Buenos Aires, Argentina Saturday February 24, 2018. The afternoon continues!

This beautiful bridge is Puente de la Mulerideras. It looks like a white dagger, but has cables connecting it to the walkway behind the upper railing on the car bridge that we are on. It’s very dramatic looking isn’t it?

Our next stop was a drive by the famous Floralis Generica. It is a giant flower that opens and closes with the sun, just like a living flower. It is 20 meters high! No time to stop and visit unfortunately, we have to drive by the polo grounds!

Behind these parked cars are the polo grounds, the Campo Argentina de polo de Palermo. The stadium seats 45,000 spectators. Polo is played from September through December. Can you hear the thundering horses?

The main drag is about six lanes wide. At times of off peak traffic, the left most lanes reverse direction. We were driving on Saturday afternoon so there wasn’t much traffic. Our last day in Argentina will be on a Friday. It will be fun to see how busy the street traffic will be. Or maybe not so much fun! Our next stop was the Cementerio de la Recoleta. The cemetery occupies an area of 14 acres. There are more than 6400 tombs! This tomb has room for more than 147 bodies! Victoria counted the slots one day!

The tombs have a ventilation system where the air is filtered before it is released. You can see some of the vent pipes in this picture. The things you learn following my blog!

This is the interior of a typical tomb. Room for flowers and candles on the top shelf. Then a shelf for the momma, one for the poppa, and room for many children and grandchildren down below. This was an especially beautiful tomb. Wait until you see the sarcophagus!

Now that is something! Here is where Evita lies. People still bring flowers to her crypt. Another beautiful tomb with statues. Our tour is over, lets go back for some tea and treats. Yummy cake and even yummier chocolates!We picked a restaurant for dinner that was walking distance. Steve wasn’t excited about the menu, but it had great reviews. It was in the Brick Hotel. The rolls were very hard, I am not sure if the flour used here is different or what the problem was. Steve had the salmon with creamy beet root quinoa. It was delicious.

I had the steak with whipped potatoes and creamed corn. Mine was tasty, but Steve’s was better!

No room for dessert, but they looked really good!

On our way back to the hotel we passed this hand bag store. Don’t they look like Ferrari’s? One chocolate per person on the night table.

That’s all for Saturday, Sunday we fly to San Martin de los Andes and our stay at Tipiliuke Lodge begins!

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