Friday February 23, 2018 Flight to Buenos Aires

We left Classified and went to our gate at Newark. There were tons of seats in the restaurants around the gate, but no seats at the gate. So we headed for the nearest gate with seats. We waited about an hour for the lines to start forming at the gate corrals. It was nine o’clock and we were supposed to start loading so I hustled us over to wait and wait and wait. People would start to butt in line and politely told the end of the line was over there. Finally we loaded up. We were going to fly on United’s New Polaris Class. Well, it has nothing on Qatar Business. They did have their line of Sak’s Fifth Avenue bedding. I remembered from the blogs that you were supposed to ask for something that tends to run out but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what it was.

It seemed like we had everything that we needed. Steve looks pretty happy, doesn’t he?

We got our pre departure beverages. Water for me and white wine for Steve. Also some chocolates. Steve didn’t share these chocolates either. We got amenity kits. They seemed pretty snazzy.

They were filled with the usual stuff, eye shades, ear plugs, lip gloss, tooth brush and tooth paste, and some collectible trading cards celebrating the anniversary of United’s fleet. Pack rack that I am I kept my cards and Steve’s although they were the same cards. PS Don’t let Steve know that I kept them. This was going to be our flight path. Pretty much due south for 10 hours. I thought the bed blanket presentation was pretty snazzy. I didn’t see anyone try to stuff them in their carry on bags. We got our warm nuts. I still think that no airline beats the warm nuts on American. Steve decided to eat dinner. I passed. I was pretty full from dinner and I was hoping that the ice cream sundae that I ordered would be delivered early. Of course it wasn’t, and I had to wait until the dessert trolley rolled down our aisle. Here is my sundae. The ice cream was fake so I am taking points off. I should have gone right to bed. Steve had fish for his dinner. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it. This was breakfast. I slept not so well. These seats were incredibly tight. I think we were really spoiled with our flights to South America on the Dream Liner from LAN airlines and the recent flight on Qatar. Seating was in a 2-1-2 configuration. I was sitting window, and could not go to the bathroom once Steve fell asleep. I did sleep, but not well. In the middle of the night I woke up and felt my left calf, the one that I had previously had a blood clot in. It felt tight, so I massaged it like crazy and did some toe pointing. It went away, so all was good. I was just thinking that I was going to have to go to the hospital in Buenos Aires. Steve said he had problems sleeping and his calves were tight also. I can’t imagine what the two of us would have been like flying economy. Here we are almost there. Will we make it? Of course, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog!We flew over some river, it looked pretty muddy. I hope Steve’s rivers are much clearer. We finally landed and got off our plane. This is what our plane looked like from the terminal. I didn’t tell Steve I was taking the picture, so he got ahead of me, and then turned around looking for me. Lucky for him, and for me, I caught up. He had the passports. We got through immigration and customs okay. We met our guide who had a sign that said Lucy and Linda Lant. I told Steve his nickname was now Lucy, he insisted that the sign was Lucy Linda Lant. Here is a little of the chaos at the airport. Looks like JFK to me but warmer.

Now for a little video of the chaos. Our driver was getting the car while we waited. And then it was off for our 45 minute drive to our hotel in Buenos Aries.

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