Delphi Club, Abaco The Bahamas Wednesday December 5, 2018

Steve actually took the day off from fishing with a guide to be with me. Well, he didn’t take a day off entirely, he was going to go down to the beach and test his luck. Today was a cold front day, and fish are off their feed on this type of day. It was going to be a very windy afternoon also.

Anyway, it was just the two of us at breakfast. I haven’t shown you the cold cereal collection, yogurt and assorted toppings yet. Well, now I have and we can go on to something more interesting. A coffee machine! Many of the guests had been unhappy about not being able to get coffee when they woke up until the kitchen opened. Breakfast starts at 7, but many people are used to getting up at six a.m. and NEED THEIR COFFEE! There weren’t any Keurig makers in the room, so these poor guests would stumble around muttering COFFEE until the kitchen opened. With new ownership of the club, a purchase was made of a fancy machine that makes regular coffee, cappuccinos, macchiatos and espresso.

While Steve hung out at the beach fishing I watched the George H.W. Bush funeral. I must admit to getting teary eyed a few times. I would also think about what wonderful things people will say about me after I die. “She didn’t really like animals but she was not unkind to them. She wrote a damned decent blog. I always hated that she didn’t have to color her hair, I always thought that was never quite normal.”

Here is the table set for the two of us for lunch. It was very romantic! Although there were no candles, or violinists to serenade us. Sometimes you have to take what you can get! I had the salad with fish. Those Chinese noodles are so crazy looking. They remind me of Bernie Sanders. Steve had the salad with chicken. That was the better choice as my fish was overcooked. For dessert we had the allspice ice cream.

I got my first comment on my blog in a long time during the afternoon. I was most excited about that. Loyal readers, you must remember to like and comment when you read blogs. As writers we spend a lot of time working on our blogs. Then you read it in two minutes and think “Fine, where is the next post?” I must admit to being guilty of this also. I don’t always comment on the few blogs that I read. One of the blogs I read I really enjoy (Well, duh, why bother reading if you don’t care for it?). I sat down at binge read all of the guy’s posts. Then I started to comment, as a good reader should do. I stopped when I realized that I had posted the last ten comments on his blog. I felt like a stalker! The first canapé was smoked mackerel pitettes. Followed by spiced apple on Brie. Our starter was Shrimp Brushetta. Steve had the wahoo with polenta and green beans. When our son was in high school he had a friend that would come over for dinner every once in a while. He had never had polenta before. He thought it was the strangest thing. Whenever we asked if he wanted to stay for dinner he would ask if we were serving polenta. I can’t remember if he liked it or not but it was funny. Believe me, it was funny. I had the duck, I should have had the fish. I didn’t like that the pieces of potato, looked like pieces of duck. I would be all set to eat a piece of duck, and then find out that it was actually potato. Dessert was white chocolate pannacotta with raspberry and crystallized rose. Those little chunks floating on the raspberry sauce do not look like any part of a rose to me. For the first time all week we were served fresh chocolates. I had three.

Steve caught a few small fish from the beach in the morning, including one that he had never caught before. The numbers of fish caught this week have been low, in years past Steve has caught almost a hundred fish in December while staying here. It’s still a successful trip as we get to feel some warm sun on our faces, and Steve gets to keep his streak of fish caught every month going.

Do you know what a pitette is?

Have you ever eaten polenta?

Do you have Bernie Sanders hair on a bad day?

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