JFK Thursday January 18, 2018

Just landed after a really long Wednesday. Will post more when we get home. Good morning over Long Island. Water looks a lot colder here!

Author: lindalant

Lover of luxury travel. My husband and I are retired and are traveling meeting people and having excellent adventures. LindasExcellentAdventures.com is my blog site.

2 thoughts on “JFK Thursday January 18, 2018”

  1. Welcome home ! Sorry you are arriving to such cold temps after a few weeks near the equator !
    Thanks for taking me along on your travel adventure . I really enjoyed it and you are quite talented as a travel blogger ! The Maldives reminded me so much of Tahiti. Great memories . Good luck with the transition .

  2. Thanks Cathy!
    I still have a few days left to post, but laundry and going through the mail may delay me.
    I appreciate your comments, they keep me going!

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