Thursday March 1, 2018. Villa La Angostura

Villa La Angostura means narrowness in Spanish. The village is located on the shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake. Villa La Angostura is very near the border of Argentina and Chile. Our hotel is located just above the village. If you were to fly a drone, and take a picture you would have this. Our room is in the building on the left on the third floor. Come let’s explore! We turn off the main road, and descend a steep driveway. Senor Driver pushes the call button and we are greeted by the lovely Elizabeth.

Now I must make a correction to yesterday’s post. I had mentioned that Steve was “my main squeeze”. He is in fact my ONLY SQUEEZE! There, now he will stop worrying about any “side squeezes” that you my dear reader might think that I have. I repeat, he is the only man for me! We are loaded into a green buggy and descend to the hotel. It’s a very steep drive, no cars should not attempt the descent! I don’t have a picture of the front of the hotel as the grounds are filled with trees. Let’s go on in instead of lingering out front shall we?

Here is Steve filling out the registration forms. This picture is actually from Saturday morning and he is actually checking out, but we can pretend can’t we? On the main floor there is a beautiful pool table. An English guest mentioned to Steve that he was afraid to play on the table in case he ripped up the felt. Steve had no such worries. The floors were an interesting terrazzo. There were many decorative urns of flowers.

The walls were gaily decorated. This is the view of the living room, looking toward the guest reception. The pool table is off the the right in the rear. The view of the lake is behind me. With the lake to my left we see the bar to my right and the breakfast area straight ahead. The restaurant was closed for dinner. It had great reviews, it would have been nice to stay in one place for dinner. More on that later! It would be quite the adventure!More of the dining room. There were lots of family pictures in the background. I thought that this might have been a family home turned into a hotel. We later found out that the home might be owned by the family of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. She is from Argentina. I’m not sure about that story, but it is too delicious not to retell!

Steve peeked outside to check out the view from the terrace. It was spectacular!

Enough about the view. There are four suites on our floor. If Steve can get the door unlocked we can enter. He did it! Let’s go see the room!Our room was called Violeta. We had a massive King size bed, Italian sheets, that were so comfy. A big ass duvet that we tossed to the floor. There was an interesting canopy above our bed. I bet that it took hours to get hung just right. I must have taken this picture before the luggage arrived. The room is still immaculate!There was a television that I don’t think we ever turned on. Here is another view of the room. They left us his and her’s bathrobes with matching slippers. We had gigantic windows that had Juliet balconies. We would leave the window open all night to hear the waves lap at the shore. We were lucky not to have any birds fly in our windows!This was the view out of our window! It really was superb! You can see the Andes in the background!We had a big claw foot tub that I stubbed my toes on. There was a separate shower stall, twin sinks a toilet and a bidet. The South Americans seem big on bidets. Steve mentioned that he even saw one in a men’s room!

Steve was starving so we decided to have lunch. Right now Steve is perusing our documents to find out what is going to happen tomorrow.

We started with some plain rolls and olive rolls with some kind of spread.

I had the quiche with a light salad for my lunch.

Steve had a cheese hamburger with chips.

Yes, a cheese and ham burger!

We thought that was the funniest thing!

More explorations of the hotel and dinner in my next posting.

Thank you once again for all the likes and the follows. Some of you are getting quite good at the commenting!

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