Friday March 2, 2018, Tapas on Nahuel Huapi Lake

After our hike in Nahuel Huapi Lake, and Steve’s first trolling session was over Nico dropped the anchor and the portable table was brought out so we could enjoy our tapas and wines. Paulo covered the table with a fun red and white checked picnic cloth and brought out the silverware and glasses. No plastic cups and paper plates today! This was going to be special! First tapas was a gazpacho shooter with a little olive oil, paired a roasted pepper topped with micro greens and a little bit of toasted bread. This was paired with a lovely sauvignon blanc. Next up was some smoked salmon, with micro greens, itty bitty flower heads, sliced onions, lemon juice, raspberries, mini scoops of avocado and soy sauce with sesame sides to dip the salmon. The salty with the sweet was so good! I was watching Paulo do all the prep work, he took such care in placing everything just so, no slap dash with his actions!

Next was a ramekin filled with toasted bread, sautéed mushrooms, a poached egg, blueberries, and then cheese melted with a mini torch. I joked to Paulo that I didn’t think open flames were allowed on a boat!

A nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon was brought out at some time and we drank the red wine also.

Dessert was slightly charred pineapple, blueberries, raspberries and some slightly sweetened with cream. We enjoyed this with a really nice port. Yes, a lot of drinking went on that afternoon!

Final course was cheese drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

We were both feeling totally relaxed and happy.

We lifted anchor, the fishing rod was brought back out for Steve to troll a bit more as we cruised back to port.

This is the little area where Paulo performed his magic! I am sure he did lots of prep work back home too!

I put my feet up, relaxed and learned about what was next in store on Linda’s Excellent Adventures!

On the way back we saw a kayakers, and people canoeing. They waved and looked like they were having fun, but I know they wished they were relaxing on the boat like we were!

All too soon we were back at the pier, our cruise on Nahuel Huapi Lake was over. This is me with Paulo, and Nico! Paulo had his supplies all piled up to bring back to his house!Steve looked just as happy, but Paulo looked just a little bit happier hugging me!

Our taxi arrived and brought us back to the hotel.

Ciao! Ciao!

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