Monday May 7,2018 Sloan Excellent Adventure

After dinner last night we returned to the apartment where I showered with my super duper cleanser the doctor had told me to use. Of course it was red and I dropped the bottle and spilled some on the white floor of the bathroom. I screamed for Steve to clean it up for me. He was as accommodating as could be. I was petrified that I had stained the tile, but the tile and grout were well sealed. Steve did a great scrub a dub and all was cleaned up. If I didn’t write this our wonderful hosts might never have known- but you know me-full disclosure Linda! No 🧐 for them

Although the sheets on the bed were of excellent quality-I will have to get the name of the manufacturer- I slept poorly. I am sure it was pre surgery jitters.

I woke up before the alarm and Steve and I were out the door by 6:30. We were due at Admissions at 7:15. The walk to the hospital from the apartment was relatively quick and after a few wrong turns we found admissions. Sloan really needs to work on the signage.

At admissions I was warned that census was high and I was likely not going to get my private room after all. I asked if the M-19 rooms were available. They were, but at an up-charge of $2K-$11K per night . That was going to be a no go. Goodbye Frette sheets, Limoges China, and Aubusson carpets. Hello double room!

We got through admissions even before our check in time, as we left there were two patients accompanied by family entering the office. As I turned to leave I noticed a woman with a sharp black bag. I was going to compliment her, but Steve had reminded me to keep my conversations to a minimum and focus.

So up we went to the sixth floor for surgery prep. At this point I realized, uh oh, I had left my overnight bag at the apartment! You can only imagine how bad I felt. I had one job, enter the hospital with my overnight bag that I was supposed to have schlepped the ten blocks with me. I tried to pretend that it was Steve’s fault as he ALWAYS throws a check in the room when we check out some place. However as Steve usually needs three cups of coffee before he can start his day and he had none, so I have to admit to my own operator error.

During the pre surgery prep I answered all my questions truthfully with only a little bit of extra verbiage. Dr. Boland cane in to see me and remarked how quickly we ate our dinner last night- I said” But you told me to eat a light meal!”

While waiting I read books as did Steve, and did throw in a couple of “I love you’s” and some semi chaste kisses.

At one point I looked across the room and saw Dr.Jarnigan-who had removed my pancreatic cyst and spleen in December 2015. I called to him and he came over to me I’m not sure he remembered who I was but did a good job faking it!

I popped out my contact lenses and we put them in some pill cups. Of course after I did that Dr. Snappy Dresser von HotStuff came to meet me. I could tell he was dressed nicely but the handsomeness factor was a guess. I am very near sighted and developing a cataract, so I was not 100% sure of my hot doctor evaluation. The nurse who was wheeling me into surgery was practically salivating over him, so my description of his hotness factor was apt.

Surgery was expected to be around 2+ hours, instead it took about 45 minutes. Dr. Boland and his surgical hot assistant had no problem removing the Myxoma. Dr. B thought it looked like an onion and it is being sent away to be sliced, diced and examined further. I will know more in next week.

I woke up in recovery and Steve came into see me shortly after. There was discussion about my discharge either today or tomorrow!

My room became available and I was brought over to it. I have a dream patient. She is asleep all the time. Let’s hope she isn’t in any pain and has speedy healing.

We ordered a light lunch for me and I even felt strong enough to do a lap around the floor!

Dr. Boland came into see me. I am spending the night as there are concerns I might throw a clot. Better safe than sorry.

No more blogging. My power is 49% and charger is back at the apartment.

Thanks for all the speedy healing wishes! ❤️💋

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