August 31, 2011 Brush Creek Ranch, Saratoga Wyoming

As I have been blog silent for a while, I have decided to go back to my memory vaults and write up some past trip reports. Back in the day, I didn’t take so many pictures and do facebook posts, so these blog posts will be much shorter than my recent ones.

In the fall of 2010 when Steve and I were flying back from the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, I spied an blurb in Town and Country Magazine about a new ranch resort opening in Saratoga,Wyoming. It sounded delightful, fishing, riding, spa treatments, all in a luxury resort in the middle of some beautiful country.

Steve had already been going to ranches and fishing camps with Elliott. Now that Elliott was away at Bucknell, Steve needed a traveling partner. Steve had been telling me about all the wonderful people he had met at the fishing lodges that he had gone to. Now you know me, aka Luxury Linda, I don’t want to spend any time in a place that is not at nice as home. So high thread count sheets, gourmet meals, and electricity please. The price for a stay was higher than the thread count, but I was very much intrigued.

So as our 32nd anniversary rolled around I made reservations for a one week stay. We would fly in and out of Denver, Colorado and drive up to the ranch, about a four hour drive. Of course we stopped in Laramie Wyoming, at a fly fishing store for a look see. I go to grocery stores, Steve goes to fishing stores. It makes for a happy marriage.

We drove through Medicine Bow National Forest. The forest is in southeastern Wyoming, and our highest elevation on the route was over 12,000 feet. It was very windy, and a bit cool. You can see all the snow that has remained over the summer. There was a lovely lake, but I declined a dip. We had places to go and people to meet! Finally after about four hours, we saw a big sign for Brush Creek. I hope I have since burned that unflattering top. Now this is a great entrance! Wouldn’t you like to have a sign like this at the end of your driveway back home?After checking we we drove to the shooting range for our first set of activities. At the Ranch you can do fishing, riding, shooting, mountain biking, archery, paint ball, ropes course, and hiking to name just some of the activities. Here I am getting pistol instructions. Shooting glasses and ear protection are required. As they should be. I am looking at that picture and I must have lost that fleece vest, I haven’t seen it in years. The floral shirt is still in my closet up in Lake George. I wear it often. I sure got my money’s worth on that purchase! We had many targets. Close up targets for the pistols, and then also there were some targets much further away for the rifle shooting. My aim was pretty good for a newbie! The instructor opened up the safe and let me use his Ruger with a laser sight. That sure did make aiming easier! I also used a Browning. One of the targets represented a villain with a hostage. I was able to shoot the bad guy and save the hostage. Just call me Dirty Harriet! Here is Steve. Looks like a battle of the bellies! Ha Ha. Our instructor won that battle!We also did some rifle shooting. Here we were trying to aim at fake prairie dogs. There was also shotguns for skeet shooting. I was tuckered out by then and didn’t partake. Steve had fun and was pretty good.

Do you prefer camping or a resort?

Would you rather vacation in the city or the country?

Have you ever quivered with excitement while holding a Ruger with a laser sight?

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  1. Linda. I read this to Mike on the way to Boston we have a wedding. You are hysterical and we both laughed- have fun. Sandy and Mike

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