Sunday February 25, 2018 Tipiliuke!

This is Tipiliuke Lodge. There are nine rooms available for guests to stay in. This is the living room where you might relax in the afternoon or chat before dinner. Here is another place to sit if there is no room in the living room. Many of the guides would sit here while waiting for the anglers to finish up their breakfast before a day of fishing.Would you like to see our room? It’s just down the hallway. Come along!

Room is not in pristine condition as we have started to spread our stuff out already. Here we see Steve doing his unpacking. My Harlequin novel is sitting on the bed stand. I have been doing so much posting that I haven’t been able to do any reading at all! The things I give up for you!

Finally the other side of the room. Don’t you love that hat? I hope it doesn’t get seriously smashed during this vacation. Here we have the bathroom. No toiletries spread out yet! This is the toilet, bidet, and tub with shower. The faucets for the shower were on the side wall, and not the front of the tub. I am used to turning on the water from the front of the shower, and in reaching across to turn on the diverter to make it a shower. When I did that, I would get my head drenched every time. Finally the third time I took the shower I got the bright idea to turn on the taps from the other side of the curtain. Voila! I didn’t get drenched! Fishing for Steve was to start tomorrow so we decided to go for a horse back ride. Steve’s horse appears to be camera shy. Either that or he is giving us the side eye! That is Tipiliuke in the background. No, I will not be climbing it! All that you can see is part of the ranch. After our ride we went on a tour of the property in one of the Lodge’s trucks, this is Chimehuin River. We could see some fish rising. Steve is showing exactly where the currents were going and bringing insects to the lurking trout. Will he catch any fish tomorrow when he goes out? I sure hope so! This bridge was built just after World War One. It was really bumpy! Here is our obligatory “snatch a kiss” in the snap shot! You’d think we were quite in love, wouldn’t you! Well we are, at least I hope Steve thinks so too! Here we are driving over the bridge. The back side!We continue driving as we are going to see the sun set. The scenery is just gorgeous. Did I give you the website yet? tipiliuke.comCan you spot a guanaco?Here they are on the crest of the hill. Guanaco are Argentinian llamas. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

Here is Maru and Steve. I’m looking for a husband for her. She is going to her sister’s wedding this weekend. There are supposed to be 400 guests. I told her that I was praying that she would meet her special someone there!

Steve looks deliriously happy. He is going fishing tomorrow. The water looks excellent, and the scenery is gorgeous. What could be better? This is Tipiliuke, in the far back you can see Volcano Lanin. It is 12,000 feet high. I won’t be climbing that either! Here we are at sunset. It looks like I am getting some heavenly rays sent to me. I wish I could post the video here, of the 360 degree view, but the bandwidth is poor. We will have to wait until I come back home. One last kiss and it is time to go back to the lodge to shower and change for dinner.Pisco Sour time! It’s not as good as Julio’s at Coyhaique River Lodge in Chile, but it will do. We enjoyed empanadas before dinner. Meat and vegetable were available. This is the interior of the meat empanada. First course was a salad. Dinner here is very late, about 9 or even later. Lunch is a big meal of the day. It is served about 2:30. Fishing runs from 9 until 1, we then have lunch and rest in the afternoon. Then those who fish go our at 6 and fish again. Steve says fishing is always best just after sunset. Did I show you how fun the chair cushions are? They were so soft! We were having so much fun at dinner, that I asked Kevin the manager to take a picture of our table. So he did! Kevin is such a wise guy! Here is our table. Next to Steve is Martin from Germany, and his wife is Sybil, she is sitting across from him. The next couple is Maya and Jeraldo. In the middle is Mary Jo, she is married to Kevin. Kevin and Mary Jo run the place. They are amazing. So much energy, and love for what they are doing. They have been managing Tipiluike for 20 years. Maya and Jeraldo are not married. We were all trying to get them engaged. I even took off my fake diamond so Jeraldo could use it but no dice! Since it was last night for Martin and Sybil, and Maya and Jeraldo,a bottle of champagne was brought to the table. I even took off my ring and put it in Maya’s champagne glass so Jeraldo could surprise Maya! (Although I was announcing the whole time what I was doing,so it wasn’t a surprise at all!) Martin gave a tremendous toast, describing the beautiful chapel on property, and how wonderful it would be if the sweet couple got married before the night was out. We could barely breathe we were all laughing so hard. Maya posed for some fake facebook pictures of her being in shock with the diamond in her glass. Too bad I was in such hysterics I couldn’t take my Kodak moment for you! Back to some serious business, Dinner was Ravioli and sauce. Dessert was berries. Sweet dreams everyone.

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