Newark Airport, Classified February 23, 2018

Well we made it to the airport! We left the house about 4:30. The traffic was heavy, and it was raining on and off. We were very happy that it was not snowing. Then it would have been even slower. It took us 2 hours and 15 minutes. It seemed even longer. We were happy to have used a car service. No driving in the rain, and schlepping bags from the car park.

We checked our bags and got through pre check with out too much of a line. When we flew here another time the line went from downstairs to upstairs. This time it took us only about 10 minutes.

Since I was leading us we found the restaurant with out much problem. You enter through the restaurant called Saison. At the greeter station you announce your name, they look it up on the touch screen and you are escorted in. Through the restaurant we go. Through the secret door in the back of Saison. Then you see the sign for Classified. You also see the ladies bag who was behind us. I had to take the pictures quickly. The Restaurant is small. It only seats about 34 people. Not just anyone can get a reservation . There must be a special algorithm, and since I am a social media blogger of world renown (if only in my own special world!) I got the invitation. I tried to log into the website using Steve’s frequent flyer information, but was rejected! The waiter told us that he thought that selection was random. This information did not appeal to my vanity. If you used your United credit card and were the primary user you would get 20 % off

the bill not including tax and tip. Of course I left Steve’s United Credit card at home! However the very nice server told me if I tried to enter Steve’s frequent flyer account number I should get the discount. Will it work? Read on to find out!We were given an amuse bouche of something, that was quite tasty. It might have been artichoke on bruschetta. Since the restaurant is behind security lines, the knife was plastic. The fork was metal. Ordering was via touch screen. It took some getting used to. They requested you input your bar code from your boarding pass. It wouldn’t take the screen shot of our boarding pass bar code, even the server couldn’t get it to work. Finally I used my United App. That worked, and you can see what we ordered and that I got the discount! Yay! I love my discounts. Steve thought it was a pain, but I told him my $12.90 saving was worth it to me. I thought we were going to have a nice quiet evening in the restaurant. Ha ha. Of course a well behaved family sat next to us. Unfortunately well behaved families lead to absolutely no good dirt, or snark. And that’s why you read the blog, correct?

We each got a Caesar Salad. Steve got chicken as he is supposed to keep his beef levels down due to his hemochromatosis. I got the steak, as I love my red meat.

Medical lesson time. Hemochromatosis is the condition where your body stores iron. If you store too much iron you need to get blood removed from your body. They have to throw the blood away, it can’t be donated. Most females of child bearing age don’t have this problem, because, well , you know why. Steve shouldn’t eat iron enriched cereals, and he is not supposed to cook with cast iron pans.

Dessert were chocolates. Steve liked his, I was hoping he would take a bite and then give me the rest, but he ate all his. Insert grumpy face. Here is the proof that Steve got to be in the restaurant. This is the bathroom that I only peeked into. Steve had minor issues trying to find his way out of the restaurant. He was supposed to go-right, but he can’t see in the dark. He was lucky I was there to guide him out. I must admit that it was very dark. However due to my superior sense of direction and good memory I remembered that we needed to go right at the end of the hallway. This was the menu board at Saison. It was pretty much the same as Classified. Classified had dimmer lighting and no loud music playing. I enjoyed my dinner. Have you been invited to Classified yet? What did you think?

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  1. Very cool that you got into “classified” not sure if you were given any classified information about anything . Never been in classified as I don’t fly United but looked interesting . Love your descriptions as always and I’m looking forward to this adventure . Thanks for letting us know about Steve’s medical condition . You are hilarious ! Enjoy the trip .

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