Wednesday February 21, 2018. Another Trip, Yay!

Well we have another trip planned. We will be leaving Friday night to go to Argentina for two weeks. A little fishing, a little tango, some sightseeing and possible meeting some interesting people. One never knows on my trips what will happen!

This week’s predeparture excitement started with an email to me from United airlines offering me the opportunity to have dinner in “Classified” the new dining option at Newark airport. I was going to show you a copy of the email, but I’m petrified that someone somehow will be able to read the blacked out number and cancel our flight. So, you’ll just have to believe that I got an invite.

The amusing part is that Steve has the United Credit Card in his name, and has more miles than I do in our United accounts. However, United must know who the social media maven in the family is and invited me. As we are married and all that, I made the reservation for two.

Now the meal there is not free, and I could probably get some peanuts in the United lounge, but as I am dedicated to give my dear readers the experience of tagging along with me on my adventures, I will take advantage of this new dining option. Now that sure is a run on sentence, isn’t it?

There have been some reviews on the internet, and the food is said to be on the pricey side. We shall see how the food actually tastes. Our flight leaves at 9 something in the evening, and I would rather just go to sleep on the plane instead of having a heavy dinner. The plane is supposed to have the new Polaris Class Business seats with Saks bedding. I plan to have Hermes Birkin dreams on this vacation.

To get to the restaurant we are supposed to go through another restaurant. Maybe that’s why I got the invite, Steve is very bad with directions.

Steve is all packed, I got my manicure and pedicure this afternoon. Tomorrow I finish my packing. Let’s hope I don’t forget anything important. Until Friday !

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday February 21, 2018. Another Trip, Yay!”

  1. Hi Linda! Sounds excitIng! From our trip last year we would highly recommend going for steak at La Carneceria. It’s a newish place where the chef gets the meat from his family farm. It was so good I’d fly to BA just to eat there! Also recommend the tango show at the hotel Faena. Go for dinner (food is just ok) as you get the best seats that
    way. The show is spectacular. Also hang out at the bar after especially if a band is playing. Really cool hotel. Take a tour of the Jewish areas of BA. Very interesting. Have a great trip! Lisa

    1. We do have reservations for the show at hotel Faena. Looking forward to the trip, I just hope the threatened strike at the end of the month doesn’t happen!

      1. I’d also recommend a very small and lovely fish restaurant called Roux. All my reviews from BA are on my yelp page. Have a great time!

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