March 3, 2018 Pre Lunch Cocktails at the Cabin, Arroyo Verde

I forgot to give you the link for Arroyo Verde. Once again, the links I post are not in return for anything. All of the excellent adventures that Steve and I take are on our own dime, actually many many dimes!

I left you with Steve unpacking his suitcase and me taking pictures. Katrina had left us to drive to the cabin where we were to meet the other guests staying at the Estancia before lunch for drinks and snacks. This is the view of the cabin above Lake Traful. This, of course is a professional photograph from the Arroyo Verde’s website.

This is a 360 degree video shot from the back patio of the cabin. The main lodge sleeps eight guests, we were in the suite, which was in a neighboring building to the main estancia. The cabin was available to stay in, but as it required someone to drive us back for meals, I thought I would be a little too isolated. The view at the cabin was amazing. Yes, the wind was quite strong. This is Patagonia after all! Inside the cabin was a bedroom. Look at the difference between a professional photographer and my photo! Looks like I better not quit my day job!

This is the posed picture from where I shot my video! It’s not exactly like I was having a bad hair day, the wind there is fierce!

Here is my Titanic pose! I am such a good sport!Here is a picture of Fernando taking a picture of four other guests that were staying at the Estancia while we were there. Tim and Sarah, Charlie and Kathy, are from Raleigh, NC. Sarah and Kathy asked if I fished and I told them no, I read and worked on my blog while Steve was out and about. The ladies were going to go riding while their hubbies fished. I decided not to ride at this ranch as the nearest hospital was over 2 hours away. I didn’t like the idea of not being able to get medical help quickly. Kathy, it turns out is a successful author, however, as she does not write romance novels or erotica, I had not heard of her. You can order her book here, I think her story is quite inspiring.

Let’s go in the cabin. Here we have another lousy picture, but this was the kitchen. No meals are cooked here, guests go back to the main house for all their meals. This is the view from the living room out toward the lake.This is another view of the living room. There were four bunk beds, so six people could stay in the cabin. The cabin was designed for the Lariviere family, two parents and four girls! There was also a small bathroom, including a bidet! Here is Steve talking to another guest, from Canada, who you can’t see because Steve is so big. He has been coming to Arroyo Verde for several years, staying several weeks at a time, and coming more than once during the year! This is definitely one of his favorite places to fish. Why? Because there is always a chance for a really big fish! Small world that is is, this gentleman knows a guest that we met at another fly fishing lodge. They live in the same development in Calgary! It also turns out that Gianni and Lalla who we met in Tipiluike also have been to Arryo Verde!

Battery in laptop is running low. Time to recharge and I’ll tell you more about this Excellent Adventure later!

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  1. Great seeing you last night. Lake Traful is imposing and mysterious. What was the temperature there? The cabin is awesome. I agree with you – it’s very remote, especially with overly adventurous husbands.

    Happy Easter. Sandy

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