Como Maalafushi, Monday January 15, 2018 Let’s go tour a yacht!

Another morning, another breakfast. I decided to try the chocolate waffle with strawberry mascarpone and sliced strawberries and plums, and strawberry drizzle to boot! Yes, it was as delicious as it looked.

Steve had another dish that is not found in American diners. I’m sorry, but to me, that’s just not breakfast.

After breakfast we decided to see how Craig was making out with his boat. Today, wasn’t going any better. The boat was still not working. Craig was hoping that a part was going to be flown in from Male later in the day, so the boat could get repaired. We met Craig’s boss H, and he asked us if we would like to look at Cameron, the yacht that could be chartered while at Como Maalifushi. Why, but of course! I’m always game to explore. This is a Yacht, with a capital Y. 68 feet long. Sleeps all your friends. You too can charter this yacht! Of course I asked how much a yacht such as this would cost new. Only $5.5Million!

Gunnar, The Captain of the boat helped us board. Here he is showing Steve the chair you sit in while you go deep sea fishing.

We climbed to the top, to see where Gunnar’s control center is.

Look at all the room to sit! You just know that Steve is having deep thoughts.

Here is the gizmo control board. It comes down from the ceiling.

Lots of dials, and parts that can go wrong.

A GPS map just like Steve has on his boat.

More screens to look at. Too bad the sun makes them look like mirrors.

Here is Gunnar explaining some more. He loves his job, and would like more people to rent the boat.

Let’s go down below and explore some, shall we? Steve went down the stairs just like Gunnar. I went down the girlie way.

Let’s enter the kitchen, shall we? If you were to charter the boat, you would be able to use everything except the stove top. I don’t blame them. Who would want to have their boat accidentally catch fire?

There was a humongous television screen, if you got tired of fishing and wanted to watch a game.

The drawers all had latches on them, so nothing would fall out of the cabinets in case the waves started to swell.

The wine refrigerator could keep your bottles of Tattinger nice and cold for you.

This is the sofa where you could sit while you watched the television.

Gunner brought me below deck to see the bedrooms and bathrooms. All the bathrooms had showers in them.

This double bunk bedroom was connected to the bathroom just pictured. This bedroom was often used by the crew if the boat was chartered for an overnight trip. It cost only $16,000 if you wanted to motor to Cocoa Island, the sister resort to Coco Maalisfushi. What a deal!

These beds were better for non strangers!

If you like the sounds of lapping waves while you sleep, this is the bedroom that you want to be assigned too!

Let’s listen shall we?

This bedroom is the largest. Gunnar says he would prefer this room as you can hear the engine noise. As a captain, it’s a comfort to hear the motors running properly. Steve would probably like this room the best also. When we travel and there is outside noise he loves to play the fan app on his ipad.

Gunnar was very impressed with this shower, it even had a seat in it! That’s all for our yacht inspection.

After our snorkeling I went to the spa for the signature treatment. It started with the foot soak followed by a dry brush of the body with a folded up hand towel. (I asked about all the steps, this way you can attempt it yourself, for your partner.) Then a salt and aromatic oil mixture was massaged all over the body (well almost all over!) After one side was done I flipped and the other side was done. I felt like a turkey getting ready for Thanksgiving! After I was all scrubbed I was sent into the shower to get it all washed off. Then it was back up on the massage table to get my massage. This was what I call a nicey nice massage. All smooth strokes, not much of the stretching. When it was over I felt so good!

I went back to the room to meet Steve. He had snorkeled by himself in the Garden Lagoon that was near our Villa. You could only go there during high tide as it is very shallow there. The tide is also strong. Steve only got to examine a little bit before he was pushed to the other side of the lagoon by the current!

We had signed up for the complimentary snorkel tour of the house reef that was offered at 4 p.m. We joined the group and went in the water. Their was a lot of wave action, and the current appeared to be strong here also. We swam to the edge of the reef, and you could feel the water noticeably cooler than the water in the shallower area near the beach. Although it was quite pretty seeing all the different types of fish, it was also very unnerving. It really gave me the willies, to see the drop off, and I preferred to not swim near the edge. The group’s plan was to swim with the current until we reached a marker buoy, turn around and then swim against the current past our entry way and then return to the dock. I had enough when we had gotten to the marker buoy, so Steve and I signaled to the group that we were heading in. The tide was so strong, it seemed to take forever. I was pleased that I didn’t panic, I would count ten strokes, over and over again until we got back. Steve would periodically push me in the right direction when the current was veering me off. Remember when I said that I didn’t do bars? Well the first night I saw the cocktail list at dinner and there it was; my type of fruity Martini! Strawberries and Vodka, with a little Cointreau, a match made in heaven! I had promised myself I would order the Maalifushi Martini, sometime during our stay. We had a bottle of champagne (Tattinger of course!) that the travel agent had arranged for us to have one night and we were saving that for our last night). So I told Steve that I wanted to go to Thila, the resort bar for my special drink. Lo and behold, my new friends, S and A were there and we had a delightful time chatting. Like me, S is a Lifestyle Enhancement Coordinator; only she didn’t know about the title!

The resort was going to have a special Middle Eastern Dinner Monday night. Here is staff by the speciality tea table.

The tables were all set up in a horseshoe with a fire pit in the center. Low cushions (actually the beach lounge beds) were where the guests would sit. As Steve and I had no desire to do the special dinner (another $65 up charge), we decided to eat at Madi, the main restaurant. S and A, our new friends from Dubai eat Middle Eastern food all the time; and had no desire to eat at the festive dinner also. I asked them to join us for dinner, and except for the especially slow service and over cooked food we had a delightful evening. You just know I’m going to try to swing a trip to Dubai or Vancouver to meet them don’t you!

Steve and I went back to the room to have our second to last night at Como Maalifushi sleep.

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