An afternoon at Winterthur, April 19, 2018

It’s been a while, so lets do a little catching up. Steve got a bright jacket when we were up at Saratoga in March. Steve has a zillion jackets, but none as nice as my red Patagucci (really Patagonia) rain slicker. He decided that if he wants to be seen with me, he had better up his game. So after trying on ten jackets, he decided that this one fit him the best. I am not sure that it goes with his coloring, but all he cares about is the fit. All I care about is looking good, but that is my problem, not his. I can easily find him in this jacket, as long as I remember that “If it’s screaming green, it’s Steve!”. We were once again back at Winterthur in Wilmington Delaware with J and C. This is the back of C’s head. If you are lucky, we will see his handsome face. This is also the back side of Wintertur. The home of Henry Francis Dupont. It is the fifth largest house in the United States, 96,582 square feet. No I will not quiz you on that fact later. To put it into perspective the house of Candy and Aaron Spelling is only 56,500 square feet. But you knew that already, didn’t you?We took a tram ride to the main house. The trees were lovely, the grounds are always pretty, it would be nice to live in the area, and see the weekly changes in the gardens. It would probably have been even nicer to have been a guest of old Henry. If I was, I would be dead by now. So on second thought, let’s not wish I was Henry’s guest after all. This year’s special exhibition was the Honus Wagner Baseball Card. Let’s peruse the exhibit shall we?J was on a mission. She zeroed right in to the writing on the wall, explaining the exhibit. I am not quite sure what Steve and C are discussing. I am documenting. Here is the famous card. It’s the middle one on the bottom row. You can see it’s size compared to C’s hand. Originally I thought it was the size of our current baseball cards. It is in fact much smaller. The card is a rarity, only 60 currently exist. Was production stopped because Mr. Wagner didn’t like smoking, or because he wasn’t compensated, or a little of each? I am not sure. Here we have a little more information about the card and it’s value. We also looked at another exhibit. Let’s look at some silver and china shall we?Steve really liked the top on this one, it reminded him of the silver bee at Arroyo Verde, in Argentina. Yes, I still need to finish that trip report. You are probably wondering what happened to me and all those Argentinians! Here we have a very elegant table setting. Look at all the napkins! That is some folding! Look who I found hovering over the bull. I am not sure if that is a soup tureen or a cookie jar! There were lots of animals to look at. Steve and I once had a yellow duck cookie jar. It broke a long time ago. Thank heavens our marriage has lasted longer than that wedding gift! Here is a model of Wintertur. Isn’t this place grand? We got to go on a behind the scenes tour of dining. We were taught about the different serving styles, ala Francaise, ala Russe, and American. Notice I said taught, and not learned. I can’t remember what style this is, nor what the styles represented. I think some of the meals are served on the table and passed, some are presented by wait staff, and some of the food is plopped down in front of you and you only can eat what is near you. Woe is you, if only Liver and Onions is in front of you!Notice I said a “behind the scenes tour’. We got to walk behind the ropes! I love going where you normally can’t go. I just have to remember to keep my elbows tucked and watch where I am going. We got to look at another dining room. This was Mr. DuPont’s dining room. The other room was representative of a dining style in American history. Mr. DuPont had many china patterns. He did enjoy his entertaining! These tankards were made by Paul Revere. Can you see the wires? They are not going to be stolen by a light fingered Larry!

That’s all for now, next post will be our room at Inn at Montchanin and dinner at Krazy Kat’s!

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