the sauce. I was by myself for lunch, and this time we had the blue corn tortilla chips. I still managed to eat everyone! I decided to go for the pork burger with sweet potato fries. Not sure what is wrong with regular beef, but the menu is what it is. Maybe there will be some complaints and we will have regular burgers. It was okay. I should have asked for regular fries, and I like them better. Last year when there were more ladies there we had discussion on sweet potato fries vs. potato fries. We had a good laugh over the thought that sweet potato were healthier. Come on! As we had some new guests with us we got four chocolate chip cookies. They were very good. The new guests were from New Jersey and came down for a long weekend.Here is a view of the beautiful sunset from our deck. The sunset is really off to the right, but then you don’t get to see the beach. First canapé was crab pitettes with micro greens. Here is Kentral serving the shrimp tempura with wasabi mayonnaise. She usually is not in my pictures, just the food. But I made the executive decision and decided that she should have more than her fingers appear in the blog! It appears that she has wacky thumbs like Steve does. They go back instead of staying straight up! Steve prefers to call his thumbs normal, and mine stiff! Can you guess what one of my questions will be today? The starter was conch salad. I ate the micro greens. There was spirited discussion one of the prior night’s about the conch pistil. It is considered to have special powers. As I don’t eat conch, nor have the special equipment required I can’t vouch for the powers. Steve doesn’t eat conch, nor do I comment about his special powers. Steve and I both had the red snapper. Dessert was a date and almond phyllo parcel with allspice ice cream.

Steve had an ignominious day. He is down in the books as a Nil. Yes, that means zero fish. This has been his second nil in our eight trips to Delphi. However, as Max has been slacking and has not kept the log book of fish caught up to date, not many people will now how poorly Steve did. Now that Nicole, is following my blog, she will suitably hound him and correct this malfeasance.

Do you know big words?

Can you spell them with spell check helping you out?

Do you have wacky thumbs?

Bonus question:Do you have the necessary equipment?

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