Saturday February 24, Buenos Aires

I left you outside the Mercado San Telmo. This market was a little bit different than the Mercado in Santiago and Rome. Those markets had a lot more food. The Market here had lots of crafts and antiques also.

Here we see the empanada stall. Empanadas are meat or vegetable filled pastries. In the United Kingdom they would be called meat or vegetable pies. It wouldn’t be an Excellent Adventure without me visiting someplace I could call a grocery store now would it? Food Stall=Grocery Store to me! I really need to learn how to suck in my gut for these pictures! Chin down, shoulders back and gut in. I failed in all categories! Isn’t it interesting how the arm is fleshiest in the upper area, gets more slim in the lower arm, and then gets positively veiny in the hand?

Look at this gorgeous fruit. A few stalls down was an antique store. I’m not sure what kind of bargains there were there!

Lots and lots of shopping in the Mercado.

Since I had misplaced my sunglasses I thought it would be a good idea to get some now. I figured if I bought sunglasses mine would be sure to show up. Would they?

Next stop was La Boca. The famous Argentinian soccer team Boca Juniors play at La Bombonera which was across the street. Victoria’s husband is a big fan, he has season tickets. When he goes to the games he is so busy singing and cheering the team that he is not paying attention to the game. After the game he sits on the couch and watches the replay! I love the wild blue wig on the model!

Here we see on the balcony of a building in La Boca the soccer player on the left, Evita in the middle and a tango dancer on the right. La Boca was settled by many immigrants from Italy. Houses were built from left over shipping containers. Nothing was wasted, and leftover paint was used to decorate the houses. If they ran out of one color, well then let’s use another color! Here is Victoria explaining to Steve about a famous fire that killed many people.

Let’s travel down the one of the pedestrian walkways in La Boca. There was lots of colorful artwork for sale depicting the buildings of La Boca.

Many murals of tango dancers also.

There was a lovely bench to pose on. Let’s pretend the woman on the right is me!

I haven’t had too many selfies yet, have I? These are my new sunglasses. I got the hat when Steve and I went to Longwood Gardens with Charlie and Joan! I need to find my lipstick! How else will I look like Amal Clooney? Well lipstick and some plastic surgery too!

At the end of the square we see the tango dance actors looking for customers to pose with. Keep your eyes averted. Otherwise they will try to put a hat on your head, strike a pose just so, and then ask for money! There are worse ways to make a peso!

Here is a closeup of the cobble stone street.

This is Caminito, a famous pedestrian walkway with lots of shops, and colorful murals.

This sculpture in La Boca is by the Chinese artist Ai WeiWei. It is comprised of 1254 bicycles!

Now we are on our way to Puerto Madero. It’s a mix of old British style buildings and many condominiums.

These cranes represent the shipping industry that Buenos Aires is famous for. You can see the lower condos and then the high rises behind.

More later, Steve has come back from this morning’s activities and I need him to proofread the blog before posting.

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