Sunday February 25, 2018 We depart Buenos Aires!

After a terrible night’s sleep for Steve (it seems I snore ALL night long-and the bed was lumpy) we woke up too late for Steve to hit the gym. Oh well.

While changing my clothes and packing the suitcase I found my sunglasses in their case on the ground right where I must have left them! The floors was a brown wood, the same color as my sunglasses case and it all blended in. Honestly who looks for their sunglass case on the floor any way? I told you if I bought a pair of sunglasses I would find mine!We had breakfast at our hotel, See the tree trunk on the left? It’s a ficus tree, and it grows right through the ceiling!Steve still looks a little bit grumpy as he was only on his first cappuccino.There was lots to choose from on the menu. The cappuccino was very tasty, not much foam art here!Steve had his second cappuccino so he was feeling a lot happier, and had almost forgiven me for snoring so much!Steve had the chocolate croissant. We are used to having the chocolate inside, here it is served on the side so you can go hog wild if you want to! Steve only had a little bit as it was very HEAVY! I am not sure if it is the type of butter that is used, or the flour, but this could probably break a toe if you dropped! Just kidding, it wasn’t quite that hard. Steve had scrambled eggs with sausage. This was the most interesting presentation of eggs that i have ever seen. I thought at first that he had ordered oatmeal!

I chose waffles again, they were served with dulce de leche on the side. I asked for fruit also. The duce de leche is SO SWEET! I would dip my fork in, and then spear a bit of the waffle. After breakfast we waited for our driver. We waited in the downstairs bar. I had quite a bit of excitement the previous night. Steve went downstairs to get an Irish whiskey. My phone is set up to give me alerts every time a charge is made. My phone alerted me to a $100 charge at the hotel! I got quite excited, as dinner was only about $52 at the Brick House, how could a simple drink cost so much money? No, no I was told, it was only 100 Argentinian pesos. No, No, I said, look at the charge on my phone! Well next morning I found out that the $100 charge was just a default room charge in case we were naughty guests and destroyed the room, like some American movie stars on a bender! Phew. Here is Movie Star Steve waiting patiently for our driver, trying not to fall asleep!Then it was past the high rises, the polo field, and the flowering sculpture to the airport. The airport was right near the Rio de la Plata. Sunday morning all the guys line up to fish. No one appeared to catch anything, I think the guys just didn’t want to go to Mass!We had no problems getting our boarding passes and going through security. We thought this was our plane just outside our gate. We were wrong! We boarded a bus and were driven to our plane. I should have remembered that we were not flying LAN but Aerolineas Argentinas! We were the only ones in Business Class. Here we are. Bad hair day, but my lipstick is on. I think I might need to use a little lip liner to give more definition to the lips. My eyes are always half shut when I smile, Steve is always has his “where am I supposed to look ? expression”! It will be fun to see pictures when we are 80, will we still have the same loopy expressions? You can see a few of my grey hairs here. Steve’s grey swath has gotten wider, and we were laughing about that. HE STILL HAS LOTS OF HAIR! He was at a meeting the other day, and only two of the guys had hair on their heads! GO TEAM STEVE!Adios Buenos Aries! We will see you March 8! Next to the airport it looked like the airplane junk yard. Hopefully our planes won’t need any spare parts! Here is a great picture of Buenos Aries. You can see the airport on the left. The horse race track in the middle and the polo fields across the way. There also appears to be a beautiful golf course. Perhaps Steve will play it next year. Here we are much further up. There are about 3 million people who live in Buenos Aires, the area comprises about 78 square miles. Our flight was going to be a little over two hours which means that we got lunch! A ham and cheese sandwich, peanuts, coke and a cookie. The cookie was filled with Dulce de Leche. It was very sweet, but very dry at the same time. It reminded me of a Fig Newton. Our flight was to San Martin de los Andes. We would be staying four nights at Tipiliuke Lodge. That mountain is Tipiliuke, which means upside down heart. It was so named by the Mapuche, indigenous people of Patagonia. We have arrived! We just need to wait for the steps to arrive!

This is the sign for Tipiliuke. It is very small. What will this place be like? Will I meet any interesting people? Will I have any Excellent Adventures? You must wait for my next installment!

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