August 6, 2012 Brush Creek Ranch, Saratoga Wyoming

Today was a sick day. A real sick day. I woke up feeling nauseous and had a monster headache. I really wanted Steve to stay and baby sit me all morning, but that was not on his agenda. So instead I curled up in bed and slept.

And slept until the cleaning lady swat team arrived to do the cabin. I told them not to make the bed as I was under the weather. They left and I went to sleep. Two hours later they returned with a container of chicken soup and toast for me! Now that is a hallmark of a caring staff!

I had a little soup and the toast and relaxed the rest of the day. It seems that I had come down with a case of altitude sickness. A lesson learned. No drinking at higher altitudes and limit my activities. In later years I would take Acetazolamide or Diamox.

Steve had a great day and caught seven brown trout.

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